MK 1/35 A French company producing a wide variety of accessories, diorama scenics and some of the most interesting resin figures available. Their ever growing line offers some of the best 1/35 scale diorama/vignette accessories and many very interesting civilian figures. They also publish some of the best modeller's reference books under the name MK Editions.

Due to low profit margins, MK Editions are non-discountable for FBC purposes - (ND).

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Kits and Conversions (1:35 Scale)
A084Farm Tractor, circa 1938. Complete resin kit, 48 extremely clean parts expertly cast, requires almost no clean-up. A "generic" tractor that will fit in any farm/countryside setting. This is a really nice kit! $68.00 NEW

Figures (1:35 Scale)
F001British tank crew, WWII (2, half figures)$16.00
F002SS Schütze, Pz. Reg. 1 Ardennes 1944$14.00
F003SS Rotenführer, WWII$14.00
F004German mechanic, WWII$14.00
F005German tanker refueling, rolling barrel$14.00
F006US MP, Ardennes 1944$14.00
F007GI in overcoat #1, WWII$14.00
F008German POW, WWII$14.00
F009GI in winter dress, 1944-45$14.00
F010German Wehrmacht officer$14.00
F011German POW, winter 1944-45$14.00
F012German POW, Ardennes 1944$14.00
F013Luftwaffe officer surrendering$14.00
F014Panzer Grenadier, 1944$14.00
F015Grenadier, 21st Pz. Div. Normandy 1944$14.00
F016GI in overcoat #2, WWII$14.00
F017German soldier with buckets$14.00
F018SS Panzer Grenadier$14.00
F019SS Rotenführer, 12th SS Pz. Div. Normandy 1944$14.00
F020German infantryman in overcoat$14.00
F021SS Gefreiter, SS Totenkopf Div. eastern Front$14.00
F022German Feldgendarme, WWII$14.00
F023SS tank crew, Ardennes 1944 (2, half figures)$16.00
F024Fallschirmjäger, tank rider #1 Ardennes 1944$14.00
F025Fallschirmjäger, tank rider #2 Ardennes 1944$14.00
F026Fallschirmjäger, tank rider #3 Ardennes 1944$14.00
F027German driver, WWII$14.00
F028German infantryman, Eastern Front 1941-42$14.00
F029Assault gun crewman, 21st Pz. Div. Normandy 1944$14.00
F030German StuG officer, Normandy 1944$14.00
F031"Meditation", German soldier with grave & cross$14.00
F032German heads, in WWII helmets$9.00
F033US heads, in WWII helmets$9.00
F034SS artilleryman, Hitler Jugend Div. Normandy 1944$14.00
F035Panzer grenadier, 12th SS Pz. Div. Normandy 1944$14.00
F036/37SS soldier helping wounded buddy (2 figures)$19.00
F038GI displaying captured Nazi flag$14.00
F039SS grenadier, Normandy 1944$14.00
F040SS Pz. Div. "Totenkopf", Russia 1942$14.00
F041Fallschirmjäger, Normandy 1944$14.00
F042Panzer crewman, Normandy 1944$14.00
F043SS tank commander, Normandy 1944$1400
F044US tank commander, 1944$14.00
F045SS tank crew, Normandy 1944 (2, half figures)$14.00
F046SS dispatch rider, Normandy 1944$14.00
F047Bare heads (5)$9.00
F048Panzer crew, Normandy 1944$14.00
F0493 German tankers pulling on tank tracks$32.00
F050Civilian holding bicycle$14.00
F051Panzer Grenadier, Normandy 1944$14.00
F052/53Fallschirmjäger helping wounded comrade (2 figures)$19.00
F054German cameraman$14.00
F055German tank commander, Pz Lehr Div. 1944-45$14.00
F056"Marguerite", Normandy cow$15.00
F057SS dispatch rider, seated in sidecar$14.00
F058Grenadier, Normandy 1944$14.00
F059German mechanic, WWII$14.00
F060Civilian "Grandpa"$14.00
F061Tank commander refueling$14.00
F062Tank commander carrying jerrycan$14.00
F063SS sniper$14.00
F064Tank commander$14.00
F065German heads with caps, WWII (5)$9.00
F066"Rosalie", Normandy cow laying down$15.00
F067"Go!", GI pulling small trailer$15.00
F068Civilian pushing wheelbarrow$17.00
F069Grandma carrying two buckets$14.00
F070Civilian holding horse$14.00
F071Draught horse$15.00
F072Civilian w/hat holding hay fork$14.00
F073Civilian w/open umbrella$14.00
F074G.I. Ardennes$14.00
F075German Officer, Normandy 1944$14.00
F076Civilian driving a cart$14.00
F077German Tank Commander$14.00
