Modelling Books
NOTE: There have been so many new books over the last few years it's difficult to keep up with them all. We can get many others not listed here. So, if you don't see it listed below but know the title and/or publisher, give us a call or send us an email or fax and we will attempt to get it for you.

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Fedorowicz Publications
FED01Combat History of Schwere Panzerabteilung 653.
This book is out of print see Stackpole Books listed below for excellent softcover reprints at reasonable prices.
FED02"Tigers in Combat volume 1" by Wolfgang Schneider.
This book is out of print see Stackpole Books listed below for excellent softcover reprints at reasonable prices.
FED03"Tigers in Combat volume 2" by Wolfgang Schneider.
This book is out of print see Stackpole Books listed below for excellent softcover reprints at reasonable prices.
FED04"SdKfz 166 Sturmpanzer Brummbar" by Waldemar Trojca & Markus Jaugitz. Soft cover $23.00
FED073 "SdKfz 161 PzKpfwIV Ausf G/H/J Vol 2" by Waldemar Trojca 96 pages soft cover, lots of B/W combat photos, many scale drawings & color drawings, English text. Excellent reference book $29.00 NEW

Historie & Collections
French publisher of excellent military books. 8.5x12" hard cover many excellent photos, English text.

H&CHistorie & Collections: " Tanks of WWII" in color by Jean Restayn$32.00
H&CHistorie & Collections: " "The 1917 Spring Offensive" by Yves Buffetaut$35.00
H&CHistorie & Collections: " "Green Devils, German Paratroopers 1939-1945" by Jean-Yves Nasse. Includes first person accounts$35.00
HC085Histoire & Collections "German Soldiers of WWII" by Jean deLagarde. Hard cover, 136 pages. Reprint contains even more detailed & comprehensive information with many full color & close-up photos showing the evolution of uniforms worn by infantryman, paratroopers, tankers and aircrews throughout WWII. An excellent reference for figure painting$35.00 NEW
HC083Histoire & Collections "British Tanks in Normandy" by Ludovic Fortin Hard cover, 176 pages. Well written, lots of photos. Excellent reference for military modellers. $35.00 NEW
H&CHistorie & Collections: " "The British Soldier" Color photos of uniforms, insignia, small arms and personal equipment from D-Day to VE-Day . A most have for figure painters$30.00

Ryton Publications
German armor & military vehicle books from right here in Washington, USA by Uwe Feist
Hard cover unless otherwise noted.
Ryton"Die Wehrmacht volume 1" by Uwe Feist New series of Ryton books will cover all equipment, weapons & uniforms of the Wehrmacht from 1935 to 1945. Vol. 1 covers and assortment of infantry weapons (pistols, rifles, submachine guns and machine guns) and is heavily illustrated with original photos of the era and some color photos. If you ever wanted to super detail an MG34 or 42 this book is a must! 9"x12" hardcover, 170+ pages.$55.00 NEW
Ryton"Militarfahrzeuge of the Wehrmacht volume 1" by Kurt Rieger & Uwe Feist 270+ pages covers a wide variety of German WWII military vehicles from motorcycles through RSOTemp. Out of Print
Ryton"Militarfahrzeuge of the Wehrmacht volume 2" by Kurt Rieger & Uwe Feist 270+ pages deals with all German WWII fully tracked vehicles TBA
Ryton"Shutzenpanzer" Details of SdKfz 250 & 251Temp. O.O.P.
Ryton"Sturmgeschutz" $65.00
Ryton"Panther in Detail" 175 pages with lots of detailing photos and 1:35th scale drawings. This book is currently out of print but we have a few left in stock.$35.00
Ryton"Panzerspahwagen" SdKfz221/222/223. Just about all the data and photos you will ever need on WWII Germany's Light Armoured Cars. Approx. Hardcover 150 pages with lots of color & B/W photos. $40.00
Ryton"Hummel" Soft Cover$15.00

Gross Deutchland Living History Group (re-enactors) Military Vehicle Series. Fantastic detail in these large (12"x 9") hardcover books (in English)
TD250v01"SdKfz 250/1 Alt vol. 1 GD Living History" by Richard Stone. I was very skeptical when I first heard about this book of GD reenactors and their equipment. Well, you are in for a shock! This is one of the best refernece books you will ever find for super detailing the SdKfz250 especially the interior. All the equipment is there, many times in color and in better shape than in any WWII photo, assuming you could even find a WWII photo that would show it in B/W! Over 250 B/W & 450+ color photos. Uniforms & full infantry kit in color. Ordnance section in color plus some rare and unusual items of interest.$65.00
TD250v02"SdKfz 250/1 Alt vol. 2 GD Living History" by Richard Stone. Vol. 2 on the SdKfz250. After seeing vol. 1, it's hard to believe they found more photos and details but they have. A great follow-on to vol. 1$55.00

