Wolf Miniatures produces a growing line of excellently cast resin figures and white metal accessories.

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Figures (1:35 Scale)
WAW01British tanker with can$14.00
WAW02Soviet soldier with PTRD anti-tank rifle$14.00
WAW03Belgian tank officer$14.00
WAW04Deutscher Volksturm$14.00
WAW05USAAF bomber crewman$14.00
WAW06German soldier in zeltbahn$14.00
WAW07SS Grenadier in parka with shovel$14.00
WAW08German MG gunner with MG42$14.00
WAW09German tanker in camouflage overalls$14.00
WAW10British tanker rolling up sleeves$14.00
WAW11German tank officer$14.00
WAW12Dejected German soldier$14.00
WAW13Seated German soldier$14.00
WAW14German tankman WWII$14.00
WAW15Cold German MG gunner (WWII)$14.00
WAW16British tanker WWII$14.00
WAW17German tank officer WWII$14.00
WAW18Fallscirmjäger Ardennes$14.00
WAW19German tanker with shell$14.00
WAW20Hitler Youth drummer boy$14.00
WAW21German soldier pulling on boot$14.00
WAW22SS grenadier, Normandy 1944$14.00
WAW23German tanker with dog$14.00
WAW24German tanker with Panther roadwheel$14.00
WAW25German tanker in reed green uniform$14.00
WAW26German tanker relaxing$14.00
WAW27German tanker reading$14.00
WAW28SS Grenadier smoking, late WWII$14.00
WAW29SS Standerfurher Meyer, Kharkov 1943$14.00
WAW30SS Surmbahnfurher Meyer, Kharkov 1943$14.00
WAW31"The Souvenier Hunters I" seated GI in greatcoat$14.00
WAW32"The Souvenier Hunters II " GI in greatcoat$14.00
WAW33German Officer in sheepskin coat, late WWII$14.00
WAW34Tired German soldier wearing greatcoat & smock with panzerfaust$14.00
WAW41German SS tanker in 1 piece camo overall$14.00
WAW41German tanker buttoning jacket$14.00
WRP01WWII British soldier (wounded)$14.00
WRP02Italian GNR militiaman (1943-45)$14.00
WRP03British PIAT team (2 figures)$24.00
WRP04German soldier in camouflage apron$14.00
WRP05Companion to WRP04, in similar uniform$14.00
WRP06British Tank Officer WWII$14.00
WRP07German tanker in reed green uniform with umbrella$14.00
WSH01SS grenadier, Kharkov$14.00
WSH02German medical orderly$14.00
WSH03Fallschirmjäger, Crete$14.00
WSH04Hitlerjugend, 1944$14.00
WSH05German, 1st SS Panzer$14.00
WSH06German, Großdeutschland SS$14.00
WSH07German, SS 501 (1944)$14.00
WSH08German, SS grenadier Kursk$14.00
WSH09German officer, SS Wiking division$14.00
WSH10German officer, 10th Panzer$14.00
WSH11Fallschirmjäger, Monte Cassino 1944$14.00
WSH12SS sniper, Totenkopf division 1943$14.00
WSH13German soldier, Panzer Lehr division 1944$14.00
WSH14German SS Feldgendarme$14.00
WSH15Female sniper, Red Army$14.00
WSH16German infantryman, Turkistan legion$14.00
WSH17German soldier whitewashing helmet$14.00
WSH18Fallshirmjaeger pushing wheelbarrow$14.00
WSH19L.R.D.G. Jalo Oasis 1942$14.00
WSH20"Werewolf", Berlin 1945 resistance fighter$14.00
WSH21Officer LSSAH Kegichevka 1943$14.00
WSH22German tanker with accordian$14.00
WSH23German in snow smock$14.00
WSH24Hungarian Tiger tank crewman$14.00
WSH25German Medic with wounded SS tanker$19.00
WSH26Officer Pz Div. Norland in winter coat$14.00
WSH27German SS mechanic in shirt sleeves$14.00
WSH28German SS Officer Handschar Div. in camo smock and fez$14.00
WSH29Fallshirmjaeger officer in winter camo kneeling$14.00
WSH30DAK soldier with pet monkey$14.00
WSH31German seaman WWII in walking out cloths$14.00
WSH32German WWII mechanic in pullover & stell helmet$14.00
WSH332 German soldiers posing with flag$24.00
WSH34German officer taking photos$14.00
WSH36German Army Cobbler seated repairing boots. Stool boots & resin base shown in photo are all included$16.00

This product listing was last updated on December 22, 2003.