Tank Maker Originally a separate line of excellently cast resin products focused on Soviet Armor, Tank Maker items are now produced by our friends at Tank WorkShop.

(Prices on this website are subject to change without prior notice)

Kits and Conversions (1:35)
STZ001T-34/76 interior$42.00
STZ001A T-34/76 interior for Dragon/Cyber-Hobby. Turret interior parts wioll also fit Tank Maker Turrets$42.00
STZ002T-34/76 soft edge turret w/mouse ear hatches$18.00
STZ003T-34/76 hard edge turret$15.00
STZ004Replacement Center Wheelhubs for Tamiya T-34/76/85, SU-122, and SU-85 kits$6.00
STZ0051943 pattern pierced ribbed roadwheel set, 20 pieces$13.00
STZ006122mmm resin gun barrel for Tamiya SU-122$4.00
STZ007T-34 replacement engine cover (Tamiya kits)$6.00
STZ008T-34 improvement set, includes STZ004,007,026,028 & 029$18.00
STZ009T-34 Burned-Out Road Wheel Set, 10 wheels$14.00
STZ010T-34 1940/41 rear hull conversion$4.00
STZ0111942 uparmored turret (Leningrad version)$19.00
STZ012T-34/76 Laminated Turret Shell$19.00
STZ013T-34 mouse ear hatches (no mold pin marks)$4.00
STZ014T-34 mouse ear roof insert with hatches$7.00
STZ015T-34 strap and rod grab handles$3.00
STZ016SU-85 mantlet with lift ring$3.00
STZ017BA-20 Russian Armored car wheels w/civilian tread pattern tires$9.00
STZ018KV I 1941-43 Engine Deck $7.00
STZ019KV I-II Early Engine Deck $7.00
STZ020<KV 8 Flame Tank (Turret accessories -conversion for Tamiya KV IB) $17.00
STZ021KV II 152mm resin cast barrel $4.00
STZ022>KV I 1942 Uparmor welded turret $17.00
STZ023BA6 Armored Car wheels & tires $15.00
STZ0241943 T34 Cupola $9.00
STZ0257.62cm pak36 shell boxes. 4 pcs $10.00
STZ026Round-ear Inspection hatches for Dragon T-34 $5.00
STZ027T-34 Rubber Rimmed, Pierced Roadwheels$15.00
STZ028T-34 Door type hinge for rear armor and front idler adj. bolts $5.00
STZ029T-34 Exhausts & covers$7.00
STZ030T-34 1942 Steel Roadwheels$15.00
STZ031T-54 B Conversion for Tamiya$24.00
T-54 B Conversion without wheels for Tamiya$15.00
STZ032T-54 1 Spider Roadwheels$15.00
STZ033T-34/85 Burnt-Out Roadwheel Set$15.00
STZ034Studebaker US6 Corrected wheels for ICM kit. 11 wheels$20.00
STZ035MAZ-537G & MAZ/chMZAP-5247G Wheels, 18 resin wheels$40.00
STZ036MAZ-537G Tractor Wheels, 9 wheels$21.00
STZ037MAZ/chMZAP-5247G Semi-Trailer Wheels, 9 wheels$21.00
STZ038SCUD MAZ Wheel Set, 8 Wheels$24.00
STZ039Russian D-30 Gun Muzzle Break$8.00
STZ040To Be AnnouncedTBA
STZ041To Be AnnouncedTBA

This product listing was last updated on May 28, 2009.