WESPE Models from Romania, makes many interesting, "Soft Skins", "Specialty Vehicles" and even a few Ordnance pieces. The quality of their resin casting is very good. They have extensive, and still growing, product lines in 1:35th, 1:48th, 1:72nd and 1:87th scales. And, they also have a single kit in 1:24th and one in 1:10th scale as well. R&J only plans to keep in inventory their 1:35th scale line at present. However, we will frequently place orders with WESPE Models and will be happy to include items in other scales as "Special Orders". These "Special Orders" must be paid for at the time the order is placed. Please be sure of what you want before placing it on "Special Order" because R&J will not accept cancellations or modifications nor provide refunds on these "Special Order" items after we have emailed our order to Wespe Models.

(Prices on this website are subject to change without prior notice)

1:35th Scale Full Kits

WES35001 Dodge D15 15cwt truck. $68.00
WES35001B Dodge D8A 8cwt truck. $65.00
WES35002 Ford WOA 2A truck. $68.00
WES35003 Fordson WOT 2B GS Van. $68.00
WES35004Marmon Herrington MkIII. $68.00
WES35005Opel Kadett 1938. . $68.00
WES35006Horch 830. $68.00
WES35007Stalinetz-S65. $94.00
WES35008 Opel 4x4 FLAK Platform for 20mm FLAK. Complete kit of truck & mounting platform, 20mm FLAK gun not included. $65.00
WES35009Mercedes 170V. $65.00
WES35010Opel Truck, 1 ton. $65.00
WES35011C.M.P.- 5cwt "Kubel". $68.00
WES35012Mercedes Benz L6500- 1940. $79.00
WES35013Mercedes Benz L6500- 1938. $79.00
WES35014Humber FWD Staff Car. $68.00
WES35015Stalinetz S-2 $94.00
WES35016Hanomag Gasogen. . $74.00
WES35017Opel Olympia Cabriolet. $68.00
WES35018Horch 830 Sankra. $68.00
WES35019Opel Kadette Cabriolet. $68.00
WES35020Skoda Diesel 254B, 3ton. $72.00
WES35021Opel Super 6. . $68.00
WES35022SKoda Diesel 706- 7 ton. $74.00
WES35023Opel Kapitan. $68.00
WES35024Leyland, Monty's Caravan. $79.00
WES35025FIAT 508 C/1100 Mil. $65.00
WES35026Ford C11 ADF (Alexander).$72.00
WES35027GM 8449/C15TA- 15cwt 4x4. $72.00
WES35028Leyland Hippo MkIII. $72.00
WES35029Renault ADH 2.5ton. $68.00
WES35030Ford JA3 $65.00
WES35031Camionetta Mod.42 (Viberti). $72.00
WES35032 Lancia Aprilia Coloniale. $68.00
WES35033FIAT 1100 Wood Cab Ambulance. $68.00
WES35034Lancia 3RO, militare. $74.00
WES35035Commer Q2. TBA
WES35036Fordson Thames. TBA
WES35037Dodge T202 Command Car. $68.00
WES35038Mack 2, 7.5ton 6x6, 1943 $79.00
WES35039Phanomen Granit 25H Sankra.$72.00
WES35040Leyland Retriever Crane MkVI $74.00
WES35041Steyr 250$65.00
WES35042 Isuzu 6x4. IJA light platoon truck. $85.00
WES35043 AS 43/PAK 75/43. Italian AS 43 light platoon truck towing PAK75/43. $72.00 NEW
WES35044 Kraka I/II. TBA
WES35045 Studebacker Staff Car. $68.00
WES35046Mercedes Benz G3A Twin rear axle cargo truck. $64.00
WES35047 Opel Blitz 3.5ton Feuerwehr (Fire Truck). $79.00
WES35048 Willys MT-TUG 6x6 "Super Jeep". $55.00
WES35049 Berliet GPE4 Transporter Truck. TBA
WES35050 Willys T14 with 37mm gun. $74.00
WES35051LANZ 55PS EIL-"Bulldog" (1939). $72.00
WES35052Skoda Popular 927 Staff car. $68.00
WES35053GAZ 11-73 Sedan/Staff car 1940. . $68.00
WES35054PAK 75/43 German WWII Short Barrelled 75mm Gun. $37.00
WES35055MAN 4500 WWII German Cargo Truck. $72.00
WES35056To Be AnnouncedTBA
WES35057ZIS 5, WWII Soviet Cargo Truck. $64.00
WES35058Hanomag Gasogen Meilerwagen. V2 Rocket Transporter. Complete kit of tractor & trailer. $99.00
