Printed Catalog

The Fall 2011 Edition of the R&J Enterprises black-and-white photo catalog is now available. This catalog contains over 800 photos and drawings mostly of lesser known or rare vehicles and accessories. As many of the figures as possible are illustrated as well. With so many model related companies "going out of business" due to the poor economy, we have dropped 21 product lines from our current catalog. They dropped lines are listed in the Catalog Section 5 "Discontinued Lines". We still have significant inventory for 8 of these lines. The remaining inventories are listedf at reduced prices in Section 5. No Back-Orders on these lines. Unfortunately, a catalog of this size (approx. 120 pages) is too expensive and time consuming to produce to "give it away",but we do sell them for $10.00 ($5.50 production costs + $4.50 postage in the U.S.A. Catalogs to Canada via Priority Mail are now $16.00. Catalogs via First Class to Canada, Mexico and overseas are now $13.00.