Pro Art Models a rapidly growing line of 1:35th scale items. Excellent quality resin cast conversions, upgrade sets and accessories from Belgium.

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Kits, Conversions, Update Sets and Accessories
(1:35 Scale unless otherwise indicated)
PAU35001Pump Hemtt M978$25.00
PAU35002Exterior Update Hemtt M978$40.00
PAU35003Interior for Hemtt$28.00
PAU35004Wheels for Hemtt M977/M978$24.00
PAU35005Exterior Update Hemtt M977$40.00
PAU35006Material Handling Crane Hemtt M977$40.00
PAU35007Material Handling Crane Hemtt M985$39.00
PAU35008Equipment Set for Stryker$16.00
PAU35009AIRCO Systems for U.S. Vehicles$25.00
PAU35010U.S. Modern Radio & Sat. Comm. Set$30.00
PAU35011U.S. Modern Oil Drums & Containers$19.00
PAU35018Skirts and smoke pots for Leopard 2A5/A6 (Dutch/Germ/Greece$15.00
PAU35019Super Swamper Wheels for DUMVEE, 5 pieces (2 front, 2 rear + spare)$17.00
PAU35020US Radio set SINCGARS (ASIP)$16.00
PAU35021US Army fuel drums & pump station$46.00
PAU35022US Special Forces DUMVEE conversion$59.00
PAU35023US Modern Equipment set1$16.00
PAU35024US HUMVEE interior set$26.00
PAU35025US Hardtop for HUMVEE $28.00
PAU35026Slat Armor, M1126 ICV "Stryker", AFV Club. SPECIAL ORDER ITEM$130.00 S.O.
PAU35027"Stryker" sagged Michelin Tires for AFV Club$23.00
PAU35028Humvee Armored Demountable Kit (HArD) Includes AIRCO (4-doors)$52.00
PAU35029Humvee Armor Survivability Kit (ASK) Includes AIRCO (2-doors)$35.00
PAU35030Sagged Tires for M1078$19.00
PAU35031Update set for M1078 LMTV$68.00
PAU35032Interior details for M1078 $32.00
PAU35033Interior set for M1078 LMTV & FMTV$23.00
PAU35034Modern .50 cal w/MK93 cradle. Includes gun shield & thermal sight$25.00
PAU35035Modern .50 cal w/MK93 cradle. Includes gun shield and FMTV gun ring$25.00
PAU35036U.S. Heavy Duty Cases$28.00
PAU35038Modern clamping tools$18.00
PAU35039U.S. Special Forces DUMVEE$65.00
PAU35040Low pressure gas bottles$15.00
PAU35041Modern ammo boxes$17.00
PAU35042Modern .50 cal w/MK93 cradle. Includes gun shield, pedestal & TWS$24.00
PAU35100Full tires on wheels for SdKfz234 Puma$27.00
PAU35101Flat tires on wheels for SdKfz234 Puma$27.00
Sandbag Armored Wall Series
SampleArmored containers full of dirt like the one shown in the photo in various sizes and shapes are being used by modern armies to construct a wide variety of structures such as: walls, bunkers, towers, roadblocks etc.
PAU35012Sandbag Armored Wall #1, (6 pcs/set). $17.00
PAU35013Sandbag Armored Wall #2, (8pcs/set). Similar to #1 but slightly smaller $17.00
PAU35014Sandbag Armored Wall #3, (6 pcs/set). Longer than it is tall, approx. 30" tall$17.00
PAU35015Sandbag Armored Wall #4, (4pcs/set). Similar to #1 but 25% taller $17.00
PAU35016Sandbag Armored Wall #5, (4pcs/set). Similar to #4 but slightly larger $17.00
PAU35017Sandbag Armored Wall #6, 4pcs/set). Similar to #3 but slightly taller$17.00

This product listing was updated on May 5, 2011.