Masterpiece Models Some of the items they've produced are nothing short of AMAZING! But, after touring their facility, I'm not surprised. Our friends at Masterpiece do indeed run a very professional resin casting company. If you are looking for "A Real Pro" to cast your products in resin, contact John Geigle at Masterpiece or, give us a call, we'll be happy to "hook you up"! And, the best part, Masterpiece is right here in Washington!

(Prices on this website are subject to change without prior notice)

Kits and Conversions (1:35 Scale)

I. Brown Water Navy Series

NOTE: Masterpiece has been remastering their Brown Water Navy Series and we are unsure of new prices and availability. Call us for more information.

MMVN001"The Zippo", US Vietnam war "program 5" flamethower River Boat based on converted WWII LCM. Limited Edition Kit.POR
MMVN002 Program 5 "TANGO" Boat. Vietnam era Monitor gunboat w/Heliport on top.POR
MMVN004USN Patrol Air Cushion Vehicle (PACV) aka "Pac Vee" POR
MMVN005 Program 5 Command & Communications Boat converted from WWII LCM and used by US Navy/Army river assault units in Vietnam. The model, the first of a series of "Monitor Gunboats" is approx. 20 inches in length and includes well illustrated instructions sheets which also include valuable information about markings, missions, specifications etc. Limited Edition kit.POR
MMVN006PGM-49 "Monitor" River Boat.POR
MMVN007"ASPB", Assault Support Patrol Boat US Vietnam war "program 5" patrol boat. Limited Edition Kit.POR
II. AFV Models in various scales
MMVN0031/35th scale LVTH6 Turret w/resin gun.$17.00
MMET0011/35th scale WWII German FLAK Sled. Field mod. for transport & use of 2cm & 3cm FLAK guns on almost any gargo truck. Great for Tamiya's Opel or Zvesda's Mercedes trucks.$14.00
III. Miscellaneous Models in various scales
MMDA0011/35th scale Wrecked Japanese Zero. Nicely detailed, this kit features multi-part cockpit insert, Photo-Etch parts for detailing canopy, flaps, rudder and ailerone$55.00
MMUTL0011/35th scale M3A4 Hand Utillity Cart. Used by G.I.'s to haul gear in WW2. Comes with a cargo load of 2 Jerry Cans, Tarp and a few other items. $26.00
MMJS0011/48th scale European Farm Cart. Nice horse drawn wooden farm cart which was used throughout Europe circa 1850's thru 1950's, $21.00
MMPT0051/12th Scale "Little Boy" Atomic Bomb.$110.00
MMPT0091/12th Scale "Fat Man" Atomic Bomb.$260.00

Buildings & Bunkers 1/35th Scale

MMET002European Cottage. Corner section of cottage featuring stone exterior & shake roof, approx 6" x 6".$26.00
MMET003Village Corner Building approx 4"x 4" x 7" in height.$26.00
MMPT002WWII Japanese Steel "Pill Box". Hexagon shaped prefab. steel pillbox used all over the Pacific$19.00
MMPT007Palm Logs. 23 pieces in different lengths & diameters for making Pacific island bunkers, sea walls etc.$19.00
MMCD7014WWII FLAK Emplacement Bunker. $27.00
MMQH035WWII Quonset Hut. Complete building. $22.00
MMQHExt Quonset Hut extensions. 2 sections to extend the length of building. $9.00

Display/Vignette Bases

1:35 Scale Bases
MMCD7009Factory Boiler Room diorama base.$36.00
MMCD7014Chateau Approach$27.00
MMPT001WWII Japanese Palm Log Bunker Diorama Base. $39.00
MMPT004WWII Japanese Sand Bag Bunker on large Diorama Base. $45.00
MMPT006Pacific Stronghold Diorama Base. 10" x 10" Multi-level base featuring palm log seawall & realistic ground texture. $36.00
MMPT006-APacific Stronghold Diorama Base. Same 10" x 10" base as above but also includes Japanese Steel Pill Box. $46.00
MMIL70105 Photo-11/35th scale Artillery Gun Pit Diorama/Vignette base. This gun-pit is suitable for any single trail artillery piece or large siege mortar from late 1800 through WWII. This resin base is partially hollow and amazingly light for it's size (12" L x 8.5" W x 3.5" deep at front and 2.3" deep at rear). Gun not included$35.00
MMIL70105 Photo-2photo showing just the gun pit display base. All details shown are cast-in
MMIL701061/35th scale WWII Fascine Bridge Diorama/Vignette base. Roto-Cast hollow bridge is amazingly light for it's size (16" L x 11.5" W x 5.5" H) . Bundle of logs and bridge siderails are separately cast in normal polyurethane resin. This bridge is pictured in a WWII photo with a T-34/85 rolling over it. A small reprint of this photo is on the box top.$72.00
MMIL701081/35th scale AFV Diorama/Vignette base. 4.5"x9" rectangular display base with cast on debris encrusted ground cover and nicely polished edges. Just paint it and mount your AFV! $15.00
1:72 Scale Bases
MM720011/72 scale Pentagon shaped AFV display base, $12.00
MM72001Photo of MM72001 painted w/model installed
MM720021/72 scale round AFV display base,     $10.00
MM72002Photo of MM72002 painted w/model installed
MM720031/72 scale oval (slight kidney shaped) AFV display base$12.00
MM72003Photo of MM72003 painted w/model installed
MM720041/72 scale 10"x4.5 Rectangular AFV display base, with roadside creek bed $15.00
MM72004Photo of MM72004 painted w/model installed
MM720051/72 scale 6"x4" Rectangular AFV display base$10.00
MM72005Photo of MM72005 painted w/model installed

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