Miscellaneous Publishers
Combined Pubs."Mercedes Benz Parade and Staff Cars of the Third Reich, an illustrated history" by Blaine Taylor. Hard cover, 200+ pages. Covers all models personalities and events in the automotive history of the Third Reich. $40.00
Windrow& Greene"Bill Horan's Military Modelling Masterclass" Hard cover, 128 pages. 260 color photos of models, includes step-by-step sequences of painting, converting and scratch-building of figures.$30.00


AJ Press
Rapidly growing series of well illustrated modelllers' reference books from Poland. 8 1/4 x 11 1/2 soft cover. Most have many b/w photos and scale drawings. Text is in Polish & English
AJPP01TankPower #1, "Panther" Vol.1$18.00
AJPP02TankPower #2, "Panther" Vol.2$18.00
AJPP03TankPower #3, "Panther" Vol.3$25.00
AJPP04TankPower #4, "Panther" Vol.4$20.00
AJPP05TankPower #5, "Panther" Vol.5$22.00
AJPP06TankPower #6, "Panther" Vol.6$22.00
AJPP07TankPower #7, "Panther" Vol.7$22.00
AJPP09TankPower #9, "Japanese Armor" Vol.1$25.00
AJPP10TankPower 10, "Japanese Armor" Vol.2$25.00
AJPP11TankPower #11, "Japanese Armor" Vol.3$25.00
AJPP13TankPower #13, "PzKpfw VI Tiger," Vol.1$22.00
AJPP014TankPower #14, "PzKpfw VI Tiger," Vol.2$25.00
AJPP015TankPower #15, "PzKpfw VI Tiger," Vol.3$25.00
AJPP016TankPower #16, "Tiger/Sturmtiger" Vol.4$25.00

Ampersand Publishing
Soft cover books from the publishers of MMiR magazine.
Modeler's Guide Series:
AMPMG01"Armor Modeler's Guide to the Universe"$18.00
AMPMG02"Modeler's Special Edition Guide to the Kubelwagen" Contains 21 super detailed soft-skin models. 76 pages$15.00
AMPMG03 "Armor Modeler's Guide to the Tiger Tank " Contains 13 fully detailed models of the Tiger I & II 172 pages. $26.00
AMPMG04"Armor Modeler's Guide to Jagdpanzer" Part 1 Closed Top Vehicles. Containes photos of 12 fully detailed models. 120 pages TBA
Allied Axis Series
AMPAA05Allied-Axis, Vol. 5, "M8 Armored Car"$14.00
AMPAA06Allied-Axis, Vol. 6, "SdKfz 11, 3ton halftrack"$14.00
AMPAA07Allied-Axis, Vol. 7, "Panther at the front"$14.00
AMPAA08Allied-Axis, Vol. 8, "LVTs at the front"$14.00
AMPAA09Allied-Axis, Vol. 9, "Karl-Gerat at the front, SdKfz10, Pz4 Ausf A, US M2 Bridge, Pzjaeger I & type 97"$14.00
AMPAA10Allied-Axis, Vol. 10, "Stug, SdKfz250, 35t, US M3 Lee & "Calopie" rocket launcher"$14.00
AMPAA11Allied-Axis, Vol. 11, "15 cm Schwere Pzhaubitz Hummel, Allied Tractors & Wartime shermans"$14.00
AMPAA12Allied-Axis, Vol. 12, "M10 & M36 Tank Destroyers, US GMC Dump Trucks & M3 part 1"$14.00
AMPAA13Allied-Axis, Vol. 13, "German 38t part1, M3 medium tank part2, Long Tom, US Bofors & Sherman early & late"$14.00
AMPAA14Allied-Axis, Vol. 14, "U.S. 240 mm Gun, Horch medium 4x4 car, Neblewerfer, M3 medium tank part 3 & Mercedes Benz 520G4W31 6x4 car."$14.00
AMPAA15Allied-Axis, Vol. 15, "M24 Chaffee Light Tank, 6-rad: German armored cars, US WWII Harley & 2.8cm sPsB41 A.T. Gun"$14.00