F078Surrendering G.I., Ardennes $14.00
F079Civilian pushing a cart$14.00
F080set of 2 Sheep$16.00
F081German Tank Officer reading map$14.00
F082Civilian Heads$9.00
F083SS Tank Commander, Normandy 1944$14.00
F084GI using mine detector, Ardennes$14.00
F085Grandpa seated in a chair$14.00
F086SS Unteroffizier, Ardennes 44/45$14.00
F087French Officer$14.00
F088French Soldier 1940$14.00
F089Civilian with shovel$14.00
F090Woman seated holding baby$14.00
F091German Tank Commander smoking$14.00
F092Civilian with basket on his back$14.00
F093Civilian man picking up bucket$14.00
F094Priest holding bottle$14.00
F095Civilian man carrying 2 suitcases$14.00
F096Civilian mechanic$1400
F097DAK soldier lifting jerrycan$14.00
F098"Exodus", Civilian man $14.00
F099Civilian woman "piddling"$14.00
F100Civilian man with backache$14.00
F101Civilian woman pushing baby carriage$15.00
F103Civilian man carrying sack of potatoes$14.00
F104Young Girl$14.00
F105Civilian woman cutting bunch of grapes$14.00
F106Priest with a book & umbrella$14.00
F107Grandfather with hand basket$14.00
F108Civilian with his hands on his hips$14.00
F109WWII US Tank commander$14.00
F110WWII German medic$14.00
F111Pair of WWII German soldiers pushing vehicle$22.00
F112WWII German mechanic under vehicle$14.00
F113SS officer driving vehicle$14.00
F114US MP, Ardennes$14.00
F115Civilian worker with pick in his hand$14.00
F116Woman wearing hat pushing hand cart$14.00
F117Civilian man riding bike, bike not included.$14.00
F118WWII GI's seated in vehicle set 1$22.00
F119WWII GI's seated in vehicle set 2$22.00
F120"The Grocer", Civilian w/broom$14.00
F121 WWII French Tanker, 1940$14.00
F122Civilian man sitting on ground$14.00
F124GI with wounded arm$14.00
F125 Scarecrow$14.00
F126German Stug III Officer$14.00
F127SS trooper carrying a box$14.00
F128French resistance man #1.$14.00
F129Civilain selling newspapers$14.00
F130French resistance man #2.$14.00
F131GI Prisoner.$14.00
F132Civilian leaning on shovel$14.00
F133WWII French Gendarme.$14.00
F134GI mechanic #1.$14.00
F135Civilian sawing wood, comes with saw and sawhorse shown in photo. (logs not included)$14.00
F136Civilian with folded arms.$14.00
F1372 man GI crew for Dodge weapons carrier.$24.00
F138Sleeping soldier.$14.00
F139Religous Cornet (nun) with bicycle $18.00
F140WWII French Postman $14.00
F141French Resistance Fighter #3 ;$14.00
F142Civilian with hands in pockets $14.00
F143WWII Cafe owner $14.00
F144Civilian Mechanic #2 $14.00
F145GrandMa with Hat $14.00
F146"The Cafe", Civilian, seated reading newspaper, includes chair & table. $16.00
F147"The Sweeper", Civilian woman with broom $14.00
F148"The Boatsman", Civilian man rowing boat . Includes resin figure & resin rowboat (additional photo under A053) $28.00
F149Civilian man seated, driver for Cart (A020 or A047) $14.00
F150Civilian wearing beret, w/shotgun $14.00
F151Hands, 3 pair of hands $8.00
F152German tanker seatd w/dog on lap $14.00
F153German Soldier nailing up signpost$14.00
F154Civilian standing at fence or in back of cart $14.00
F155German soldier in greatcoat, standing with shovel $14.00
F156Civilian man holding a pig. $15.00
F157French Resistance fighter wearing helmet w/MAS rifle @ ready$14.00
F158French Resistance w/MP40 @ ready$14.00
F159German Tanker playing Guitar$14.00
F160German mechanic w/ separate resin tool box (empty, no tools)$15.00
F161Blacksmith hammering on anvil. Resin anvil on tree stump included$14.00
F162Farmer sowing grain $14.00
F163French officer yelling$14.00
F164German Soldier (sentry) in great coat$14.00
F165"Small Critters" 4 chickens (1 rooster+ 3 hens) and 3 rabbits $14.00
F166Goumier, Italy 1943/France 1944-45$14.00
F167US Paratrooper w/tommygun 1944$14.00
F168Black US Soldier carrying jerrycan$14.00
F169German Fallschirmjager, Crete 1941$14.00
F170French resistance fighter #7 " Bebert"$14.00
