Resicast is a manufacturer of high quality resin products from Belgium.

Due to low profit margins, Resicast products are non-discountable for FBC purposes - (ND).

(Prices on this website are subject to change without prior notice)

Kits and Conversions (1:35 Scale) $72.00
RES101/RES1101 Dozer Blade M1 conversion for VVSS Sherman$48.00
RES102/RES1102 Grant/Lee C.D.L. conversion for Tamiya M3$57.00
RES118/RES1118Ford Model T ambulance (1918 with decals) complete kit w/etched parts$83.00
RES128/RES1128SBG Assault Bridge for Churchill Tank$83.00 Re-Release
RES133/RES1133Sherman Crab "Flail Tank" conversion for DML M4A4$83.00
RES134/RES1134Sherman ARV Mk I conversion for M4A4/M4A2 NEW TOOLING$82.00
RES137/RES1137Ford Model T Vickers MG carrier (Egypt, 1918) complete kit w/etched parts$55.00 (Temp. O.O.P.) Retooling
RES139/RES1139Land Mattress (Canadian rocket launcher, 1944)$57.00
RES142/RES1141U.S. Dozer WWII with hydraulic blade. complete kit Temp. O.O.P. Re-Tooling
RES143/RES1143U.S. Armored Dozer WWII with Hydraulic blade. complete kit Temp. O.O.P. Re-Tooling
RES144/RES1144U.S. Dozer WWII with LeTournau blade. complete kit Temp. O.O.P. Re-Tooling
RES147/RES1147WWII Airborne Jeep & Trailer, conversion for Tamiya Jeep $56.00
RES148/RES1148WWII Royal Medical Corps. Airborne Jeep conversion for Tamiya Jeep $46.00
WWII Royal Rgt. of Artillery, Airborne Jeep conversion for Tamiya Jeep 59.00
RES152/RES1152Bedford QL Cab conversion $35.00
RES153/RES1153WWII Royal Recce. Airborne Jeep conversion for Tamiya jeep $59.00
RES154/RES1154Ford Model T Draisine "Somme 1916" w/3 wagons, driver & accessories$98.00
RES156/RES1156WWII Royal Signal Corps. Airborne Jeep conv. for Tamiya $59.00
RES157/RES1157 Airborne Jeep RASC, conv. for Tamiya $58.00
RES158/RES1158WWII Royal Signal Corps. Airborne Trailers, 2 canvas covered trailers, 1 open 1 closed.$33.00
RES160/RES1160GMC Tiper Truck conversion$72.00
RES161/RES1161M4A1 Sherman Interior & turret detail for RES159 & 165 Sherman 75mm dry. Incredibly detailed with CD$105.00
RES162/RES1162Leyland Retriever workshop truck. This is a Special Order Only Item. It requires 30% pre-payment prior to ordering$240.00
RES164/RES1164Leyland Retriever Coles crane. This is a Special Order Only Item. It requires 30% pre-payment prior to ordering$240.00
RES166Sherman DD, 75mm dry, intermediate version$159.00
RES167Sherman DD, 75mm dry, late version$159.00
RES168Utility Trailer & Assault Bridge$72.00
RES170Churchill AVRE Conversion$50.00
RES1177Sherman M4A4 Complete Kit$136.00
RES1178Sherman Early Turret$30.00
RES1179Sherman Turret 75mm$30.00
RES1180Sherman Turret, extra armor & loaders hatch$30.00
RES1816 Pounder. British late WWII infantry anti-tank gun. Complete kit$85.00
RES183U.S. WWII M1 57mm anti-tank gun. Complete kit$85.00
RES185British armoured car, 1914 pattern. Complete kit includes detailed engine, Photo-etched wire wheel spokes and illustrated instruction booklet. This kit is a masterpiece!$118.00
RES189Airborne 6 pounder anti-tank gun. Complete kit$72.00
RES1190Sherman ARV MkI Interior$44.00
RES1191Sherman ARV MkI Interior$44.00
RES1192AOP Universal Carrier MkI$72.00
RES1194Polsten Airborne Anti-Aircraft Gun, Complete kit$72.00
RES1195GMC, Utility Trailer w/boat load$118.00
RES1196Polsten Trailer & Jeep Conversion
RES1197Univ. Carrier MkII Infantry Battalion Conversion$72.00