Barbarossa Books
BB706"Steel Fortress, The Russian T-28 Medium Tank" by Mikhail Baryatinsky and Jim Kinnear. English text. Soft cover, 128 pages include: combat history, lots of b/w combat photos, close-ups of T-28's in Russian and Finnish museums plus 2 pages of color plates and 3 scale drawings$20.00
BB713"Land Battleship, The Russian T-35 Heavy Tank" by Maxim Kolomiets and Jim Kinnear. English text. Soft cover, 96 pages include: combat history, lots of b/w combat photos, close-ups of T-35 at Kukinka plus 1:35 drawings of T-34 & SU-14-1 $20.00
BB728"Sherman Firefly" by Mark Hayward Hard cover, detailed combat history, largest collection of Firefly photos ever assembled including close-ups for model makers,all new 1:35 plans and color plates plus kit and accessory reviews and building advice $50.00

MK Editons
The best modeller's reference books you'll ever find. Produced by an excellent AFV modeller, Gerard Deygas, of France. Complete English translation of French text, including photo references is provided. 11 3/4 x 8 1/4 soft cover. Check out their excellent resin figures and accessories on our MK Products page.

MKE05Militar's Kits Vol 5. The extremely popular Militar's Kits series includes detailed "how-To's with many photos b/w & color of models and actual vehicles and scale templates when applicable.$29.00
MKE06Militar's Kits Vol 6. The extremely popular Militar's Kits series includes detailed "how-To's with many photos b/w & color of models and actual vehicles and scale templates when applicable.$29.00
MKET01"Tanks & Military Vehicles of WWII vol. 1"$29.00
MKEHS01Militar's Kits Specials Vol. 1, "SdKfz 250"$28.00
MKEHS02Militar's Kits Specials Vol. 2, "RSO "$26.00
MKEHS03Militar's Kits Specials Vol. 3, "Sturmgeschutz III"$26.00
MKEHS04"Militar's Kits Specials Vol. 4, "German & Allied Wheeled Vehicles"$26.00
MKEHS04"Militar's Kits Specials Vol. 5, "German & Allied Wheeled Vehicles, The Dodge"$26.00 NEW

Model Graphix
Some of the oldest and best super detailing books from one of Japan's leading model magazine publishers
MGPS01Panzers in Saumur #1 (revised)$28.00
MGPS02Panzers in Saumur #2$26.00
MGPS03Panzers in Saumur #3$26.00
MGAP01AAchtung Panzer #1 (original PzKpfw IV) (out of print)N/A
MGAP02Achtung Panzer #2 (PzKpfw III)$26.00
MGAP03Achtung Panzer #3 (PzKpfw IV)$34.00
MGAP04Achtung Panzer #4 (Panther and Brummbar)$36.00
MGAP05Achtung Panzer #5 (Stug III, StuG IV, sIG 33)$36.00
MGAP06Achtung Panzer #6 (Panzerkampwagen Tiger)$38.00
MGAP07Achtung Panzer #7 (Panzer I & II and Variants))$38.00
MGPF03PanzerFile '01-02$34.00
MIA002Models in Action No.2 "Tiger an der Front Bilband und Tiger Fibel im Bild" 160 pages, great battlefield photos text in Japanese & English$37.00

Nuts & Bolts
Super Detailing Books by Tony Greenland & his Friends
TGPM01"Panzer Modelling Masterclass" revised 2nd Edition $32.00
NB01Nuts & Bolts #1, JagdtigerOut of Print
NB02Nuts & Bolts #2, WespeOut of Print
NB03Nuts & Bolts #3, Experimental Flak Guns$16.00
NB04Nuts & Bolts #4, SdKfz 222/223Out of Print
NB05Nuts & Bolts #5, Saurer RK-7 (SdKfz 254)$16.00
NB06Nuts & Bolts #6, Kanonenwagen (SdKfz 251/9)Out of Print
NB07Nuts & Bolts #7, Panzerjäger I Ausf BOut of Print
NB08Nuts & Bolts #8,"Experimental FLAK Weapons of the Wehrmacht"$16.00
NB09Nuts & Bolts #9,"7.5cm PAK 40/4 on RSO"Out of Print
NB010Nuts & Bolts #10,"Hummel"$20.00
NB011Nuts & Bolts #11,"Panzerkampfwagen 35(t)"$20.00
NB012Nuts & Bolts #12,"FAMO", SdKfz 9, 18ton half-track$21.00
NB013Nuts & Bolts #13,"Flakpanzer IV Wirbelwind (SdKfz 161/4) & Ostwind"$21.00
NB014Nuts & Bolts #14,"Nashorn"$21.00
NB015Nuts & Bolts #15,"Marder III SdKfz 139"$24.00
NB016Nuts & Bolts #16,"SdKfz 8, 12 ton half-track"$22.00
NB017Nuts & Bolts #17,"Marder III Ausf H & M SdKfz 138"$27.00
NB018Nuts & Bolts #18,"Marder III " SdKfz138 Part 2: Ausf H & 7.5cm Pak40 mot. Zug$32.00
NB019Nuts & Bolts #19,"15cm s.I.G. 33 SPG " $36.00 NEW