F171French resistance fighter #8 " Jean"$14.00
F172U.S. soldier winter dress casrrying bazooka & duffel bag$15.00
F173German soldier winter dress$14.00
F174German soldier winter dress leaning on shovel$14.00
F176Civilian in overcoat$14.00
F177Civilian driving cart$15.00
F178Civilian seated in cart$14.00
F179DAK Officer looking thru binoculars$14.00
F180DAK soldier with cup$14.00
F181Civilian drinking$14.00
F182Set of 2 Oxen$29.00 NEW
F183DAK soldier holding his cap$14.00
F184DAK soldier standing in open door of car$14.00
F185Civilian youth seated$14.00
F186Accordian Player seated on folding chair$16.00 NEW
F187Civilian leaning on rake$12.00 NEW
F188Dead Cow$15.00 NEW
F189Panzer crewman eastern front winter$14.00
F190French Soldier (France 1940)$14.00 NEW
F191French Officer (France 1940)$14.00 NEW
F192French Soldier (France 1940)$14.00 NEW
F193SS Tank Crew, Ardennes 1944-45, 3 partial figures$22.00 NEW
F194Set of 5 French Soldier heads9.00 NEW
F195To Be AnnounbcedTBA
F196SS Panzer Grenadier Ardennes 1944-45$14.00 NEW
F197SS Panzer Grenadier Ardennes 1944-45$14.00 NEW
F198SS Officer Ardennes 1944-45$14.00 NEW
F199SS Panzer Grenadier Ardennes 1944-45$14.00 NEW
F200Man washing his feet in wash tub$16.00 NEW
F201To Be AnnounbcedTBA
F202The Mule "Jenny" $15.00 NEW
F203Woman Farmer with 2 baskets$16.00 NEW

Accessories, Diorama Materials, and Tools
A001MK1/35 Catalog$7.00
A002Concrete telegraph pole, 3 sections$14.00
A003WWII Normandy road signs$13.00
A004WWII commercial signs$5.00
A005Dried Flowers for hedges, trees & schrubs$11.00
A006WWII crossroad post & bills$14.00
A007WWII propaganda posters #1$6.00
A008Mileage Markers$5.00
A009WWII era European petrol (gas) station pump$14.00
A010Shackles, and buckels for chains and cables$6.00
A011WWII propaganda posters #2$5.00
A013Butterfly nuts (wingnuts)$8.00
A015Wooden open sided wheelbarrow$12.00
A016Yard entrance$12.00
A017Hand cart$22.00
A018Open well$12.00
A020Horse cart$22.00
A021Water basin$11.00
A022Hay cart$26.00
A023Round well (closed)$11.00
A024Europea lamp post and lantern$14.00
A025Village center fountain$14.00
A026Calvary, roadside cross$14.00
A027Meditation, Virgin Mary Statue$12.00
A028Wooden closed sided wheelbarrow$12.00
A029Wooden cart for barrels$18.00
A030 Weapons Crates, WWII US Army set 1, 6 pieces$10.00
A031 Weapons Crates, German Army WWII set 1, 5 pieces$10.00
A032 Village center fountain$11.00
A034 WWII US Weapons in open crates set 2, 6 pcs.$10.00
A035 Public Pew /Park bench$11.00
A036 WWII German weapon crates, set 2, 5 pcs$10.00
A037 WWII German weapon crates, set 3, 5 pcs$10.00
A038 Covered well, square shape$11.00
A039 WWII US storage crates, set 3, 5 pcs$10.00
A040 RSO Sprockets$11.00
A041 WWII German weapon crates, set 4, 6pcs$10.00
A042 WWII wooden telegraph poles$15.00
A043 Bicycle, 8 parts$12.00
A044WWII German weapons boxes set 5$10.00
A045Doors & Windows$19.00
A046 Sandbags$11.00
A047 Horse drawn cart with rails and bench seat$24.00
A048 Various Euro. posters, wall Ads and signs from WWII$5.00
A049 Fountain # 3, 4 parts$10.00
A050 Tree w/branches. resin trunk with dried foliage to simulate small branches & leaves$14.00
A051 Ruined Bridge, 8 plaster parts. $15.00
A052 Large fruit tree. Larger resin trunk than A050 + this one has 3 good size separate resin limbs, resin fruit and dried foliage for smaller branches and leaves $35.00
A053 "The Boatsman",rowboat w/civilian man rowing (also listed as F148) $28.00
Photo of the resin rowboat parts only
A054 Normandy Road Signs. $14.00
A055Trees Stumps, 5 resin stumps$12.00
A056 Panther Wheels & cable buckets$10.00
A057Open Well$12.00
A058 Street Light$11.00
A059US Ammo boxes$10.00
A060 Wall Fountain & Stone Trough. Includes wall & floor sections, fountain & trough$12.00
A061 Roadside shrine$11.00
A062 Cart w/pneumatic tires$22.00
