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March 16, 2016
General Information and/or Commentary
It has been awhile...AGAIN. Yes I know my updates are getting fewer and farther apart. But, I am in my 70's now and somehow the time keeps getting away from me. Also not as much incentive to keep up with the hobby as before. We, both me Rich (R)&(J) Joy are feeling this way. So, after 28 years I guess it is time to think about "Shuttin it Down". We still have a significant inventory so this will not be an immediate action. We will be having some significant sales over the next 6-8 months with the goal of ending R&J's business before the end on 2016. If you or someone you know is interested in buying R&J business (inventory, website & customer list) we are open to offers.
We are just putting the finishing touches on this sale flyer now. It should be in the mail by 3/28 to all domestic customers who have ordered from us in the last 6-8 months. If you have not, but wish to receive a copy, send an email with your current mailing address to rj@rjproducts.com and we will add you to the list (Domestic only please) Canadian customers will have to pay $1.20 postage to receive a copy. (Sorry but that is the cost to mail a letter to Canada.)

Product News:
We will be placing orders with the following companies next week: These orders are for items that have already been ordered by customers that are not currently in our inventory. We are no longer ordering for inventory. So, if you know you want something from one of the companies listed below and are prepared to pay for it let us know by 3/21. Check with us by eMail or phone for price estimates and availability. Final prices will depend upon currency conversions at the time of shipping.
We will be placing orders with the following overseas suppliers:
K59 & Z1100 line
We will placing orders by 3/24 domestically for items from:
and Riich Model

August 1, 2015
General Information and/or Commentary
It has been a fairly warm summer here, maybe not by southern California or Arizona standards but, we have had 10 days of 90 degree + temps and that is an all time record for the Seattle area. In any case it has been too hot to spend much time in my model room or my casting area. So, I let a few things "slide". i.e. our resin cast WWII German wood FLAK sled is still not done. I did not like the way the metal support struts came out so I am trying another method. Hopefully I finish this item in the next 2 weeks, assuming the temps. are below 90.
We are off to VMAC tomorrow to visit the Seahawks training camp on Monday. It is supposed to be cooler Monday, approx. 84 and partly cloudy...sounds perfect for sitting on the grass and watching football practice. We cannot wait for football to start.....GO HAWKS!!!
Product News:
DRAGON DRA-6820 Tiger I "131" sPzABT.504 Tunisia will be here next week est. R&J price aprrox. $70. Also expected next week is DRA-6756 STUG III Ausf.F w/7.5cm L/48 Gun, Late Production est. R&J price =$63. Coming in Sept. are:
DRA-6828 German 3ton (Opel Blitz) 4x2 truck w/2cm FLAK, DRA-6608 Tiger I Initial Tunisia, 1st Company sPzABT501 DAK Tunisia, DRA-3558Black Label Series, MIM-104B Patriot SAM System (PAC-1) w/M983 Hemet. This going to be a very big kit with a $130. retail price. Est. R&J price = $105., DRA-3559 U.S. M48A1 w/canvas manlet cover, DRA-6012 JS-2 Stalin II Tank.
Mini Art MIN-35164 GAZ-05-194 Ambulance and MIN-35195 U.S. Army Bulldozer, Hydraulic Blade kits will both be here in next 2 weeks.
Takom Models Kits coming in Sept. include: TAK2026 Chieftain MK11 British MBT,TAK2027 Chieftain MK5/p British MBT and TAK2028 Chieftain MK10 British MBT. All will sell at Retail for approx. $70 each but R&J will sell them for $59. each.

May 28, 2015
General Information and/or Commentary
We are back from the east coast. We attended our niece's college graduation, CONGRATS Nikki! Played some some golf, visited Niagra Falls (scratch off another "bucket list" item), visited the NFL Hall of Fame (last visit there was 1971) and spent some time with family. All in all a nice trip. But, it is always good to be home!

