R&J Enterprises' Newsletters & Sales

Below is the latest R&J Newsletters/Sales. Since most of the modeling industry news, updates and new product offerings are now handled thru the "What's New" section of our website, our newsletter has become a special sale in effect for 3 to 5 weeks usually before Christmas and more recently 1 or 2 more at other times in the year.

The old Newsletters and Sales are all HTML format for downloading using your normal browser (Netscape, etc.). These Newsletters/Sales tend to be quite lengthy so they may still take a minute or two to load, please be patient. Sometimes they get a little jumbled during the download (I dont know why), but, if this happens try a refresh or 2, this usually fixes it.

We do print out a paper flyer of these sales for mailing to our customers but, due to time constraints and ever increasing postage fees, these paper versions are now only mailed to U.S. customers who have ordered from us within the last 3-4 months. In addition to the mail-out, we also include copies of the sale flyers with out-going orders while the sale is current.
We hope you enjoy R&J's Sales.