TrackBase New Line of creative products made in USA.
High quality resin cast full size recreations of actual AFV track shoes. Also assorted badges and an accurate track color acrylic paint.

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Track Shoes (1:1 scale) Full size resin recreations of actual AFV track shoes. Each track shoe comes with 2 oz. bottle of Track Color acrylic paint.
TBTS001Panzer II Track shoe.$38.00
TBTS002Panzer 38 (t) Track shoe. $48.00
TBTS003Panzer III Track Shoe. TBA
TBTS004Panzer IV LateTrack Shoe. $58.00
TBTS005RSO Track Shoe. TBA
TBTS006HotchkissTrack Shoe. TBA
Track Bases & Accessories
TBPz2Panzer 2 Track Base. Full size PzII track shoe in resin w/Oak base for model includes track color acrylic paint. $58.00
TBTCTrack color acrylic paint in 2 oz. plastic bottle.$6.00
Badges & Medals (1:1 scale) Full size unpainted resin recreations of actual badges & medals.
WWII German Badges
TBB001WWII German, Iron Cross$6.00
TBB002WWII German, SS Totenkopf (Deaths' Head) Badge$6.00
TBB003WWII German, Panzer Assualt Badge$6.00
TBB004WWII German, Infantry Badge$6.00
TBB005WWII German, War Merit Badge$6.00
TBB006WWII German, Close Combat Badge$6.00
TBB007WWII German, Wound Badge $6.00
TBB008WWII German, Army FLAK Badge$6.00
TBB009WWII German, Driver's Badge$6.00
TBB010WWII German, Anti-Partisan Badge$6.00
TBB011WWII German, Luftwaffe FLAK Badge$6.00
TBB012WWII German, General Assualt Badge$6.00
TBB013WWII German, Luftwaffe Pilot's Badge$6.00
TBB014WWII German, Parachutist's Badge$6.00
TBB015WWII German, Army Eagle$6.00
TBB016WWII German, Luftwaffe Ground Assualt Badge$6.00
TBB017WWII German, U-Boat Badge$6.00
TBB018WWII German, Spread Eagle Cap Badge$6.00
USA Badges
TBB019WWII, USAAF Aircrew Wings$6.00
TBB020WWII, USN PT Boat Badge$6.00
TBB021WWII, Liberty Ship Builders Badge$6.00

This product listing was updated on May 11, 2005.