Product News:
Our resin cast WWII German wood FLAK sled is almost done. Could not quite get it done before our trip. I have just figured out where I left off and should have it done by 6/6/15.
Also on the R&J workbench is a 1/35th scale Ladder Set designed by our buddy George Stray. Rather than sell assembled ladders we decided to sell a ladder assembly kit which will include a resin cast "ladder jig" George designed, plus lengths of styrene strip & rod (enough for 3 or 4 ladders (depending upon length) and a simple set of instructions. Price will be in the $12-$16 range. Hopefully these sets will be ready to go by 6/15/15.

May 4, 2015
General Information and/or Commentary
We are off to the east coast for our niece's college graduation. And she made "Cum Laude" I might add. Way to go Nikki! So....we will be out of the office 5/5/15 thru 5/25/15. Talk to you all when we get back!

March 25, 2015
Product News:
Our resin cast WWII German wood FLAK sled is coming along slower than expected but, it should be ready in April.
Our CMP truck tires/wheels for Mirror Model are now available in 2 sizes. The kit wheels are very difficult to get off the spru without damaging them and, with 4 attachment points per wheel you have ample opportunities to screw-up at least once! To make matters worse the tires are nylon and have a mold seam right down the center of the tread! Our resin cast tires/wheels will save 3-4 hours of sanding and they are easier to paint and weather. The 2 sets available now are RJ35233A CMP Truck Tire Set 1, Dunlop Tires on 10.5" Wheels and RJ35233B CMP Truck Tire Set 2, Dunlop Tires on 9" Wheels. Each set has 5 tires on wheels (4 mountable + 1 spare) and sells for $12.00
Website News:
Updated the Model Kasten Page. It was long overdue since there were numerous price increases and some discontinued items as well

February 15, 2015
General Information and/or Commentary
We are back from the Super Bowl but not completely recovered from the shock of losing. Too bad 3 of our key "Legion of BOOM" players (Sherman, Chanceler and Thomas) were hurt. If our defense had been at full strength the outcome would have never been in doubt. As loyal 12's we are still very proud of our Hawks.
Product News:
DEF Model
We are placing our first order with this maker of superior resin conversions, update sets and a large selection of resin tires/wheels. Among the more interesting items from DEF are:
DM35001 -- M60A1/A3 Turret set for Tamiya/Academy/Italeri
DM35011 -- IDF M50 Super Sherman Turret set (early) Tamiya
DM35024 -- M47 Patton Detail Set w/stowage for Italeri
DM35025LE -- M60 Patton conv. w/AFV Club track set for M60A1/3
DM35027 -- IDF Tiran 4/5 '73 conv. for Tamiya
DM35028 --IDF M51 Super Sherman initial type conv. for Tamiya
DM35029 -- M48A3 Turret detail set,includes searchlight & canvas mantlet cover for Dragon
DM35034 -- M48A3 Louvered Rear Panel for Dragon
WHEEL SETS DEF makes approx. 100 different wheel sets in 1:35th Most of them are slightly sagged. Not too much, just enough to make them look like they are bearing weight.
DW35013 -- SAS/Cammando Jeep Wheel set for Tamiya
DW35016 -- Steyr 1500A Wheel Set for Tamiya
DW35038 -- U.S. M151 "MUTT" Wheel Set for Tamiya/Academy
DW35054 -- U.A. M-ATV "BIG" sagged wheel set for Panda
DW35056 -- SCUD B w/MAZ-543 sagged wheel set #1 for Dragon
DW35063 -- U.S. M48 MBT series road wheel set for Dragon
These are just a sample of DEF Model's extensive line. If you are interested in any of these items or want a complete list of DEF Model items contact us by email or phone.
We plan to place our order at the end of Feb. so get your orders in to us before then.
Has released another kit in their "Black Label Series" it is DRA-6798 U.S. M6 Heavy Tank.
Also recently released was DRA-6730 Tiger I early (Michael Wittmann) East. Front
A new Sturmpanzer Brummbar command version on Ausf.G kit #DRA-6819 is due out in March
Our resin cast WWII German wood FLAK sled will be available in March.
I am also working on some resin tires/wheels for the CMP trucks by Mirror Models. Nice wheels but very difficult to get off the spru without damaging them because there are 4 attachment points per wheel. And, to make matters worse the tires are nylon. So, we thought resin ones would save time and be easier to paint and weather. I hope to have these done in March.