WES35059To Be Announced TBA
WES35060To Be AnnouncedTBA
WES35061Wanderer W23 S, Staff Car. $68.00
WES35062GMC AFK WX 352. WWII Cargo Truck, Railway version. $79.00
WES35063To Be Announced TBA
WES35064Praga RV 2 ton 6x6 with trailer (1940)$68.00
WES35065Krupp LD N342, 6.5ton $79.00
WES35066MAN 4500A 4X4 WWII Truck. $79.00 NEW
WES35067Mack NR 4, 10 ton Truck.$85.00 NEW
WES35068Mercedes 170 Sankra Truck.   NEW$68.00
WES35069SdKfz.Vomag- 88mm FLAK Waffentrager. Resin 3 axle Lkw type 8L 9 ton truck (a.k.a. Omnibus Type 70) equipped with armoured cab, drop-down sides, front & rear levelers, extendable outriggers and mounting for 8.8cm gun. Use AFV Club, DML or Tamiya 88mm gun. $118.00
WES35070Renault 2087 WWII Truck. NEW$68.00
WES35071Diamond T 980 Truck, WWII Allied Cargo Truck. Complete kit in resin. $88.00
WES35072Diamond T Trailer. Resin trailer for Diamond T 980 truck .$79.00
WES35071COMBODiamond T Truck WES35071 + WES35072 Diamond T Trailer kits at special combo price.    NEW $148.00 No Other Discounts Apply
WES35073VAM TAC Euro built Hummer style recon vehicle $80.00 NEW
WES35074Mack Monty's Caravan $80.00 NEW
WES35075Diamond T Wrecker $88.00 NEW
WES3507610 ton crane, SdKfz 9/2 $85.00 NEW
1:48th Scale Full Kits & Conversions
No Inventory, these are special order only. Requires 50% pre-payment
No Cancellations or Refunds after order is placed
WES48001Ford LRDG$64.00
WES48002Marmon MkIIIA $54.00
WES48003Dodge D8 $56.00
WES48004Lynx $64.00
WES48005Ford LRDG $54.00
WES48006BA10 $54.00
WES48007AMorris Water Tanker $54.00
WES48007BMorris Radio $54.00
WES48008Steyr RSO $54.00
WES48009Demag D7 $68.00
WES48010ASkoda RSO $64.00
WES48010BSkoda Trailer $46.00
WES48011Steyr RSO w/PAK $78.00
WES48012Ford WOC 8cwt $54.00
WES48013Ford 73-B-01A Tropical $54.00
WES48014SdKfz 250/1 $66.00
WES48015SdKfz 250/9$66.00
WES48016SdKfz250/3 $66.00
WES48017S.I.G. 150mm $35.00
WES48018BT-5 $54.00
WES48019Demag D10 with FLAK $78.00
WES48020Marmon Herrington MkII $54.00
WES48021Autoblinda AB41 Italian Armored Car $54.00
WES48022Horch 1A $56.00
WES48023Phanomen Granit 1500A with 30mm FLAK $74.00
WES48024AEC Armored Car $66.00
WES48025Austin K5 Portee$78.00
WES48026APhanomen Enheit Cab Sankra $64.00
WES48026BPhanomen Granit 1500A Steel Cab $64.00
WES48026CPhanomen GranitSteel Cab Sankra $64.00
WES48027AFord V8-51 Steel Cab Truck $64.00
WES48027BFord V8-51 Open Cab Truck $64.00
WES48027CFord 917 Open Cab Truck $64.00
WES48027DFord 917 Steel Cab Shelter$64.00
WES48028SdKfz223 Radio $66.00
WES48029FIAT 508C/1100MIL $50.00
WES48030Tatra 97 $54.00
WES48031Ford V8 Special Ambi-BUDD Radio$56.00
WES48032Ford V8 Special Radio Shelter $56.00
WES48023Ford V8 Special Cabriolet$39.00
WES48034Ford V8 Special Limber + 20mm FLAK $68.00
WES48035Ford V8 Special U-Wagen$52.00
WES48036Ford V8 Special Personnel Carrier w75/37PAK $68.00
WES48037Horch 830 Sankra $54.00
WES48038Steyr 1500 A01 Command Car Kfz15$65.00
WES48039Horch 1A with 20mm FLAK $74.00
WES48040Horch 1A Command Car $58.00
WES48041Daimler MkII Armored Car$68.00
WES48042Mercedes 4500R with FLAK37 $78.00
WES48043Opel 4x4 with FLAK20$68.00
WES48044Steyr 1500 Truck$55.00
WES48045Mercedes 6500$72.00
WES48046Opel Blitz (4x2) w/FLAK 20 $74.00
WES48047Morris Commercial C8 (4x4) 5 cwt$56.00
WES48048Renault ADH Radio$64.00
WES48049Opel Feuerwagen (Fire Truck)$68.00
WES48050Ford Marmon$64.00

