Stencil-It UK based company, affiliated with Scale Link, produces unique re-usable etched brass stencils that allow one to easily paint or airbrush markings onto models.

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Accessories, Diorama Materials, and Tools
Photo-etch (1:35 Scale, unless otherwise noted)
SSI-1001German WWII numbers and crosses$12.00
SSI-1002USA WWII stars, letters, and numbers$12.00
SSI-1003British/Allied WWII stars, #1 symbols$12.00
SSI-1004Soviet WWI stars, numbers, and letters$12.00
SSI-1005United Nations, Modern$12.00
SSI-1007Modern Israeli markings$12.00
SSI-1010German WWII Crosses & Crescents also has medical symbols, roundels and Ambulance stencils$12.00
SSI-1012German WWII crosses$10.00
SSI-1014 WWII French markings 1940 $12.00
SSI-1015German WWII panzer division markings$12.00
SSI-1016German WWII tactical markings$7.00
SSI-1017German WWII panzer grenadier division markings$12.00
SSI-1018 Eastern front markings, Finnish & others$12.00
SSI-1019German WWII SS division markings$12.00
SSI-1020German WWII vehicle license plates$12.00
SSI-1021Hermann Goering division markings$6.00
SSI-1023IFOR markings, Bosnia 1996$12.00
SSI-1024Israeli markings #2$12.00
SSI-1025Modern Israeli license plates$12.00
SSI-1026Modern Bundeswehr$12.00
SSI-1027WWII German Panzer Numbers & Letters $12.00
SSI-1028WWII German Heavy Tank Bat. part 1 $12.00
SSI-1029WWII German Heavy Tank Bat. part 2 $12.00
SSI-10315th SS Panzer Div. numbers $12.00
SSI-10325th SS Panzer Div. markings part 2 $12.00
SSI-1033German Tank Numbers $12.00
SSI-1040WWII US Army Vehicle Serial Numbers $12.00
SSI-1050British Tank Formation $12.00
SSI-1051British Unit Codes part 1 $12.00
SSI-1052British Unit Codes part 2 $12.00
SSI-1053British Unit Codes part 3 $12.00

Small Scale (1:76th) AFV Photo-etch
SSI-3001German WWII numbers and crosses 1:76 scale$6.50
SSI-3002USA WWII stars, letters, and numbers 1:76 scale$6.50
SSI-3003British/Allied WWII stars, #1 symbols 1:76 scale$6.00
SSI-3004Soviet WWII stars, numbers, and letters 1:76 scale$4.00
SSI-3005WWII British Tank formation & unit codes 1:76 scale$12.00
SSI-3006WWII German Tank Numbers, part 1. 35 different #'s 1:76 scale$12.00
SSI-3007WWII German Panzer markings & numbers 1:76 scale$6.00

WWII Luftwaffe Markings, scale as indicated
SSI-4001Luftwaffe crosses, 1:72 scale a total of 22 crosses. $20.00
SSI-4005Luftwaffe swastikas & roundels, 1:72 scale a total of 10 swastikas. Great for 1:35th scale recognition flags!$14.00
SSI-6001Luftwaffe crosses,1:48 scale a total of 16 different crosses $30.00
SSI-7001Luftwaffe WWII, 1:32 scaleThree 4"x6" frets, a total of 24 crosses, 5 different types in various sizes $48.00

Miscellaneous Photo-etch
SLF-039Photo-etched leaves. Photo is not actual size, entire fret is 2.75" x 8" $15.00
SLF-039Close -up of 1 section (25%) of SLF-039$15.00
SLF-042Photo-etched leaves. Photo is not actual size, entire fret is 2.75" x 8"$15.00
SLF-042Close -up of (25%) of SLF-042$15.00
This product listing was last updated on August 1, 2002.