New World Miniatures Excellent resin cast figures from some of the world's best sculptors, in a variety of popular scales.

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Busts (1:9th Scale)
NWM9001WWII German "Cossack"$36.00
NWM9002Ahmad Shah Massoud "The Lion of Panshir"$40.00
NWM9003Israeli Golani Officer$45.00
NWM9004"The Desert Fox" 1/9th scale bust of Rommel$45.00 NEW

Figures (1:16th/120mm Scale)
NWM16001U.S. Marine, 4th Division, Saipan sculpted by John Rosengrant.  NEW$54.00
NWM16002SSG Johnny Lingo, Stryker Brigade, Iraq 2007$45.00
NWM16003Mujahadeen Commander, Mohammed Amim Wardak$45.00
NWM16004Private Military Contractor (PMC)$45.00
NWM16005German Fallschirmjager. Sculpted by P. Kanthaboon. $54.00 NEW

Figures (1:35 Scale)
NWM35001Wehrmacht Panzertruppen Pair, 2 figs$25.00
NWM35001AWehrmacht Panzertruppen #1$14.00
NWM35001BWehrmacht Panzertruppen #2$14.00
NWM35002U.S. Army Tanker$14.00
NWM35003German Walking Wounded, 2 figures$25.00
NWM35004German Feldgendarmerie #1$14.00
NWM35005SS Tanker in Camo Overalls, 43'-45'$14.00
NWM35006Wehrmacht Winter Soldiers, Walking, 2 figures$25.00
NWM35006AWehrmacht Winter Soldier, Walking #1$14.00
NWM35006BWehrmacht Winter Soldier, Walking #2$14.00
NWM35007R.A.D. "Volksturm" 1945, 2 figures$25.00
NWM35007AR.A.D. "Volksturm" 1945, #1$14.00
NWM35007BR.A.D. "Volksturm" 1945, #2$14.00
NWM35008U.S. Army Wounded Tanker$14.00
NWM35009German Feldgendarmerie #2$14.00
NWM35010Wehrmacht Jagdpanzer "Hetzer" Crew 2 figures$25.00
NWM35011Surrendering "Hetzer" Crew, 3 figures. No Group Pic, see Pics of NWM35027, 028 & 029 below$36.00
NWM35012SPC Steven Ward, 16th MP Brigade, Iraq 2004$14.00
NWM35013WWII Canadian Soldiers, 2 figures$25.00
NWM35014SdKfz251/17 4 Man FLAK Crew$45.00
NWM35015U.S. Army Tanker, WWII, Walking$14.00
NWM35016U.S. Sniper, 10th Mountain Div., Iraq, OIF$14.00
NWM35017"Rambo" Pvt. Military Contractor$14.00
NWM35018"Pablo" Pvt. Military Contractor$14.00
NWM35019Taliban/Mujahadeen/Freedom Fighter$14.00
NWM35020U.S. Half-Track Crew #1 ETO, 43-45', 2 figures $25.00
NWM35021U.S. Half-Track Crew #2 ETO, 43-45', 2 figures $25.00
NWM35022U.S. Half-Track Crew #3 ETO, 43-45', 2 figures $25.00
NWM35025British/Commonwealth LRDG cwt30 Crew #1, 2 figures $25.00
NWM35026British/Commonwealth LRDG cwt30 Crew #2, 2 figures $25.00
NWM35027Surrendering Jagdpanzer "Hetzer" Crewman #1 $14.00
NWM35028Surrendering Jagdpanzer "Hetzer" Crewman #2 $14.00
NWM35029Surrendering Jagdpanzer "Hetzer" Crewman #3 $14.00
NWM35030Wehrmacht/Luftwaffe 20mm FLAK Officer$14.00
NWM35031Wehrmacht/Luftwaffe 20mm FLAK NCO$14.00
NWM35032Wehrmacht/Luftwaffe 20mm FLAK Gunner$14.00
NWM35033Wehrmacht/Luftwaffe 20mm FLAK Loader$14.00
NWM35034WWII Canadian Officer, NWE$14.00
NWM35035WWII Canadian Infantryman, NWE$14.00
NWM35037U.S. Half-Track Crew, 6 figures$67.00
NWM35038British/Commonwealth LRDG cwt30 Crew, 4 figures$45.00
NWM35039British/Commonwealth LRDG Commander$14.00
NWM35040British/Commonwealth LRDG Driver$14.00
NWM35041British/Commonwealth LRDG NCO$14.00
NWM35042British/Commonwealth LRDG Lewis Gunner$14.00
NWM35043U.S. Half-Track Driver$14.00
NWM35044U.S. Armored Infantryman #1$14.00
NWM35045U.S. Armored Infantryman #2$14.00
NWM35046U.S. Armored Infantryman #3$14.00
NWM35047U.S. Armored Infantryman #4$14.00
NWM35048U.S. Armored Infantryman #5$14.00
NWM35049British Commonwealth TroopsTBA
NWM35050Free French Troops (Goumiers)TBA
NWM35051Waffen SS SniperTBA
NWM35052SAS Jeep Crew (2 Figure set)$25.00 NEW
NWM35053British 2-Pounder Crew (2 Figs) TBA
NWM35054SAS Troops (standing, kneeling) TBA
NWM35055German Panzertruppen (Late War) (2 half figs.) TBA
NWM35056U.S. Special Forces "Vietnam" 1960-70's $14.00 NEW
NWM35057"Aussie" Tanker wearing leather jerkin TBA
NWM35058Italian TankerTBA
NWM35059German Panzerjager Crew (2 partial figs.) $22.00 NEW
NWM35060U.S. Modern Infantrymen (2 Figs) TBA

Head Sets (1:35 Scale)
NWM-H001Head Set #1 "Bald"$14.00
NWM-H002Head Set #2 "Bald"$14.00
NWM-H003Head Set #1 With Hair$14.00
NWM-H004Head Set # 2 With Hair$14.00

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