Viewing Tips

This website was created with the assumption that its' users would have a frames-capable browser (such as Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer). It's best to view this website with the most recent version of either of these browsers. We have verified the appearance of these pages with Netscape Communicator 4.02 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.01 on a Windows platform with the video card set for 800x600 and 256 colors. If your system is not capable of this performance, then several pages on this website will not appear as they are intended. If your video card is set for higher performance, then the appearance of this website will be considerably enhanced.

We have chosen to implement some simple javascripts. It is important to have javascripting enabled when viewing the product catalogs. Whenever a product number is highlighted with a link, an image of that product can be viewed in a pop-up javascript window by "clicking" the link. Once this javascript window is opened, it stays opened until specifically closed. However, this may mean that sometimes this window becomes obscured by the main browser window when the browser is selected. Attempting to view additional product photos will still cause the image to be displayed in the javascript window even if it stays obscured. For this reason, you should familiarize yourself with the process of re-asserting this window's precedence in your operating system environment. For Windows 95 and NT, the javascript window will appear as an active icon on the bottom application bar. In Windows 3.1, you will need to minimize the browser window to view the javascript window. In practice, it takes longer to read these instructions than it does to familiarize oneself with this process.

We suggest that you set your browser window to occupy the full size of your desktop area. Additionally, it is also advisable to turn OFF image dithering from your browser preferences. Because this website has been designed to load quickly, you should allow all images to appear as downloaded. Furthermore, background and font colors have been carefully chosen to augment the appearance of this website. Do not override the background colors or font colors chosen for this website. Arial (and Geneva) have been chosen as the best fonts for an overall consistent appearance. If your system contains either of these fonts (and your browser supports the "FONT FACE" extension introduced by Netscape), then you will see these as the displayed fonts on R&J Enterprises' website. Sometimes, when first entering R&J's website, Netscape Navigator may have a problem displaying these fonts. In this instance, "gibberish" is displayed instead. The remedy for this is simply to "RELOAD" the document and/or the frame using the browser menu options.