RES198Universal Carrier Medium MG Carrier, Vickers. Conversion for Tamiya kit$70.00
RES170Universal Carrier Conv. for Tamiya$72.00
RES1201Towed 6 pounder anti-tank gun w/cast-on canvas covers. Complete kit$36.00
RES1202Churchill AVRE (Cast)Turret$34.00
RES1203Bren Carrier, Complete Kit$72.00
RES1204Churchill AVRE MkI Early & Late Conv.$72.00
RES1205Scout Car, Complete Kit$72.00
RES120610 CWT Trailer$25.00
RES12073" Mortar Carrier MKI conv. for Tamiya$72.00
RES1208Churchill NA 75mm Turret Conv. (AFV Club)$34.00
RES209Churchill deep wading equipment $20.00
RES1210Terrapin MkI, Complete Kit$160.00
RES1213Sherman M4A4 75mm Interior (TASCA)$103.00
RES1215Polsten Gun, Complete Kit$26.00
RES217Churchill IV NA, 75mm turret (conversion)$25.00
RES1219Scorpion Conversion for Tamiya Matilda $29.00 NEW
RES299Universal carrier deep wading equipment (conversion)$20.00

Accessories, Diorama Materials, and Tools
Accessories (1:35 Scale)
RES202Severely Damaged Oil Drums$12.00
RES206Churchill, extra track$14.00
RES207Sherman Tracks, UK steel pattern$14.00
RES208Bags & packs for tanks$12.00
RES211Sherman late type bogies & roadwheels$17.00
RES212Sherman early type bogies & roadwheels$17.00
RES214Assorted boxes 10 pcs.$9.00
RES216Churchill, extra armour$15.00
RES222Vickers MG, 2 guns$17.00
RES2233" mortar, 3 pieces$17.00
RES224Sherman early production bogies$17.00
RES225Various U.K. accessories $12.00
RES227Assorted U.K. Ammo Boxes $17.00
RES228U.K. Cable Drums, 6 large + 3 small, includes etched parts $14.00
RES229Sherman M4A4 deep wading equipment (conversion)$29.00
RES230Airborne Containers$37.00
RES231U.K. 2" Mortar set. Includes 7 mortars early, late, airborne & 1 with canvas cover plus accessories $22.00
RES232Sherman Drive Sprocket Set, "type 2 revised". Fully detailed resin & etched parts $16.00
RES233Oil Drums, slightly damaged6 pcs. $12.00
RES235U.K. Wireless Sets includes No.2, No.18, No.19 & No. 38 $32.00
RES236U.K. Machinery ( from Leyland Workshop Truck) $68.00
RES237Workable front steering for GMC$10.00
RES238Workable front steering for Jeep $10.00
RES239Workable front steering for M8/M20 $9.00
RES240Workable front steering for DUKW $9.00
RES241Sherman front & rear light set. Includes etched guards and clear lenses like MV $12.00
RES259Sherman Transmission & housing $25.00
RES260Infantry Assault Bridge $34.00
RES261Infantry Assault Bridge on Support Raft $45.00
RES262Blown & burnt out tires for Jeep. Includes 6 different wheels for front or rear, positionable steering and 1 blown UK airborne trailer wheel. $20.00
RES263U.S. Water Cans, 12pcs, 4 w/sepeate lids, 4 in racks w/strap & 4 closed $13.00
RES2656 Pounder ammo, late war steel container, 15 shells, 10 casings, 6 closed & 2 open containers $17.00
RES266U.K. Tank Accessories #1 $28.00
RES268Universal Carrier Mk I Engine $26.00
RES269Chrysler A57 Multi-bank Engine for M4A4. Very detailed resin engine w/radiator and exhausts. Engine only $47.00
RES270Multi-bank Engine Bay For Tasca M4A4. Contains Photo-etched panels & floor, resin bulkheads and 28 other parts $26.00
RES272Bren gun & tripod. 3 complete guns + accessories$13.00
RES273Sherman canvas covers, wide & narrow mantlet $9.00
RES274Chrysler A57 Multi-bank Engine & Engine Bay for M4A4. Contains complete engine + Engine Bay made of Photo-etched panels & floor w/resin bulkheads and 28 other parts $68.00
