Sovereign Models Under new management since 2000 and now known as "Sovereign 2000" or "Sovereign 2K" is producer of high quality resin & metal kits from the UK.  Their PzIII A and remastered SdKfz221 are " one of a kind ".   No one else we know produces either of these vehicles in 1:35th scale.

(Prices on this website are subject to change without prior notice)

Kits and Conversions (1:35 Scale)
SOV-231German SdKfz 231, 6-wheeled armored car.   Solid cast resin w/metal parts.$55.00
SOVDBritish Daimler Mk I Armored Car$56.00
SOV221German SdKfz 221, 4-wheeled armored car.  Remastered, hollow cast resin, scale thickness, with metal parts, separate hatches, lots of interior detailing, a superb kit! $84.00  New
SOV11 German SdKfz 11, halftrack$80.00
SOV11LGerman SdKfz 11, halftrack (late)$80.00
SOV11CA German SdKfz 11, early cargo carrier variant of SdKfz 11 half-track$80.00
SOV11PC German SdKfz 11,Personnel Carrier variant of SdKfz 11 Half-track$80.00
SOV247German SdKfz 247, 4-wheeled armored personnel carrier. Solid cast resin with metal parts.  Rare vehicle used in early WWII & "Barbarosa" $65.00
SOV3ANew kit of Panzer III Ausf A$90.00
SOVK5British WWII K5 cargo truck$74.00
SOVK5Another view of K5 cargo truck
SOVK5 front viewHead on view of K5 cargo truck
SOVK5"The End" rear view of K5 cargo truck
SOVK5NABritish WWII K5 cargo truck, N. Africa version $74.00
SOVG001WWII British 2 pdr. anti-tank gun$47.00
SOVA001Ammo set for WWII British 2 pdr. anti-tank gun. Approx 30-40 pcs. including crates, smaller ammo boxes and loose rounds.$15.00
SOVG1Com2 pdr. gun with 2 pdr. ammo set $54.00

This product listing was last updated on Dec. 4, 2003.