January 20, 2015
General Information and/or Commentary
YES, We are still here! Sorry it has been so long since I have done anything on this website. I am just not getting as much done anymore. Been at this over 27 years. Almost 70 now so we are beginning to slow down a bit. I will try to put something out here every 5 or 6 weeks from now on.
YUP, our Seahawks or going back to the "Big Game" and just like last year, Joy and I are going too!
We will be gone 1/29 thru 2/4.

Product News:
R&J Products
I am working on a wooden FLAK sled. The Germans used wooden sleds like this to mount 20mm & 37mm FLAK guns in the cargo beds of a variety of trucks such as "Blitz", Mercedes, Maultier, GAZ etc. I hope to have the R&J FLAK Sled completed by the end of Feb. 2015. I have already received Pre-Orders for 8 of them. So,if you want one too, please let me know.
Also on the R&J work bench is an optional engine compartment for our PzIV Lower Hull Interior Set (RJ35005). I have mastered the new optional firewall that will allow the mounting of an engine. Now I have to finish the other pieces. This will probably be available sometime in April 2015.

In June of 2014 our buddy Mark Ford mastered a beautiful cut-stone wall for us. We made it into 3 different length sections and 2 brick columns with 2 different style "toppers". These sections can be added together with the new brick columns to create cut-stone walls of various lengths and/or build corner sections or entry openings for gates. Check-out photos of the vignette Mark built with these walls as well as photos & prices of the new R&J Products Cut-Stone Walls listed below on R&J Products product page.
RJDP730S Cut-Stone Wall, Short with 4 paving stone "toppers" approx. 7.5ft. long by 7.5ft. tall in 1:35th scale.
RJDP730M Cut-Stone Wall, Medium length with 5 paving stone "toppers" approx. 11.5ft. long by 7.5ft. tall in 1:35th scale.
RJDP730L Cut-Stone Wall, Long with 9 paving stone "toppers" Aprrox. 19ft. long by 7.5ft. tall in 1:35th scale.
RJDP731 2 Brick Columns each with 2 styles of "toppers" approx. 2ft. square & 8 ft. high in 1:35th scale.
RJDP732 Cut-Stone Combo Set: all 3 wall sections + 4 Brick Columns. Over all length if put end to end with columns is approv. 46 feet by 8 ft. high in 1:35th scale.