RES275U.K. Fire Extinguishers 12 each, late pattern $9.00
RES276RES276Canadian late smoke mortars (x2) $9.00
RES277Universal Carrier driver's armour $9.00
RES278Rifles & Bren Gun with magazines $9.00
RES279Sherman super detailed cupola $9.00
RES280Sherman gun & breech assy. $13.00
RES282Sherman combs, 4 each of 3 different types $9.00
RES283U.K. First Aid & Telephone Boxes $9.00
RES284 Sherman super detailed small hatches x3 $9.00
RES285Universal Carrier tracks & drive wheels $13.00
RES286Flails, white metal for Sherman "Crab" $26.00
RES28725 pounder ammo boxes (5x3)$20.00
RES288U.K. Tank Accessories #2 $28.00
RES289Bogies for Tasca M4A4 $20.00
RES290M4A4 Wading, Lower Section $15.00
RES291Sherman III Wading, lower section$15.00
RES292Sherman Accessories #3$28.00
RES293/RES2293Universal Carrier Stowage #1 $28.00 NEW
RES294/RES2294U.K. "Priest" Stowage$28.00
RES295/RES2295"Priest" 105mm Ammo Crates & Spent Cases $28.00
RES296/RES2296Compo boxes & bisquit tins. 10 boxes (2 open) + 19 Bisquit tins ( 3 sizes) $20.00
RES297/RES2297Turret 2" mortar & 4" bomb throwers, early & late pattern $9.00
RES299/RES2299Universal Carrier Deep Wading$20.00
RES300/RES2300Staghound Stowage #1 $35.00
RES301/RES2301Staghound steering, Italeri $9.00
RES302/RES2302Universal Carrier MkI stowage $28.00
RES2327Sherman Bad Weather Hoods. Includes 2 complete hoods (2 folded hoods & 2 visors) $19.00 NEW
RES2329M4 Sherman Basic Driver's Compartment $30.00 NEW
RES2330Merlin Engine & Gear Box for Comet & Centurion $29.00 NEW
RES2334Dismantled Comet Engine & Spare Road Wheels $29.00 NEW
RES2341LRDG Wheels, set of 5 for Tamiya Chevy LRDG $15.00 NEW
RES2344LRDG Radio Update & Stowage Set for Tamiya Chevy $80.00 NEW
RES23454 UK Sand Channels, Photo-Etched Brass $15.00 NEW
RES2346LRDG Breda Gun Carrier Update & Stowage Set $61.00 NEW
RES2347Damaged "Flimsy Cans (x24) and wooden boxes (x10) $23.00 NEW
RES801Fine Chain, etched $9.00
RES802Assorted Buckles, etched $9.00

Figures (1:35 Scale)
RES501German, wounded in wheelbarrow (2 figures & wheelbarrow)$20.00
RES502German pushing wheelbarrow$16.00
RES505British mechanic, 1944$14.00
RES509UK 3" Mortar & Airborne crew (4 figures + mortar) $55.00
RES510British tank crew, winter dress (3 half figures)$14.00
RES511British tank crew, summer dress (3 half figures)$14.00
RES512Vickers MG and crew (2 figures)$24.00
RES513UK dozer driver & engineer (2 figures)$20.00
RES5147 man Kangeroo crew , also sold separately as RES515 thru RES520 $68.00
RES515UK officer standing$14.00
RES516UK soldier climbing on AFV$14.00
RES5172 UK soldiers climbing on AFV $23.00
RES518UK soldier seated $14.00
RES519UK soldier seated $14.00
RES520UK tank driver, at ease $14.00
RES521UK Paratrooper crew for airborne jeep (3 figures) $33.00
RES522Engineer in shirt sleeves, spade in hand $14.00
RES523Airborne soldier standing, full equipt. $14.00
RES524Airborne driver & wounded for RAMC Jeep $24.00
RES526Wounded Soldiers, 2 figs lying $14.00
RES529US Dozer Driver, ETO$14.00
RES530US Dozer Driver & Soldier Pacific$18.00
RES531Airborne Stretcher set, 3 walking figs carrying wounded on stretcher $39.00
RES532Vickers MG & Crew, 4 walking figs carrying MG $48.00
RES533British Infantry Officer pointing$14.00
RES534"Move on", British Para waving troops on $14.00