A063 Tall grass for dioramas & scinic bases$7.00
A064 Village Fountain$11.00
A065 Wood Stove, 11 peices, resin$14.00
A066 Cargo load. wood crates & metal cylinder partially covered by tarp.$12.00
A067 Petrol Refueling Station$15.00 NEW
A068 Publicity Posters$6.00 NEW
A069Picked Fence, 3 sections$12.00
A071Bags of potatoes, 15 bags cast individually$16.00
A072Hedge (6" long facine bundles) cut to desired length $9.00
A073Cargo Load (Boxes & Barrels under tarp) $12.00 NEW
A074Various wooden boxes & crates, WWII $12.00 NEW
A075Fountain $12.00 NEW
A076War Memorial Monument$22.00 NEW
A077Doors, Windows & Shutters$23.00 NEW
A078Yard Entrance with Gate & Railings. 25 parts (13 resin + 12 ceramic) $33.00 NEW
A079"The Water Closet" (Out House)$22.00 NEW
A080Norman Fence. 9 parts include: 3 plaster wall segments, Gate, Gate support + railings$29.00 NEW
A081Public Pew (Park Bench) #2 $12.00 NEW
A082WWII Road Signs (10 resin posts + signs) $11.00 NEW
A083Mixing Set, Includes: 3 metal tins, 3 small plastic bottles, 1 eye dropper, plastic stir sticks + 1 pair latex gloves$6.00 NEW
A084Farm Tractor, circa 1938. Complete resin kit, 48 extremely clean parts expertly cast, require almost no clean-up. A "generic" tractor that will fit in any farm/countryside setting. This is a really nice kit! $68.00 NEW

MK Editions; Reference Books and Manuals
The MK Editions books are 11 3/4" x 8 1/4", soft cover, approximately 80 pages, and contain detailed "how to's" with many B/W and color photos of models, diorama & actual vehicles, scale templates are supplied when necessary and very detailed explanations are provided in the text. Text is in French but each book comes with a complete English translation supplement which make the books "an easy read".
These excellent modelling reference books are written by the owner of MK 1/35, an accomplished AFV modeller, Gerard Deygas. Vivian, Gerard's wife, does the English translations.
The "Militar's Kits Hors Series" books are similar in format. They provide excellent detailing information on a particular vehicle or family of vehicles, i.e.SdKfz 250, RSO and Stug III, etc. If you are "Into" super detailing and/or dioramas, you'll want these books.
MK01Militar's Kits Vol. 1N/A
MK02Militar's Kits Vol. 2N/A
MK03Militar's Kits Vol. 3N/A
MK04Militar's Kits Vol. 4. Out of Print N/A
MK05Militar's Kits Vol. 5, Ardennes special #1N/A
MK06Militar's Kits Vol. 6, Normandy special #2N/A
MK07Militar's Kits Vol. 7. It's been a few years since Militar's Kit's #6 was printed. #7 includes the following: SdKfz250/1, Fiat "Topolino", SdKfz250/9, SdKfz 9 FAMO, Panther Ausf D, Tiger I early, Autocar U-7144T Tractor & Trailer and Stug III Ausf D. 78 pgs with loads of mostly color photos and step by step "how to" descriptions.$36.00 NEW
MKT01Tanks & Military Vehicles of WWII, Vol. 1 Soft cover 78 pages. Text is in French but an English translation of complete text and refrences is included. The articles on detailing include many photos of real vehicles as well as the models. Featured are: detailing article, with lots of photos, on the Geschutzwagen (10.5cm leFH18 on Hotchkiss), some very interesting, although now dated information on Sherman Family kits & conversions, another detailing article on the Hetzer, and similar article on the M7 Priest, the DUKW and the Bergepanther. There are also 3 pages, with about 12 photos of the Saumur Tank Museum. $24.00
MKHS02Militar's Kits Hors Serie Vol. 2, Raupenschlepper Ost, RSO covers many variants. $29.00
MKHS03Militar's Kits Hors Serie Vol. 3, Sturmgeschutz III. $29.00
MKHS04Militar's Kits Hors Serie Vol. 4, "German & Allied Wheeled Vehicles" $29.00
MKHS05Militar's Kits Hors Serie Vol. 5, "The Dodge". Text is in French & English. Superb book for super detailing the Dodge family of WWII vehicles. $29.00

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