Master Club Another fairly new line from Russia. MasterClub offers resin cast individual link tracks in workable (with separate pins)and "clickable" style. They also have an interesting range of nicely sculpted and cast 1:35th scale figures including a a good variety of WWI subjects.

(Prices on this website are subject to change without prior notice)

Track Sets (1:35th Scale):
These individual link track are almost perfection! No pour plugs, sprues, push pin marks or even any significant flash to remove. They come in 2 types, Workable which have separate resin track pins or sets where the links click together "Clickable".
MC1-35001W Workable Track Set for Panther Ausf. A/G 220 links w/440 separate track pins no glue required.$27.00
MC1-35002W Workable Track Set for Tiger I 220 links w/separate track pins no glue required.$27.00
MC1-35003CL Clickable Track Set for SdKfz 184 "Elefant" $28.00
MC1-35005W Workable Track Set for Tiger I Late w/separate track pins$28.00
MC1-35006W Workable Track Set for Tiger I Early w/separate track pins$28.00
MC1-35007W Workable Track Set for Tiger I Initial w/separate track pins.$28.00
MC1-35016W Workable Track Set for T-34 A-34 M1940 Initial w/separate track pins$27.00
MC1-35017W Workable Track Set for T-34/76 M1940 Early Type 1 w/separate track pins.$27.00
MC1-35018W Workable Track Set for T-34/76 M1940 Early Type 2 w/separate track pins.$27.00
MC1-35019W Workable Track Set for T-34/76 STZ M1942 Early w/separate track pins.$27.00
MC1-35020W Workable Track Set for T-34/76 STZ M1942 Late w/separate track pins.$27.00
MC1-35022W Workable Track Set for T-34 M1942 w/separate track pins.$27.00
MC1-35023W Workable Track Set for T-34/85 M1943 w/separate track pins.$27.00
MC1-35024W Workable Track Set for T-34/SU-85/SU-100 M1943 w/separate track pins.$27.00
MC1-35027W Workable Track Set for KV-1/KV-2 w/separate track pins.$29.00
MC1-35028W Workable Track Set for JS-2/JS-3/ISU-122/KV-85 & KV-1s w/separate track pins.$29.00
MC1-35029W Workable Track Set for JS-2/JS-3/ISU-122 & ISU-152 w/separate track pins.$29.00
MC1-35030W Workable Track Set for KV-1s Early w/separate track pins.$28.00
MC1-35031W Workable Track Set for BT-5 w/separate track pins.$24.00
MC1-35032CL Clickable Track Set for BT-7.$24.00
MC1-35034CL Clickable Track Set for T-40/T-60/T-70.$28.00
MC1-35035CL Clickable Track Set for T-70.$24.00
MC1-35036CL Clickable Track Set for Su-76.$25.00
MC1-35040CL Clickable Track Set for BMD-1/2/BTR-D/Nona SPH.$25.00
MC1-35041CL Clickable Track Set for BMP-1 w/drive sprockets.$28.00
MC1-35042CL Clickable Track Set for BMP-2 w/drive sprockets.$28.00
MC1-35044CL Clickable Track Set for ZSU-23 "Shilka"/SAM-6 Kub.$28.00
MC1-35046CL Clickable Track Set for MT-LB/2S1 Gvozdika Late.$28.00
MC1-35047CL Clickable Track Set for PT-76.$28.00
MC1-35047W Workable Track Set for PT-76.$28.00
MC1-35048CL Clickable Track Set for T-54/55/62 OMsh type.$28.00
MC1-35048W Workable Track Set for T-54/55/62 OMsh type.$28.00
MC1-35049CL Clickable Track Set for T-72/54/55/62 RMsh type.$28.00
MC1-35049W Clickable Track Set for T-72/54/55/62 RMsh type.$29.00
MC1-35050CL Clickable Track Set for T-80.$29.00
MC1-35051CL Clickable Track Set for T-64.$29.00

Wheel Sets (1:35th Scale):
MC2-35001 Wheels for GAZ-AAA & BA Armored Car$24.00
MC2-35003 Wheels for ZI-2/ZIS-3 Guns$9.00
MC2-35004 Roadwheels for BMP-1/BMP-2$17.00
MC2-35005 Roadwheels for BMP-2$18.00
MC2-35006 Roadwheels for ZSU-23 & SAM-6 KUB$18.00
MC2-35007 Roadwheels for MT-LB/2S1 Gvozdika$17.00
MC2-35008 Roadwheels for PT-76$18.00
MC2-35009 Roadwheels for PT-80$18.00