RES535UK Airborne Heads set #2 $9.00
RES536UK Heads in Helmets, set #2 $9.00
RES537British Infantry walking w/Enfield $14.00
RES539British Infantry walking w/Sten gun $14.00
RES540British Infantry walking w/Enfield on shoulder $14.00
RES541British Infantry walking w/Enfield & spade $14.00
RES542British Infantry kneeling w/Enfield $14.00
RES543British Infantry walking w/stretcher on sholder $14.00
RES544Airborne soldier walking w/Sten gun $14.00
RES545Airborne soldier walking w/Bren gun @ready $14.00
RES546Airborne soldier walking w/Enfield @ready$14.00
RES547Airborne soldier walking w/Enfield $14.00
RES548British MP $14.00
RES549Tanker carrying 2 gal can $14.00
RES550Airborne soldier w/Enfield & amm box $14.00
RES551UK tank crew repairing track, 3 figures $33.00
RES552"2nd left", British MP & Officer looking at map $26.00
RES553Recce Crew, for UK Airborne Jeep, 2 figs $27.00
RES554"Red Devil" Radio Operator for Airborne Jeep $14.00
RES555"Sgt. Enfiel", UK Para leaning over $14.00
RES556UK Airborne officer smoking pipe $14.00
RES557"Red Devil" Scout with Sten gun $14.00
RES558Battle weary "Red Devil" soldier with Enfield Rifle $14.00
RES559Motorcycle MP at Ease $14.00
RES560Driver for WWI Ford T Draisine $14.00>
RES561Head Set, British Tankers wearing Berets #1 $10.00
RES562"Have a smoke" Vignette $25.00
RES563Tanker at Rest, wearing denim overalls $14.00
RES564British Tank Crew in leather jerkings, 3 half figures$18.00
RES565British Tanker sitting on turret, in denim overalls $14.00
RES566Seated British Soldier/Tanker wearing leather jerking, 2 heads $14.00
RES567British tanker looking at map in leather jerking, map included $14.00
RES568"A Taste of France" 2 Scottish Infantry Divison Officers having a drink $27.00
RES569British 2" Mortar Team. 2 figures, mortar, ammo and base$27.00
RES570"Marching Order" British 3 man Bren Gun Team, 3 figures w/base $40.00
RES571British Soldier crouching w/Sten gun $14.00
RES572British Infantryman w/Enfield Rifle at ready $14.00
RES573British Paras w/2" Mortar, 2 figures, Mortar & ammo$27.00
RES574British Para running w/Bren gun $14.00
RES575British Para, "Ready to go" $14.00
RES576British Para lying down firing Sten gun$14.00
RES577British Reme Engineer/Mechanic $14.00
RES578British Tank Officer at ease smoking pipe $14.00
RES579British Tank Officer with Pistol Drawn $14.00
RES580"POW", 2 British Soldiers with wheelbarrow & German Guard 3 figures & wheelbarrow $48.00
RES581Vickers Machine Gun & 3 man gun crew in winter dress $48.00
RES5822 Russian Soldiers $26.00
RES583British Soldier advancoing in greatcoat$14.00
RES584US Para$14.00
RES585US Para standing with M1 carbine $14.00
RES586US Para seated with Thompson submachine gun $14.00
RES587US Para seated with M1 Garand, drinking from canteen $14.00
RES588British Tanker Heads #2 $10.00
RES589British Soldier walking at ease $14.00
RES590British Soldier walking with water cans $14.00
RES5926 pounder infantry crew, 3 figures NEW $43.00
RES59375mm Pack Howitzer gun crew, 4 para figures NEW $55.00
RES595Infantryman Kneeling NEW $14.00
RES596Infantry Radio Team, 2 figures w/detailed radio NEW $28.00
RES634British Officer, N. Africa 1942 NEW $15.00
RES654British Officer w/book, N. Africa 1942 NEW $15.00
RES646British LRDG Officer,(Owen) N. Africa 1942 NEW $16.00

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