We are selling off some of our plastic kits. They take up too much space in our office. Below are the kits on sale. Sale ends March. 1, 2015
Quantities are limited to only 1 of each kit unless otherwise noted and there are no Back-Orders at sale prices.
1.) DML-3505 T-80 W/ERA Modern Soviet/Russian MBT ------------------------ $18.00
2.) DRA-6290 PzKpfw 38(t) Ausf.G w/Interior ------------------------------ $38.00
3.) DRA-6387 PzKpfw III Ausf.L Late w/winterketten ----------------------- $45.00
4.) DRA-6429 SdKfz 138/1 "Geschutzwagen 38M w/s.IG33/2 150mm gun --------- $37.00
5.) DRA-6431 PzKpfw.III ausf.N sPz.Abt.501 Afrika ------------------------ $37.00
6.) DRA-6435 PzKpfw38(t) Ausf.S w/Fuel Drum Trailer ---------------------- $40.00
7.) DRA-6449 Panzerkampfwagen T34-747(r) --------------------------------- $42.00
8.) DRA-6522 Pak 43/3 L/71 mit Behelfslafette (limber)-------------------- $30.00
9.) DRA-6550 3.7cm FLAK 43 Flakpanzer IV "Ostwind" ----------------------- $40.00
10) DRA-6578 STUGIII Ausf.G May 1943 production w/schurtzen -------------- $42.00
11) DRA-6589 Jagspanzer IV L/70(V) Aug. 1944 prod. w/zimmerit ------------ $42.00
12) DRA-6639 PzII 5cm Ausf.G early production ---------------------------- $35.00
13) DRA-6690 Neubau-Fahrzeug(NbFz)No.3-5 Multi-turreted Hvy tank---------- $44.00
14) DRA-6732 SdKfz.10 Ausf.A towing 5cm Pak 38 --------------------------- $43.00
15) CHC-6263 PzKpfw.II Ausf.F ------------------------------------------- $32.00
16) CHC-6398 PzIV Ausf.F-1 "Vorpanzer" ---------------------------------- $44.00
17) CHC-6413 SdKfz.251/17 Ausf.C Command Version ------------------------ $29.00
18) CHC-6583 SdKfz.7 Flatbed half-track mounting 2cm FLAK 38 ------------- $39.00
19) CHC-9116 PzIII Ausf.G "Afrika Korps" Orange Box ---------------------- $23.00
20) DX08-6488 StugIIIAusf.G Early "Bodo Spranz" Special Edition ----------- $44.00
21) BOM-35024 Bronco, British 17pdr Anti-Tank Gun Mk.I -------------------- $20.00
22) BOM-35041 Bronco, SdKfz 6 5ton Half-Track Pioneer version ------------- $49.00
23) BOM-35056 Bronco, German 7.62cm Pak36(r) A.T. Gun2 IN-STOCK-- $22.00
24) BOM-35168 Bronco, OQF 6pdr AT Gun Mk.IV on Airborne carriage w/crew --- $33.00
25) BOM-35169 Bronco, British Airborne TroopsinJeep w/Trailer (8 figs) ---- $42.00
26) BOM-35171 Bronco, Italian Light Delivery Van w/3 civilians & access.--- $29.00
27) TAM-35050 Tamiya, SdKfz 7/1 Halftrack mountin 4 barrelled 20mm FLAK,--- $25.00
28) TAM-35076 Tamiya, S.A.S. Land Rover "Pink Panther ------------------- $15.00
29) TAM-35108 Tamiya, T-62A Russian Tank w/Aires#3005 T-62 BDD Applique
Armor Conv. set ($60. value)included inbox. ------------ $35.00
31) TAM-35144 Tamiya, 8ton halftrackw/arm. cab mounting 3.7cm FLAK ------- $28.00
32) TAM-35174 Tamiya,Pather Ausf. G Steel wheel vers, ------------------- $33.00
33) TAM-35215 Tamiya, Panzer III Ausf. L SdKfz 141/1, --------------------- $30.00
34) TAM-35233 Tamiya, FLAKPanzer IV "Wirbelwind" ------------------------ $35.00
35) TAM-35300 Tamiya, Matilda Mk.II British Infantry TAnk ----------------- $22.00
36) TAM-35328 Tamiya, TIRAN 5 Israeli Tank, ------------------------------ $46.00
37) TRU-00383 Trumpeter, German Entwicklungsfrahrzeug E25 Hetzer ---------- $39.00
38) TRU-01555 Trumpeter, Russian T-62 ERA (Mod.1962) --------------------- $45.00
39) TRU-01569 Trumpeter, Soviet KV-85 Heavy Tank ------------------------- $45.00
40) TRU-05543 Trumpeter, Soviet 2S3 152mm SPH,Early version -------------- $45.00
41) VS-004 MENG, Pickup Truck w/ZU-23-2 mounted in bed "Technical" ----- $27.00
42) MA-35082 MiniArt, Leichter PzKpfw MkI 202(e) "Dingo" Mk.I w/crew ----- $33.00
43) K61010 Kinetic, RG-31 Canadian MK3 Mine protected APC w/RWS -------- $548.00
44) REV-03077 Revell, T-72B Russian MBT w/EDZ ----------------------------- $14.00
45) ZV-3592 Zvesda, T80BV Russian MBT w/ERA ----------------------------- $12.00
46) ITA-246 Italeri,M-109 E4/G/A1/A2 Self-Propelled Gun ----------------- $10.00
47) HE-80411 Heller, 1/48th Mirage III C/B French Aircraft --------------- $12.00
