Tiger Model Designs A line of excellently cast 1:35th scale resin kits, conversions and accessories from USA

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Kits, Conversions & Upgrades(1:35 Scale)

TMD352020 SdKfz 9/1 "FAMO" 6 ton Bilstein Crane conv.$77.00
TMD352021 SdKfz 9/1 "FAMO" Late Famo UpdateTBA
TMD352022 SdKfz 9/1 "FAMO" FLAK 88 Conv.TBA
TMD352031 PzIV Ausf G Drive Housings$6.00
TMD352032 PzIV Ausf D-H Rear Hull Armor$6.00
TMD352033 PzIV Ausf G Backdate$40.00
TMD352034 PzIV Ausf F-2 (H) Conversion$40.00
TMD352035 PzIV Ausf F1 Backdate $40.00
TMD352038 PzIV Ausf Late G/ Early H Turret Roof$4.00
TMD352039 PzIV Early correct hull hatches$5.00
TMD352040 PzIV Late correct hull hatches$5.00
TMD352041 PzIV Aligned Drive Sprocket$3.00
TMD352042 PzIV Offset Drive Sprocket$3.00
TMD352043 PzIV Solid Drive Sprocket$3.00
TMD352044 PzIV Tear-Drop Drive Sprocket$3.00
TMD352045 PzIV Double Hole Drive Sprocket$3.00
TMD352046 PzIV Single Hole Drive Sprocket$3.00
TMD352051 Grille-M Update$23.00
TMD352052 Grille M Schlepper for Alan kitTBA
TMD352053 Grille-M Update with sIG33 Gun$40.00
TMD352054 Initial Marder III M backdate$42.00
TMD352055 Mid Marder III M Backdate$42.00
TMD352056 Marder III M UpdateTBA
TMD352057 Marder III M Driver's CompartmentTBA
TMD352058 German SPG Radio Set (Wespe/Marder/Nashorn/Hummel)$9.00
TMD352061 PzIII Ausf N Gun & Mantlet$6.00
TMD352062 PzIII/IV Cupola w/interior$7.00
TMD352063 German WWII AFV 90mm Smoke Grenade Launchers$7.00
TMD352064 PzIII Ausf N DAK conversion$22.00
TMD352065 PzIII Ausf J Early conversion$40.00
TMD352071 s.I.G. 33 Ammo set$7.00
TMD352072 Fug. 5 Rack Mounted Radio set$7.00
TMD352073 German WWII Wicker Ammo Cases $7.00
TMD352074 Pak 40 Ammo  $8.00
TMD35207515cm sFH18 (Hummel) Ammo  $9.00
TMD35207610.5cm leFH18 (Wespe)Ammo  $9.00
TMD3520777.5cm KwK L/24 (Stummel) Ammo $7.00
TMD352078 8.8cm L/43 Ammo $13.00
TMD352079 8.8cm L/43 Ammo Cases$13.00
TMD352080 7.5cm L/48 Ammo $9.00
TMD352081 s.I.G. 33 Gun kit for Grille M (Alan)$22.00
TMD352082 s.I.G. 33 Gun kit for Grille H (DML)$22.00
TMD352083 Early Towed s.I.G. 33 Gun TBA
TMD352091 Panther D Cupola w/interior (DML)$12.00
TMD352092 Panther D early backdate (DML)$12.00
TMD352100 Initial Tiger I Asymmetrical Turret $18.00
TMD352101 Early Tiger I Asymmetrical Turret $18.00
TMD352102 Mid Tiger I Asymmetrical Turret $18.00
TMD352103 Final Tiger I Asymmetrical Turret $18.00
TMD352104 Tiger I Mantlet #1$7.00
TMD352105 Tiger I Mantlet #2$7.00
TMD352106 Tiger I Mantlet #3$7.00
TMD352107 Tiger I Mantlet #4$7.00
TMD352108 Tiger I Manlet #5$7.00
TMD352109 Tiger I Manlet #6$7.00
TMD352110 Tiger I Manlet #7$7.00
TMD352111 Tiger I Manlet #8$7.00
TMD352114 Tiger I Armored Exhaust Covers$7.00
TMD352115 Tiger I Mid Style Frontal Armor$6.00
TMD352116 Tiger I Mid Style Frontal Armor w/vision block$6.00
TMD352117 Late Tiger I Frontal Armor w/operating visor$6.00
