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Kits, Conversions & Accessories (1:35 Scale)
TWS001M36B1 Conversion for M36 Jackson (AFV Club) Includes upper superstructure, exterior fittings, drive sprockets snd a full interior from the aft bulkhead forward. This a complete M36B1 conversion$44.00
TWS002 M36 Jackson Exterior Details$26.00
TWS002B Hatches w/Periscopes for M10/M35/N36$5.00
TWS003M36 Jackson Interior Details$24.00
TWS004M4A1 early hull$22.00
TWS005 90mm Ammo Tubes, Closed$10.00
TWS006 Rear Hull Plate M4A3 Sherman (DML)$5.00
TWS007M4 Sherman Barrel (coverec)$5.00
TWS008M4A2 hull w/closed rear deck$23.00
TWS009M4 105mm conversion Turret & Hull$44.00
TWS010Sherman 105mm Howitzer Turret Set$19.00
TWS011M4 early turret with open loader's hatch$19.00
TWS012M4 early turret without Loader Hatch$19.00
TWS013 Firefly Turret w/Hull Components$21.00
TWS014T-23 turret with oval loader's hatch includes alum. barrel$22.00
TWS015T-23 with round loader's hatch , includes Aluminum barrel$22.00
TWS016M4 concrete applique armor$9.00
TWS017Wood applique armor for side of Sherman$9.00
TWS0183 piece steel applique armor for side of Sherman$9.00
TWS019M4, 3 piece bolted nose plate$9.00
TWS020M4 early cast nose plate$9.00
TWS021M4A3E2 nose$9.00
TWS022M4 Early Dry Fighting Compartment Interior$45.00
TWS023M4 late interior, wet stowage$45.00
TWS024M4A2 conversion set$12.00
TWS025M4A3E2 Jumbo turret$22.00
TWS026M4 Sherman dish roadwheels$8.00
TWS027M4 Sherman pressed roadwheels$8.00
TWS028Commanders Cupola for M60 series$10.00
TWS029Angle iron cullin$10.00
TWS030T-bar cullin$10.00
TWS031I-beam cullin$10.00
TWS032M5A1 Improved Upper Hull w/Front Plate$18.00
TWS033British Style Wading Stacks$20.00
TWS033A Exhaust Adaptors for Sherman III$7.00
TWS034 USMC Standard Wading Stacks$17.00
TWS034A USMC 55gal Drum Wading Stacks (field mod.)$15.00
TWS034B M4A2 Intake/Exhaust Adaptors $6.00
TWS035M4 radial engine with engine compartment$27.00
TWS036M4 Early Dry Fighting & Engine Compartment Interiors with radial engine $65.00
TWS037 M2/M3 Halftrack Front Body Update (Tamiya)$24.00 NEW
TWS038M2/M2A1 UpdateSet$15.00 NEW
TWS039M2/M2A1 Canvas Top$15.00 NEW
TWS040M4 late 75mm turret with open loader's hatch$24.00
TWS041M4 radial powered deep wading kit$22.00
TWS042M4A3 Early conversion set$12.00
TWS043 M4 Add-on Applique Armor$12.00
TWS044 M4 Mantlet Set w/Metal Barrel$11.00
TWS045M4A3E2 Conversion, Includes Turret, Uparmored Nose, road wheels, Aluminum Barrel and other details$37.00
TWS046Early Sherman Covered Mantlet$12.00
TWS046AEarly Sherman Covered Mantlet w/Aluminum Barrel$16.00
TWS047Late Sherman Covered Mantlet $12.00
TWS047ALate Sherman Covered Mantlet w/Aluminum Barrel$16.00
