Frequent Buyer's Club

In keeping with our goal to make modelling more affordable, several years ago we established a program called the Frequent Buyer's Club (FBC). The idea was to provide significant discounts off of our already low prices to customers who bought from us regularly. Here's how our FBC works:

  • There is an enrollment fee or continuing dues that are paid yearly ($25.00)
  • Once enrolled, all money that is spent on products is used to determine your discount level (excluding Washington state sales tax, postage fees, magazine, or catalog subscriptions)
  • There are 4 levels of discount (7%, 10%, 12%, and 15%)
  • As your total spent with R&J increases, your discount level increases too
  • Better yet, your total spent keeps building year to year, provided that you pay your yearly dues. This means every FBC member has an opportunity to reach discount level 4 (15%). Some members have achieved this within just a few months, for others it's taken 2 or 3 years.

So, if you are a serious modeller who spends a significant amount on your hobby, we urge you to join our FBC and start saving money today. Even if your budget for modelling is a modest one, but you plan to be a TreadHead for a few more years, you probably can't lose either. Here's an example of how it works:

  • At 7% discount, if you spend $30.00 per month ($360.00 per year) with R&J, you will recover your dues in savings. After hitting level 2 (10%), only $250.00 per year will be required to recover the dues (etc...)

If you would like more information about our FBC, just contact us by e-mail, phone, or facsimile.

In return for yearly FBC dues of $25.00**, you will receive the following:

  • FBC discounts in accordance with the chart below:
    Level 1 (7%) - All FBC members
    Level 2 (10%) - R&J purchases to date = $1000.00
    Level 3 (12%) - R&J purchases to date = $2400.00
    Level 4 (15%) - R&J purchases to date = $4000.00
  • FBC bulletins or customer newsletters (3 or 4 per year). These contain FBC specials which are sometimes 25%-40% below retail. Limited availability are also included
  • Pre-orders at special prices on some new items
  • Lay-a-ways on single items over $60.00, or on orders that total $150.00 or more. Lay-a-ways are paid off over 4 months at 28% per month of the product price, plus postage and applicable tax. Lay-a-way items are shipped only after they are completely paid off

Some items (such as books) or entire product lines are not discountable due to low profit margins. These are marked (ND) in our catalogs and other literature. Specials, sale items, and show prices are all non-discountable (ND). Product purchase totals do not include money spent on the following:

  • Products sold by R&J under consignment
  • Shipping costs
  • Magazine purchases
  • subscriptions to magazines or catalogs
  • Washington state sales tax

** Note that dues are currently $25.00 and are subject to increase without notice. Increases will not exceed $6.00 in a single year. For example, dues increased from $15.00 in 1992 to $25.00 in 1995, but have remained there ever since.