Masters Productions A line of excellently cast 1:35th scale resin kits, conversions and accessories from France.

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Kits and Conversions(1:35 Scale)
MAS35002 US M8 Wheels Set$20.00
MAS35003 GMC Compressor Leroy Conversion$69.00
MAS35004 Bofors AA Gun mounted on GMC conversion$74.00
MAS35005 Photo-Etched Stencils for French 2nd Armored Div., WWII$17.00
MAS35006 Compressor Leroy Conversion for GMC kits by Tamiya & Italeri$65.00
MAS35007 GMC Windshield covered by tarp$9.00
MAS35009 Closed Cab for GMC $39.00
MAS35010 US M10 Armored Trailer$44.00
MAS35011 GMC Engine Hood$10.00
MAS35012 VLRA, French Mid Class truck$130.00
MAS35013 Chevrolet 1.5ton Covered Cargo Truck, Complete kit$119.00 NEW
MAS35014 Hummer Wheels, standard pattern$18.00
MAS35015 American Red Cross Club Mobile conversion for GMC CCKW 353, Includes markings. Fits Italeri or Tamiya kits $106.00
MAS35016 US Red Cross Blood Bank accessories$14.00
MAS35017 Load for M10 Trailer$17.00
MAS35018 M8/M20 Glacis with Snow Chains$17.00
MAS35019 Dolly M1 155 for "Long Tom" 203mm$38.00
MAS35020 .50 cal MG covered with canvas. Gun ring & mount included$13.00
MAS35021 Chevy Semi-Tractor G7113 Complete kit$95.00
MAS35022 Hummer Accessories$16.00
MAS35023 Semi-Trailer, Stake T1 for MAS35021. Complete kit$78.00
MAS35024 Jeep Accessories$13.00
MAS35025 GMC Winch for Tamiya$13.00
MAS35026Radiator Grill for GMC Trucks, 2 pcs. $12.00
MAS35027 Radiator Grills for Dodge Truck 2 pcs.$12.00
MAS35028 GMC Banjo Type Axles$26.00
MAS35030 Canvas for M2/M3 Halftrack.TBA
MAS35031Wheels for 105mm Howitzer.$15.00
MAS35032 Canvas for US 105 Howitzer.$14.00
MAS35035Wheels for M2/M3 Halftrack.TBA
MAS35042 Wheels for 155mm "Long Tom".$25.00
MAS35043 M4, 18ton High Speed Tractor. Complete kit. Superbly cast in grey resin with photo-etch parts and MV style headlight lenses$112.00
MAS35044 M49 Ring Mount for M2/M3 Halftrack.$33.00
MAS35051 GMC Steel Cab conversion for Tamiya Truck$45.00 NEW
Figures (1:35 Scale)
MPF35001 GMC Driver $14.00
MPF35002 GMC Crew, Driver & Co-Driver$24.00
MPF35004 French soldier 2000, #1$14.00
MPF35005 French soldier 2000, #2$14.00
MPF35006 French soldier 2000, #3$14.00
MPF35007 French driver for VLRA$16.00
MPF35009 Red Cross Woman$16.00
MPF35010 GI at Rest #1TBA
MPF35012 GI at Rest #2TBA
MPF35013 M8/M20 Driver & RadiomanTBA
MPF35014 GI at Rest #3TBA
MPF35015 German Jeep DriverTBA

This product listing was created on Nov. 4, 2008.