TWS048CMC 2.5 ton, wheels with chains, 6 per set$12.00
TWS049CMC 2.5 ton, RR wheels with 2 sections of track$19.00
TWS050Jeep wheels (Tamiya) with chains$7.00
TWS051M4 Radial engine$16.00
TWS052M4A2 & M10, 12 cylinder diesel engine$14.00
TWS053M4A2 engine & engine compartment for Tamiya M4 & M4A3 Shermans$30.00
TWS054Combo of 053 & 024 for Tamiya M4 & M4A3$46.00
TWS056U.S. M2/M3 Halftrack wheels w/chains for Tamiya$4.00
TWS057U.S. M2/M3 Halftrack wheels for Tamiya $3.00
TWS058U.S. M2/M3 Halftrack wheels for Dragon $4.00
TWS059 U.S. Halftrack Wheels$5.00 NEW
TWS060 Studebaker Truck Tires/Wheels 11pcs.$20.00 NEW
TWS061Cromwell Tank, Burnt Out Wheels $16.00
TWS062CMC 2.5ton RR wheels, no track sections$14.00
TWS064A3/4 ton Dodge wheels w/chains (4) Testors$10.00
TWS064B3/4 ton Dodge wheels w/chains (4) Skybow$10.00
TWS064C3/4 ton Dodge wheels w/chains (4) (SK)$11.00
TWS065Snow plow for MB Jeep$10.00
TWS066M3/M2/M5/M9 Halftrack Drive Update Set$28.00 (REVISED)
TWS066AM3 Halftrack Open Drive Sprocket & Idler Wheels w/Tracks$11.00
TWS067M4 early hull with forward vision$22.00
TWS068M4 cast hull $20.00
TWS069M4A3 E2 Jumbo hull$22.00
TWS070M4 composite hull, open deck for Tamiya$22.00
TWS071M4A1 early cast hull w/applique$22.00
TWS072M4 early welded hull$22.00
TWS073Comprehensive Jumbo conversion for Tamiya M4A3 hull. Includes Upper Hull, Turret, Uparmored Nose, hatches, roadwheels and other details$54.00
TWS074M4 hull detail set (tools, vision blocks etc.)$8.00
TWS075MB Jeep canvas covered windshield$5.00
TWS076Early M4 Sherman suspension$22.00
TWS077M4, M34A1 Sherman mantlet w/castin #$4.00
TWS078M923A1 Tires, Michelin Tread, 7 tires/wheels $20.00
TWS079M977 Hemitt Tires, Michelin,9 tires/wheels$24.00
TWS080M988 Hummer Tires,w/chains, 4 tires/wheels$10.00
TWS081M988 Hummer Tires,w/aggressive pattern, 4 tires/wheels$9.00
TWS082M923A2 Tires, 7 slightly sagged tires on wheels w/fuel tank$22.00 NEW
TWS083M38A1 Jeep tires w/chains$8.00
TWS084M923A1 Tires, 7 tires/wheels w/Goodyear Tread$20.00 NEW
TWS085M977 HEMTT Tires, 9 tires/wheels w/Goodyear Tread$25.00 NEW
TWS086 JGSDF Light Armored Car Wheel Set$9.00 NEW
TWS087MB M8 armored car tires w/chains (6)$13.00
TWS088LRDG Chevy truck tires & wheels, 2 front, 2 rear & 2 spares.
If you want LRDG Tires without the cast-in cracks see RJ35208
TWS089GI gas cans in trays w/straps$7.00
TWS090US 5 gal. oil cans$6.00
TWS091M4 Sherman upper hull rear vents$4.00
TWS092Pershing 90mm canvas covered flash suppresser$4.00
TWS093AM26 (M25) Dagon Wagon wheels & tires$26.00
TWS093BM26 Armored Recovery Vehicle wheels & tires$18.00
TWS0094M123C U.S. 10 ton tractor.
Special Order Item
$95.00 S.O.
TWS0095M125 U.S. Heavy cargo truck.
Special Order Item
$125.00 S.O.
