The Small Shop established by Pete Forrest, the inventor of the original P.E. bending tool, the "Hold and Fold". Don't be fooled by cheap plastic imitations. Although Pete's gone, and we all miss him very much, his legacy, the Small Shop, continues to make a variety of useful tools for serious modellers.
Due to low profit margins, this product line is non-discountable for FBC purposes - (ND).

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I. Tools
A. Hold and Folds & Modelling Tools:
SSHFBUG"The Bug" 2.5"x 2" Hold and Fold. This is the smallest P.E. bending tool made. Has revised rotating tool head. Perfect for the travelling modeller. Comes with instructions and single edge folding blade$38.00
SSHF044" MKIV Rotating Tool Head Hold and Fold. Comes with instructions and single edge folding blade$46.00
SSHF05"5 Speed" Hold and Fold P.E. workstation. 5" Rotating Tool Head P.E. bending tool has 2 hold-down points for firm hold end to end. Comes with instructions and 5" single edge folding blade.$65.00
SSHF8MKR8" Mk R Multi-head Hold and Fold. This is the latest design and the absolute best P.E. bending tool made for bigger jobs. Comes with instructions and 8" folding blade $70.00
SSNUTER. "The Nutter" A revolutionary tool that makes nuts & rivets in many sizes. Comes with instructions and foil for making parts. $105.00
The Wrangler "The Wrangler" is a precision made metal tool which easily makes grab handles, loops & rings of many sizes in soft copper or brass wire. Comes with instructions.$45.00 NEW
The Wrangler Another view of "The Wrangler" NEW
B. Roller & Cut-Off Sets:
SSPR01P.E. Part Rolling Set. Composite base with shaping groves and a set of wood & metal rollers. Get the perfect curve on your P.E.. Comes with instructions.$28.00
SSPRBA "The Brass Assist" Deluxe Roller Set. Precision crafted aluminum base with 5 shaping groves, all with different radii, 5 metal rollers. Also has wire bending slots on 1 edge for making various size grab handles.$60.00
SSPRWBOP.E. Part Rolling Wood Base Only. 6 shaping groves, provide your own rollers. $8.00
SSCUT1P.E. Part Cut Off Set. 3 Black Acrylic bases, 3.75" square, with clear acrylic holder. Helps you get straight and clean cuts on P.E. Comes with instructions.$9.00
SSCUT2Large P.E. Part Cut Off Set. 2 pieces of 8" x 10" Black Acrylic with 2 clear acrylic holders. Helps you get straight and clean cuts on P.E. Comes with instructions.$14.00
C. Combo Kits :
"The Bug" Kit2" Hold And Fold Kit. Includes 2" Bug" Hold and Fold P.E. workstation + P.E. Part Rolling Set + P.E. Part Cut-Off Set. $68.00
4" MkIVKit4" Hold And Fold Kit. Includes 4" MkIV Hold & Fold P.E. workstation + P.E. Part Rolling Set + P.E. Part Cut-Off Set and 4" folding blade. $80. if purchased separately $72.00
D. Accessory items:
SS8RHD 8" Mk "R" Extended Reach Multi-Head. Tool Head Only. Update your 8" Hold & Fold with this revised extended reach head. $40.00
SSFOIL Extra Foil for "The Nutter". $9.00
SSFB04 4" folding blade.$3.00
SSFB055" folding blade.$4.00
SSFB08 8" folding blade.$6.00
SSVID01Demonstration videoTBA
II. Finishing Products:
SSCC01Cast a Coat, Acrylic surfacing materials.$19.00
SSice01 Snow & Ice Coat. The most realistic snow & ice we've ever seen. Makes amazing realistic ice cycles and streaks or sheets of ice. Sprinkle snow on your model or base for realistic looking dusting. Also can be used to bring rough water to life.$19.00

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