TMD352118 Tiger I Early Cupola w/interior detail$14.00
TMD352120 Tiger I Mid Cupola w/interior detail$14.00
TMD352122 Tiger I Final Cupola w/interior detail$14.00
TMD352128 Tiger I S-Mine Launchers w/Grenades$9.00
TMD352129 Tiger I Spare Track Holders w/Track$9.00
TMD352130 Panzer III Storage Box used by SwPzrAbt 503 on Tiger I $5.00
TMD352131 Tiger I Befehlswagen Conversion$12,00
TMD3524040 M8 HMC Full Kit w/rubber track blocksTBA
TMD3524041 M8 HMC Full Kit w/studded track blocksTBA
TMD3524042 M8 HMC Full Kit w/M8 ammo trailer and studded track blocksTBA
TMD3524107 M3 "Honey" Interior$37.00
TMD3524109 M3 US Maus Interior$37.00
TMD353001 US M8 Ammo Trailer. $30.00
TMD353002 US M10 Ammo Trailer. $37.00
TMD353004 US M10 Trailer Load #2. $15.00
TMD353005 US Sponson Box Handles $5.00
TMD353006 Early Sherman Suspension $28.00
TMD353007 Sherman open spoked wheels & Idlers$12.00
TMD353008 Sherman solid spoked road wheels $12.00
TMD353009 Sherman stamped road wheels & Idlers$12.00
TMD353011 Sherman open spoked Idlers$4.00
TMD353012 Sherman plugged spoked Idlers$4.00
TMD353013 Sherman stamped Idlers$4.00
TMD353014 M8 Trailer wheels$4.00
TMD353015 M10 Trailer wheels$4.00
TMD353016 M4 Sherman Hull Hatch set$7.00
TMD353017 M4 Sherman Early Cupola$9.00
TMD353018 M4 Sherman Periscopes & mounts$7.00
TMD353019 M4 Sherman Hull Late Cupola$9.00
TMD353020 M4 Sherman oval turret hatch $4.00
TMD353021 M4 Sherman Hull, Small Hatch set$7.00
TMD353022 M4 Sherman Late Hull Hatch set$7.00
TMD353023 M4 Sherman TC Vision Cupola$9.00
TMD353101 M3, Correct Upper & Lower Hulls$25.00
TMD353102 M3A1, Correct Upper & Lower Hulls$25.00
TMD353103 M3, Correct Upper & Lower Hulls$25.00
TMD353151 US Ammo, 75mm w/packing Tubes$9.00
TMD353152 US Ammo, 76mm w/packing Tubes$9.00
TMD353153 US Ammo, 105mm w/packing Tubes$9.00
TMD353154 US Ammo, 155mm w/packing Tubes$9.00
Accessories (1:35 Scale)
TMD351001German WWII AFV 2 ton Jib Boom, early version$13.00
TMD351002German WWII AFV 2 ton Jib Boom, late version$13.00
TMD351010German WWII Hand Winch ("come along")$3.50
TMD351011Chain Hoist #1 $5.50
TMD351012Chain Hoist #2 $5.50
TMD35????German Tow Cables & Ends $4.00
Wheel Sets (1:35 Scale)
TMD352001 SdKfz 234 Series tires$10.00
TMD355001 Soviet BRDM-1 Replacement Wheels, 4pcs$7.00
TMD355002 Soviet BTR-70 Replacement Wheels, 8pcs$14.00
TMD355003 Soviet BTR-70 Replacement Wheels, 8pcs$14.00
Tools & Supplies (1:35 Scale)
TMD0001 .010" Lead Solder$2.50
TMD0002 .015" Lead Solder$2.50
TMD0003 .020" Lead Solder$2.50
TMD0004 .025" Lead Solder$2.50
TMD0005 .031" Lead Solder$2.50
TMD00006 .006" Lead Foil$4.50
TMD0010 12" of Extra Fine Chain (42 links/inch)$3.00
TMD0013 12" of Medium Chain (27 links/inch)$3.00
TMD0016 12" of Med. Heavy Chain (12 links/inch)$3.00
Figures, Head Sets and Figure Accessories (1:35 Scale)
TMD359001 Head Set #1,     $6.00

This product listing was last updated on July 1, 2006.