Model Kastenwas the originator of snap together individual track link sets back in 1988. They are now making some of the best workable (pinned) track sets around. (Made in Japan)

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Accessories, Nuts, Bolts & Wheel Sets
Accessories (1:35 Scale)
MKA-1Bolt & nut set$10.00
MKA-2Conical & round rivets$10.00
MKA-4Wingnut castings (45 pieces)$10.00
MKA-5German halfwing latches (45 pieces)$10.00
MKA-6PzKpfw III/StuG III drive sprockets$17.00
MKA-7StuG III tie downs & brackets$17.00
MKA-938(t) Drive Sprocket & Idler$17.00
MKW-1Tiger I early roadwheels$37.00
MKW-2PzKpfw IV roadwheels (early, mid, & late)$22.00
MKW-3Panther D roadwheels$24.00

Snap Together Plastic Track Sets (1:35 Scale)
MK-3PzKpfw III/PzKpfw IV & Middle Model Track$22.00
MK-10M4 Sherman Rubber Chevron$24.00
MK-18SdKfz 250 with plastic roadwheels & metal sprockets. 28 sprues, 84 links$22.00
MK-19SdKfz 251 track$22.00
MK-20SdKfz 7 with roadwheels$27.00
MK-21Bradley/LVTP 7$24.00
MK-30Borgward B IV Ausf A$24.00

Workable (Pinned) Track Sets (1:35 Scale)
SK-1Tiger I late (workable track)$40.00
SK-2Tiger I early (workable track)$40.00
SK-3Tiger I transport (workable track)$37.00
SK-4Tiger I late spare track, 24 links$17.00>
SK-5Tiger I early spare track, 24 links$17.00
SK-6Tiger II (workable track)$40.00
SK-7KV-I/II (workable track)$37.00
SK-8ZSU-23/4 Workable Track$37.00
SK-9JS-II type A (workable track)$37.00
SK-10Panther A/G (workable track)$40.00
SK-11T-72 (workable track)$37.00
SK-12Japanese MBT Type 61 track$37.00
SK-13Panther D (workable track)$40.00
SK-14JS-II type B (workable track)$37.00
SK-15Panther late (Ausf. A & G) spare track, 24 links$17.00
SK-16Tiger II (King Tiger) spare track, 24 links$17.00
SK-17PzKpfw III/IV late (workable track)$40.00
SK-18PzKpfw III/IV mid (workable track)$40.00
SK-19PzKpfw III/IV late model spare track$20.00
SK-20PzIII/IV Mid Production spare track$20.00
SK-21Jagdtitger track, $37.00
SK-22PzKpfw III/IV late type B (workable track)$37.00
SK-23PzKpfw III/IV mid, with sprockets (workable track)$40.00
SK-24PzKpfw III/IV early 40cm (workable track)$40.00
SK-25PzKpfw II/Wespe (workable track)$27.00
SK-26PzKpfw III/IV early 36cm (workable track)$37.00
SK-27PzKpfw IV L/70 final (workable track)$40.00
SK-28Hetzer - early/middle (workable track)$37.00
SK-29Hetzer - late (workable track)$37.00
SK-30Praga 38(t) (workable track)$37.00
SK-31Japanese type 97 (workable track)$45.00
SK-32PzKpfw I Ausf B (workable track)$27.00
SK-33RSO Steyr (workable track)$27.00
SK-34T-34 M42' tracks$40.00
SK-35T-34 1941 Track$40.00
SK-36M113 track$37.00
SK-37M40 track$37.00
SK-38T-26 Light Tank track$37.00
SK-39French R35 Tank track$37.00
SK-40French H39/40 track$37.00
SK-41M18 "Hellcat" track$37.00
SK-42Panzer 35T track$37.00
SK-43M13/40 Carro Armato& Semovente track$37.00
SK-44M4 Sherman T49, 3 bar cleat track$45.00
SK-45M4 Sherman T54E1, track$45.00
SK-46Soviet T-28 track$27.00
SK-47PzI VK 1801 (1601) track$27.00
SK-48M4 Sherman T48 track w/end connectors$40.00
SK-49Cromwell track$40.00
SK-51PzII "Luchs" track$40.00
SK-52Japanese Type 74 track$40.00
SK-53M3/M5 Light Tank track$40.00
SK-54Panzer II Ausf. D track$40.00
SK-55M4 Sherman T51 track$37.00
SK-56Marder II D 7.62 CC/ PzIII A-D track$37.00
SK-57PzIV 38cm wide track for early Panzer IV's$40.00
SK-58Japanese Type 94 Tankette track$40.00
SK-59T-54/55/62 OMSH track$40.00
SK-60"Wespe"/ PzII track$37.00
SK-61Renault FT track$37.00
SK-62BT late track$40.00
SK-63M24 T85 E1 track$37.00
SK-64M4 Sherman T62 track$45.00
SK-65"Sturer Emil" SPG track$32.00
SK-66"Elefant" track$45.00
SK-67Stug III Ausf. B/F track$45.00
SK-68"Ferdinand" early track$45.00
SK-69"Ferdinand" Mid track$45.00
SK-70Panzer I Ausf. A track$27.00
SK-74VK4501(P) Porsche Tiger track$40.00

This product listing was last updated on March, 2015.