Stackpole Books
U.S. based publisher of many specialty titles and book distributor. The Stackpole Military History Series consists of very high quality yet reasonably priced softcover books. These are repints of some of JJ Fedorowicz' most popular tittles. Previously these titles were available, when you could find them, only in hardcover and at much higher prices.

SMH_TiC1"Tigers in Combat I" by Wolfgang Schneider. The difinitive book on Tigers. 400 + pages with many b/w photos and some color prints. 8.5"x 11" Softcover reprint of JJ. Fedorowicz' popular hardcover book which sold for $90 or more, if you could find one!. $28.00
SMH_TiC2"Tigers in Combat II" by Wolfgang Schneider. Vol 2 of the difinitive book on Tigers. 395 pages with many b/w photos and some color prints. 8.5"x 11" Softcover reprint of JJ. Fedorowicz' popular hardcover book which sold for $90 or more, if you could find one!. $28.00
SMH_PzAces"Panzer Aces, German Tank Commandes of WWII" by Franz Kurowski. Action-packed stories of 6 of Germanies best Panzer commanders, 450 pages with lots of photos. 6"x9" Softcover reprint of JJ. Fedorowicz' popular book. $18.00
SMH_InfAces"Infantry Aces, The German Soldier in Combat in WWII" by Franz Kurowski. Action-packed authentic accounts of 8 German "common soldiers" in combat in WWII , 500 pages with photos. 6"x9" Softcover reprint of JJ. Fedorowicz' popular book. $18.00
SMH_ABSS"Armor Battles of the Waffen SS 1943-45" by Will Fey. Covers battles on Eastern Front, Normandy, Ardennes and closing battles of the war. Written by Will Fey, a highly decorated SS Panzer Commander. 370 pages with b/w photos. 6"x9" Softcover reprint of JJ. Fedorowicz' popular book. $18.00
SMH_TIM"Tigers in the Mud, The Combat Career of German Panzer Commander Otto Carius" by Otto Carius. Author's military carrer from the beginning until the end of WWII. 360+ pages with photos, battle maps & copies of various documents. 6"x9" Softcover reprint of JJ. Fedorowicz' popular book. $18.00
SMH_Gren"Grenadiers, The Story of Waffen SS General Kurt "Panzer" Meyer by Kurt Meyer. Kurt Meyer was one of the most highly decorated German soldiers of WWII. From invasion of Poland thru his capture, imprisonment and eventual return home. 425+ pages with photos and battle maps. 6"x9" Softcover reprint of JJ. Fedorowicz' popular book. $18.00
SMH_Abt653"The Combat History of German Heavy Anti-Tank Unti 653 in WWII". 400 pages 400 b/w photos, 16 page color section 8"x10" Softcover. Available
Oct. 05'
SMH_Utah"Utah Beach The Amphibious Landing and Airborne Operations on D-Day" by Joseph Balkoski 400 pages with 34 b/w photos and 25 maps. 6"x9" Softcover. $24.00 NEW
SMH_BTB"Beyond The Beachhead, The 29th Infantry Division in Normandy" by Joseph Balkoski. New and expanded edition. 336 pages with 36 b/w photos and 30 maps. 6"x9" Softcover. $18.00 NEW
Zimmerit Press
U.S. based publisher of publisher of vehicle detail books based in Idaho, USA.
ZP001PzKpfw38(t)Variants-2.0cm;3.7cm;7.6cm;7.62cm and 15cm. soft cover, 60 pages. Covers all the "Marders", "Grille", FlakPz 38(t) and Recon vehicles. Many factory photos from Skoda, close-up detail shots of exterior and interiors on some vehicles.

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