TWS096M26 Pershing mantlet$5.00
TWS097Israeli M50 Engine Deck Conversion.$10.00
TWS098Israeli Tank Details$15.00
TWS098AM151 "MUTT' detail set $12.00
TWS099CAT D7 Military/Civilian Bulldozer. Complete kit excellently cast in light grey resin$75.00 NEW
TWS1001European Wooden Outhouse$10.00
TWS1002Wood foot bridge$3.00
TWS1004U.S. 55gal Drums w/separate lids & bottoms (6 drums)$10.00 NEW
TWS1005U.S. .50cal Ammo Cans Drums for Quad 50 (12 drums)$15.00 NEW
TWS1006Heavy Cargo Crates$19.00 NEW
TWS1007Grenade/munitions boxes 10 boxes, 5 empty w/separate lids + 5 closed $8.00
TWS1008105mm ammunition box, tops open (10 per set)$7.00
TWS1009105mm ammunition box, end open (10 per set)$7.00
TWS1010GI gas can with straps (12 per set)$7.00
TWS1011Sherman Tracks/Supplemental Armor (30 links)$12.00
TWS101288mm Ammo Box Set 1, 4 closed boxes, 2 open + 2 loose shells$11.00
TWS101388mm Ammo Set 2, 10 closed boxes, 5 open + 6 loose shells$14.00
TWS1014Ornate stone pillars $8.00
TWS1015Large concrete fence posts (6 per kit, 2 corners)$13.00
TWS1016Small concrete fence posts/mile markers (10 per kit)$8.00
TWS1017Ornate fence posts (10 per kit)$8.00
TWS1018Concrete dragon's teeth (6 per set)$13.00
TWS1019Square stone block well with bucket$10.00
TWS1021 German 3qt. oil cans (20 per kit)$6.00
TWS1022PzKpfw III wheels (6 per kit)$8.00
TWS1023PzKpfw III/IV fender boxes, 2 types (4 of each)$5.00
TWS1024Steamer Trunks $3.00
TWS1025Clapboard suitcases $3.00
TWS1026PzKpfw III tank width stowage box (short)$5.00
TWS1027PzKpfw III tank width stowage box (long)$5.00
TWS1028German gas can with strap (12 per kit)$6.00
TWS1029German mortar squad cart$10.00
TWS1029A German Mortar carrying tube & 6 mortar ammo boxes. $5.00
TWS1029BCombo set 1029 + 1029A. German mortar squad cart with Mortar carrying tube & ammo boxes. $12.00
TWS1031Burnt Sherman wheels (1 complete set)$11.00
TWS1032Burnt Tiger I wheels (1 complete set)$19.00
TWS1033Burnt Panther wheels (1 complete set)$19.00
TWS1034Tiger I engine with 2 round air cleaners$12.00
TWS1035Tiger II engine$12.00
TWS1036Panther engine$12.00
TWS1037Panther transmission$11.00
TWS1038Tiger transmission$11.00
TWS1039Tiger II transmission$11.00
TWS1040PzKpfw IV transmission$10.00
TWS1041PzKpfw III transmission$10.00
TWS1042Tiger I hubs for removing outer roadwheels$6.00
TWS1045Ammo bags for MG12 (12 per kit)$4.00
TWS1047PzKpfw II engine$8.00
TWS1048Kubelwagen Tires w/chains$8.00
TWS1049Opel Blitz wheels, 6 hole (8 per set)$12.00
TWS1050Opel Blitz/Mercedes truck wheels w/chains $12.00
TWS1051Opel Blitz wheels civilian pattern$12.00
TWS1052Krupp Protze wheels w/chains$8.00 NEW
TWS1053Tiger I radiator/cooling fan inserts$6.00
TWS1054Tiger II radiator/cooling fan inserts$6.00
TWS1055Panther radiator/cooling fan inserts$6.00
TWS1057Burnt-out PzKpfw IV wheels and return rollers$13.00
TWS1059Burnt-out Mk III wheels and return rollers$12.00
TWS1060Burnt-out T-34 wheels (1 set, pierced/ribbed 1943 pattern)$12.00
TWS1061Burnt-out Cromwell wheels$13.00
TWS1062Postal van conversion for tamiya kubelwagen$13.00
TWS10657.62cm Russian ammo boxes$5.00
TWS1066German Gas Cans w/Grenade attached (3) $7.00
TWS1067PzIII/IV 75mm canisters (30) + 5 loose rounds $12.00
TWS1068Israeli 5 gallon water jugs $5.00
TWS1069Middle East barricade (4 gravel filled 55 gal drums)$8.00
TWS1070British Boxes for Truck Beds & Tanks, 2 boxes$5.00
