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It is our hope that the following information will correctly set a customer's expectations and will therefore eliminate (or at least reduce) customer confusion, concerns or conflicts.

I.) R&J's Philosophy: Treat our customers as we would our friends. We won't intentionally mislead, deceive or cheat them.. We will give our opinion of products as honestly as our experience with said product will allow. This won't always "make the sale", but it does build a loyal base of customers who can have a high degree of confidence in what R&J tells them and sells them.

II. Inventory & Back-Orders: R&J's inventory has grown steadily over the last 20 years, but it's impossible to have everything listed on this website (and in our catalog) in stock at all times. Sometimes this is due to low volume production by the manufacturer. Many of these "cottage companies" are operated by 1, 2, or 3 people and some are part-time ventures. Others may just be unresponsive because the demand for their products is greater than their ability to produce. What this means is that R&J may back order (B/O) items on your order and some items may remain on back order for a considerable time. We'll try to get your order to you in a reasonable period of time (we usually ship in-stock items within 1 to 3 days of receipt of an order), however it's not always possible to accurately predict availability. We may, for example, delay a shipment if we are expecting a delivery of an out-of-stock item. We urge you to be patient... you will get your order, if it's available, or you'll receive a refund or credit (whichever you prefer).

III.) Paying for your Order: We can accept Visa or MasterCard, Money Orders, Bank Drafts and Transfers of Funds or Personal Checks, all in U.S. Dollars, for payment of orders.      Credit Card: We do not have faith in any of the so-called "secure ordering systems". So please, DO NOT put your credit card number on the order form below or send it to us via email. Instead, call or fax us at (360) 796-3828 and give us a valid Visa or MasterCard number, expire date and name of the card holder. Your information will be kept in our secure paper file not in a PC where it could be "hacked". So, you only have to call it in on your initial order or when there is a change to your credit card. Non Credit Card Orders: If you wish to pay by check or Money Order, simply request us to email you an invoice for the total due on your order. Then make the Money Order, or check, in the amount of the invoice, payable to R&J Enterprises and mail it to: R&J Enterprises, P.O. Box 39 Quilcene, WA 98376-0039 USA    Money Orders: After credit cards, a M.O. is the next most expedient form of payment. Money Orders are treated like cash by the bank so we will ship your order upon receipt of a M.O. (assuming we have the items ordered in-stock of course). Checks:Orders paid by personal or bank checks will be held until the check clears at our bank, normally within 4-6 business days from the day we deposit it. Because it's about 70 miles round trip to the bank, we normally make deposits only once per week. So, be aware that the delay in making deposits plus the wait for the check to clear may delay shipment of your order for more than 2 weeks.

IV. A Word About Prices: Because we work off of low profit margins and because we're trying to sell at more reasonable prices, we have not "built in" any profit protection on our prices. This means that fluctuations in foreign currencies, unforseen increases in shipping costs (to us), and price increases by manufacturers will all affect our prices. Because of this, our price on some items may vary from one shipment to the next. Sometimes they even go down! Be advised that all prices on this website and in our catalog (including back ordered items) are subject to change without prior notice.

V.If you don't see it... ask! As you can see from the list of manufacturers that we carry, we deal with a large number of small companies. Perhaps we even carry product lines that you've never heard of. This is because we continuously seek out new products and companies from around the world to bring the "latest and greatest" to our customers. Many of these companies were found as a result of customer requests. So, if you don't see it on this website, but you've seen it in a magazine or know of a company that makes it, let us know and we'll try to get it for you and our other customers at a fair price.

NOTICE: We are currently having problems with the"Order Form Process" using the "Submit" command at the bottom of this page. Until further notice, If you wish to place an order using your PC, use the format in the "ORDER EXAMPLE" below and email it to rj@rjproducts.com
John Q TredHead      Tel: 360-796-3828
Ship To: 812 Broad St., Apt 12
    Moo Town, OH 12345
I wish to Order the following:

Voyager PE35147    AufklarungsPz38(t) Details   1 each
RJProducts 35210    PzIV Driver's Compartment   2 each  


For security reasons, please do not (under any circumstances) send R&J Enterprises an e-mail containing your credit card number. Also, do not include your credit card number when submitting the form below. You can however fill out this form to order products and then advise us of your credit card information by phone or facsimile at (360)796-3828. This will also help us confirm that we received your order. R&J will ship merchandise anywhere in the world that you'd like it to go. However, please make sure to enter a valid e-mail address so that we can contact you regarding the pricing and availability of the items requested.

DO Not Use the order process below until further notice.

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