UltraCast is a Canadian company producing excellent resin figures, heads, and helmets.

(Prices on this website are subject to change without prior notice)

Figures (1:35 Scale)
UC3501Luftwaffe fighter pilot, WWII$9.50
UC3502German WWII infantryman (Russia 1942)$9.50
UC3503Canadian Infantry #1 (France 1944)$9.50
UC3504Canadian Infantry #2 (France 1944)$9.50
UC3505German WWII heads #1$9.50
UC3506German WWII heads #2$9.50
UC3507British WWII heads, tank crew 1944/45$9.50
UC3508Commonwealth tank crew (3 figures + 5 heads)$18.00
UC3509German WWII heads, SS Pz crew$9.50
UC3510German WWII heads, SS Pz crew #2$9.50
UC3511Commonwealth Tanker$9.50
UC3512Commonwealth Tank Crew N. Africa$18.00
UC3513British Heads (Tank crew #2)$9.50
UC3514Lee Enfield No.1 Rifles & Bayo$5.00
UC3515British Heads w/camo net mkII helmets$9.50
UC3516American Heads with WWII w/netted helmets$9.50
UC3517SS Officer, eastern front$9.50
UC3518Commonwealth Tank Commander$9.50
UC3519Commonwealth Tank Crewman,WWII ETO$9.50
UC3520Commonwealth Tank Crewman #2$9.50
UC3521Bare Heads #1$9.50
UC3522Bare Heads #2$9.50
UC3523American Tank Crewman, WWII$9.50
UC3524Russian Heads $9.50
UC3525British Heads w/armored corps helmet$9.50
UC3526American Tank Crewman, WWII$9.50
UC3527Commonwealth Tank Crew, Normandy$18.00
UC3528British Heads, WWII$9.50
UC3529British Tank Commander$9.50
UCAC01German WWII helmets with liners$7.75
UCAC02German WWII paratrooper helmets with liners$7.75
UCAC03British WWII MkII helmets with liners$7.75
UCAC04US WWII helmets with liners$7.75
UCAC05Russian WWII helmets with liners$7.75

This product listing was last updated on July 30, 2002.