1:76th & 1:72nd Scale Full kits & Conversions
No Inventory, these are special order only. Requires 50% pre-payment
No Cancellations or Refunds after order is placed

1:76th Scale Vehicles
WES76001Ford LRDG Truck$14.00
WES76002Marmon Herrington MKIII Armored Car$14.00
WES76003Commer Q2 Truck$15.00

1:72nd Scale Vehicles
WES72001Steering wheels, assortment in 1:72nd scale$5.00
WES72002 Accessories, assortment of Jerry cans, Barrels, Crates, bags and packs in 1:72nd scale.$9.00
WES72003German GS Trailer$20.00
WES72004MAN F4 6.5 Ton Truck$18.00
WES72005Krupp LD 6.5ton N242$18.00
WES72006German Trailer, 3 axle$15.00
WES72007Zis 10 Soviet Truck & Trailer$15.00
WES72008AMAN 4500S Cargo Truck$15.00
WES72008BMAN 4500S 4x4 Cargo truck$15.00
WES72009Renault ADH 2.5ton Radio Car$14.00
WES72010Ford Marmon$14.00
WES72011C.M.P. 15cwt "Kubel"$15.00
WES72012Stalinetz S65 Soviet Tractor$19.00
WES72013OPEL Kadette, sedan/staff car$15.00
WES72014KV-2 Heavy Tank$17.00
WES72015Horch Radio Car$15.00
WES72016OPEL "Bltiz" 3.6 ton Cargo Truck$18.00
WES72017OPEL Kadette, Cabriolet staff car$15.00
WES72018SdKfz 8 DB10 Half-Track$22.00
WES72019OPEL KAPITAN, sedan/staff car$15.00
WES72020OPEL Super 6, sedan/staff car$15.00
WES72021International M425 5ton 4x2 Semi-Tractor$18.00
WES72022SKODA 3ton Cargo Truck$18.00
WES72023FCM 39 (1939) Light TankTBA
WES72024SdKfz 8 DB9 Armored Cab Half-Track mounting 88mm FLAK$26.00
WES72025SdKfz 8 DB9 Armored Cab Half-Track mounting 88mm FLAK, Winter version w/snow plow blade on front$26.00
WES72026International Trailer$15.00
WES72027SKODA 706 Diesel, 7ton Cargo Truck$15.00
WES72028Renault B1 BIS TankTBA
WES72031Ford C11, Convertible/staff car$15.00
WES72032Mercedes Benz L 6500 Cargo Truck, 1938$18.00
WES72033Mercedes Benz L 6500 Cargo Truck, 1940$18.00
WES72034Marmon Herrington MKII Armored Car$14.00
WES72035Dodge T202 Staff Car$15.00
WES72036Steyr RSO towing 105mm FH18/40 gun$19.00
WES72037MACK 2, twin rear axle truck$21.00
WES72038Plane-FAMO conversion for Trumpeter$5.00
WES72039MAN 4500 Cargo Truck, Railway version$22.00
WES72040AMAN 4500 Cargo Truck, Gas Generator version$18.00
WES72040BMAN 4500 Cargo Truck, 4x4 version$18.00
WES72041Horse Drawn Wagen, horses not includedTBA
WES72042MACK Platform$16.00
WES72043Bofors 40mm Gun on 4 wheeled mount$18.00
WES72044Scammel Pioneer 6x4 Recovery Vehicle. Very detailled 60+ parts excellently cast in tan resin$27.00

This product listing was updated on Sept. 11, 2007.