TWS1075Wooden Crates 3 large + 3 medium$8.00
TWS1079L/24 Ammo Tubes & Crates $12.00
TWS1080 75mm Ammo, Short shells for PzIV Ausf A thru F1. 12 pieces.$7.00
TWS1081 Karl Gerate 60cm Shell, 1 round$3.00 NEW
TWS1081D Karl Gerate 60cm Shells, 3 rounds.$10.00 NEW
TWS1082 28cm Shell for K5 Railway Gun, 1 round.$2.50 NEW
TWS1082D 28cm Shells for K5 Railway Gun, 3 rounds.$7.00 NEW
TWS2002Tiger I Complete Interior w/Engine & Engine Compartment.$64.00
TWS2003Sturmtiger detail set$15.00
TWS2004Panzer III Command Tank Conv.$15.00 NEW
TWS2005Panzer IV Maybach HL120 Engine w/head removed$12.00
TWS2006PzKpfw IV interior with engine compartment and engine$65.00
TWS2007Morser Karl-Gerat inserts for Trumpeter kit$15.00
TWS2008PzKpfw IV interior (fighting compartment only)$44.00
TWS2009PzKpfw IV engine compartment and engine$25.00
TWS2010StuG III interior, fighting compartment only$45.00
TWS2012Panzer II Ausf. F Suspension Springs$18.00 NEW
TWS2013Marder II Engine Compartment $25.00
TWS2014SdKfz 234 Accessory Set$7.00
TWS2016Tiger I Cold Weather Starter$12.00
TWS2018Tiger I rear engine deck$8.00
TWS2019Tiger I frontplate (no fenders)$3.00
TWS2022Tiger II interior (fighting compartment only)$45.00
TWS2023SdKfz 223 scout car interior$24.00
TWS2024Panther fighting compartment interior$45.00
TWS2025Panther engine compartment with engine$25.00
TWS2026Combo of TWS2024 and TWS2025, complete Panther interior$65.00
TWS2031PzKpfw III or StuG III engine compartment w/engine$25.00
TWS2032 PzKpfw III Fighting Compartment w/Engine & Engine Compartment$60.00
TWS2033PzKpfw III Interior Set$35.00 NEW
TWS2034PzKpfw III side escape hatches w/hinges $3.00
TWS2035Steyr 1500 A/01 Tires w/chains$10.00
TWS2036Panzer III Ausf. F-H Brake Vent Housing w/turret mounted visors$5.00
TWS2040Tamiya 8 ton Half-track front wheels$5.00
TWS204150mm gun tube for Tamiya PzIII w/dust cover$5.00
TWS2042Horch car tires & wheels (5)$8.00
TWS2043Tamiya PzIV cooling fans & cross drive$3.00
TWS2044FLAK 88 boxes (10)$10.00
TWS2045FLAK 88 wheels & tires$12.00
TWS2046SdKfz251 & SdKfz 11 front wheels with snow shoes$8.00
TWS20478 ton spoke wheels w/civilian tread pattern$5.00
TWS2048SdKfz 223 wheels w/chains$8.00
TWS2049Horch 4x4 wheels w/chains$8.00
TWS2050Early Tiger I flash suppressor w/canvas cover$4.00
TWS2051Late Tiger I flash suppressor w/canvas cover$4.00
TWS2052Panther flash suppressor w/canvas cover$4.00
TWS2053PzIV flash suppressor w/canvas cover$4.00
TWS2054Tiger II flash suppressor $4.00
TWS2055Flash suppressor for Porsche Elefant $4.00
TWS2056Flash suppressor for Jagdpanther$4.00
TWS205818T FAMO front wheels$5.00
TWS2059Famo trailer wheels/tires$20.00
TWS2060Stug III detail set w/late mantlet$12.00
TWS2061Panzer III Brake Cooling Fan Housing, 2 sets$4.00
TWS2062Panzer III Large fender boxes$5.00
TWS2063Sdkfz 250 fenders for Tamiya$12.00
TWS2064Large Boxes for 88mm Ammo, King Tiger & Type 1, 6 boxes$8.00

Metal Accessories & Detailing Sets by Ordnance Models (Out of Production but a few sets remain instock)
Accessories (1:35 Scale)
TWS/OMA010MB Deep Wading set for Tamiya$7.00
TWS/OMA023CCKW armor set for Tamiya kit$11.00
TWS/OMA026Deep wading kit for M3 half-track$10.00
TWS/OMA031M41 Walker "Bulldog" etched set$10.00
TWS/OMA032M24 Chaffee etched set$8.00
TWS/OMA034Deep wading kit for M8 Armored Car$9.00
TWS/OMA039M38 A1 Deep Wading kit$9.00

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