Modern/Post WW2 Figures (1:35 Scale):
MCF35016Seated Russian with AK74 #1$16.00
MCF35017Seated Russian with AK74 #2$16.00
MCF35018Seated Russian with AK74 #3$16.00
MCF35019Seated Russian with AK74 #4$16.00
MCF35020Russian Soldier walking with AK74 $16.00
MCF35021Russian Soldier walking with shouldered rifle$16.00
MCF35022Russian Soldier walking with helmet in his hand$16.00
MCF35023Russian Soldier walking, gun in his right hand$16.00
MCF35031Speznatz standing firing Lt. MG$16.00
MCF35032Speznatz #1$16.00
MCF35033Speznatz #2$16.00
MCF35110 Afghan. Mujahadeen, 2 figure set. 1 armed w/AK the other w/Lee Enfield$25.00
MCF35111 Russian Soldier firing AGC-17 Launcher, Afghanistan$22.00
MCF35112 Russian Soldier firing 12.7mm NSV M.G., Afghanistan$22.00
MCF35150 Russian Soldier using P-159 Radio, Afghanistan$22.00
MCF35151 Russian Officer using binoculars, Afghanistan$16.00
MCF35152 Russian Sniper w/SVD rifle #1, Afghanistan$16.00
MCF35153 Russian Sniper w/SVD rifle #2, Afghanistan$16.00
MCF35154 Russian w/KM MG & Ammo Box, Afghanistan$16.00
MCF35155 Russian Kneeling, firing AK-74, Afghanistan$16.00
MCF35156 Speznatz standing w/PKM MG $16.00
MCF35157 Modern Russian Soldier w/P-159 Radio$22.00
MCF35158 Mujahadeen Kneeling Firing RPG-7, Afghanistan$16.00
MCF35159 Mujahadeen Standing Firing AK-74, Afghanistan$16.00
MCF35160 Mujahadeen PKM M Team, Afghanistan, 2 figures$27.00

WWII Figures (1:35 Scale)

MCF35010 Russian Officer Walking$16.00
MCF35011 Russian Tanker, for turret$16.00
MCF35013 Russian Tanker Kneeling$16.00
MCF35014 Russian Tanker, Petting Dog$18.00
MCF35015 Russian Tanker Standing$16.00
MCF35025 Young Russian Guerrilla Fighter w/SubMG$16.00
MCF35026 Captured German$16.00

WWI Figures (1:35 Scale)
MCF35101 German Soldier, Advancing, $16.00
MCF35102 German Grenadier Team, standing, throwing grenades, 2 figure set$27.00
MCF35103 German MG-08 Team, walking, 2 figure set$27.00
MCF35104 German Grenadier Team, 1 kneeling, 1 prone, throwing grenades, 2 figure set$27.00
MCF35105 German WWI Soldier, on 1 knee.$13.00
MCF35106 Austro-Hungarian WWI Soldier. Standing in great coat leaning on rifle $15.00
MCF35107 Austrian WWI Soldier, wearing field tunic$15.00
MCF35108 Russian Sentry, long coat$15.00
MCF35109 Russian Officer$15.00
MCF35113 2vRussian Soldiers pulling Maxim MG$27.00
MCF35114 Russian Soldier drinking from canteen$15.00
MCF35115 Russian Soldier in Field Tunic w/bedroll, marching$15.00
MCF35116 Russian Soldier Standing, sentry or at inspection$15.00
MCF35117 Russian Officer Advancing w/sword & pistol at ready$15.00
MCF35118 Russian Soldier , Advancing #1$15.00
MCF35119 Russian Soldier ,taking aim standing$15.00
MCF35120 Russian Soldier , taking aim, kneeling$15.00
MCF35121 Russian Soldier , prone, throwing grenade$15.00
MCF35122 Russian Soldier , Advancing #2$15.00
MCF35123 Russian Soldier , Advancing #3$15.00
MCF35124 Russian Soldier , Advancing #4$15.00
MCF35125 Russian Soldier, marching, very cold$15.00
MCF35126 Russian Soldier, marching, wearing fur hat$15.00
MCF35140 Austro-Hungarian Officer Pointing$15.00
MCF35167 German Officer Pointing$15.00
MCF35168 German Soldier Marching$15.00
MCF35169 German Soldier w/9.15cm Light Mortar$22.00

Accessories & Weapons Sets, 1:35th Scale:
MCA35311 Chauchat WWI French Light Machine Gun, 3 guns $12.00
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