48) REV-04514 Revell, 1/48th F-14A Black Tomcat --------------------------- $18.00
BRUMMBAR INFO. Some find the Brummbar information below of interest so, we have decided to leave it here for a while longer. FYI, our modified early update set (RJ35202C) for the Cyber-Hobby Early Brummbar kit is still available (Jan. 2015).
There were only 60 Early Brummbars produced. 52 of these were on Ausf. G chassis. A total of 8 were based on Ausf. E or F chassis. I have not found an exact count of E's vs F's but, the timing of their production suggests that most of the 8 were most likely Ausf F's. So, 3 or 4 E based Earlies seems like a fair assumption. That makes them only about 5% of total Early production, right? So why did both Dragon (Cyber-Hobby) and Tristar feature Ausf. E's as the basis of their Early Brummbar kits? How can you tell? Just look at the muffler. Only the Ausf. E had the long muffler which is the only muffler provided by Tristar. The Cyber-Hobby Early, because it uses Dragons' Mid Brummbar sprues does happen to have the short muffler but it's marked as not to be used! Don't get me wrong, these are both very nice kits, I just wonder why both companies limited their research on Early Brummbars to the E based vehicle at Kobinka? By doing so, they overlook 90 - 95% of the Early Brummbar production? I was hoping their research would uncover more information about how many of the 8 were Ausf. E's versus F's instead they totally ignored it! I also wonder why none of the Brummbar releases have any steel roadwheels? It is known that the extreme weight of the sloped front armor, mantlet & gun severely taxed the front suspension and crushed the rubber right off the front 2 roadwheels on either side. They were replaced by "steelies" in the field on some earlies. Many of the Mids had "Steelies" on the front 4 roadwheels on either side. The kits don't seem to address this at all and yet Tristar provides over taxed suspension parts in their Early Brummbar kit, so we know they were aware of the extreme frontal weight problem.... Oh Well!
After the battle of Kursk all remaining Early Brummbars (approx. 26) were sent to a factory in Austria for refitting. This refit was very significant because it brought them up to Mid Production standards. The largest and most noticeable feature of this refit was the replacement of the fighting compartment roof with that of the Mid. The reason for this was the poorly designed fume extractor system in the Early. Ducts on the ceiling were supposed to take the fumes to the large fans mounted on the rear wall. Apparently the fumes went thru the eyes, noses & throats of the crew first! The Mid fixed this with a fume extractor mounted on the roof directly above the gun. The rear wall of these Modified Earlies wasn't changed so the large external fume extractor covers were still there even though the fans were no longer functional. Any Ausf. E based Earlies received the shorter muffler at this refit and it is believed all 26 vehicles were given a coating of zimmerit before they were dispatched to Italy. If you study photos of what appear to be Early Brummbars in Italy you'll see the flat, round (hockey puck shaped) fume extractor on the roof above the gun. Also if the front part of the loader's hatch is open, look for a bullet splash across it, this is another "telltale" of the mid roof. The roof was very different over the gunners position as well, as were hatch hinges. These features are only visible in an overhead photos which are rare in the field. If you wish to model an Early Brummbar in Italy, it won't be accurate without the modifications. R&J Products has a conversion to accurately represent these "modified early" Brummbars for the Cyber-Hobby early Brummbar kit. R&J Products RJ35202C Parts for the modified early Brummbar. Includes Mid roof, hatches and external fume extractor parts + 8 steel roadwheels, plus instructions about which kit parts to use to recreate the modified earlies sent to Italy in early 1944.

END of "What's New"