MIG Productions A well known line of high quality vehicle updates and accessories, diorama items and professional pigment colors started by famed Spanish modeler, Mig Jimenez.
Many of their excellently cast resin items comes with Step by Step painting and weathering instructions.

(Prices on this website are subject to change without prior notice)

Kits, Conversions and Accessories (1:35 Scale)
MIG35-001Panzer IV Ausf F2 Conversion for Tamiya PzIV H (#35209) Includes turret w/separate side hatches, commanders copula w/2 piece hatch, Drive sprocket housings and a 75mm turned aluminum barrel by Jordi Rubio.O.O.P. Limited Stock remains $26.00
MIG35-004Muffler for Panzer IV Ausf F1 thru early Ausf JO.O.P. Limited Stock remains $11.00
MIG35-005Front Tires/wheels for SdKfz 11O.O.P. Limited Stock remains $10.00
MIG35-015Marder III M muzzle cover & winter tarp with open or closed rear flaps O.O.P. Limited Stock remains $35.00
MIG35-016Wheels & suspension parts for DUKW, ETO. 7 wheels & suspension kit for Italeri kit O.O.P. Limited Stock remains $33.00
MIG35-050T-55 mantlet without canvas cover$12.00
MIG35-051Square Fuel Cells, for T-34/76 $12.00
MIG35-052Cylindrical Fuel Cells, dented for T-34/76 & T-34/85$12.00
MIG35-053T-34 Burnt out wheel set. 20 wheels, 5 different types plus suspension partsO.O.P. Limited Stock remains $33.00
MIG35-055PzIA Radio Vehicle conversion for Tristar kit. $31.00
MIG35-056Gaz 66 Tires, military tread pattern$19.00
MIG35-057Gaz 66 Tires, civilian tread pattern$41.00
MIG35-103V3000S Ford Wheels$35.00
MIG35-110Soviet Ammo Boxes O.O.P. Limited Stock remains $18.00
MIG35-121M998 Hummer Conversion set. Short & full tarps (2 versions) Doors & Antenna supports for New Tamiya Hummer kit. O.O.P. Limited Stock remains $33.00
MIG35-122Opel Blitz Wheels, 7 wheels for Italeri kit.O.O.P. Limited Stock remains $26.00
MIG35-123KV1 model 1939 L11 Conversion set. Includes hollow cast turret, hatches, lights, boxes and special parts to fill motorization holes on Tamiya's KV1. $44.00
MIG35-124SdKfz 234 series wheels/tires, 9 tires/wheels, O.O.P. Limited Stock remains $28.00
MIG35-125PzIV F1 Conversion set.  O.O.P. Limited Stock remains $45.00
MIG35-125Unpainted model with PzIV F1 conversion set installed.Photo 2
MIG35-125Kit parts of PzIV F1 Conversion set.Photo 3
MIG35-126 PzIII/IV Cupola.  O.O.P. Limited Stock remains $15.00
MIG35-128 Burnt-Out PzIV Roadwheels19.00
MIG35-130German Notek Lights (8 lights) + 2 bonus tail lights. O.O.P. Limited Stock remains $12.00
MIG35-134 T34, 1940/41 update.  $30.00
MIG35-137SdKfz 251 Ausf C tarp $20.00
MIG35-138"Technical" armed with Dushka MG, based on BJ44 Land Cruiser O.O.P. Limited Stock remains $68.00
MIG35-140"Troop Transport Technical" based on BJ44 Land Cruiser O.O.P. Limited Stock remains $68.00
MIG35-141" Technical", longer version based on BJ45 Land Cruiser. Open top with recoiless rifle mounted in cargo area. O.O.P. Limited Stock remains $75.00
MIG35-144" Technical", based on Toyota Hi-Lux Pick-up Truck. Crew Cab version with Dushka MG mounted in cargo area. Used throughout Middle East, Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa.O.O.P. Limited Stock remains $92.00
MIG35-147Storage Boxes for PzIII Late Variants$25.00
MIG35-148T-55 Elevated Position Gun Mantlet$12.00
MIG35-166Winter Tarp for DML Marder III Ausf. H. Resin cast,2 pieces cover top and back of shielded gun compartment.O.O.P. Limited Stock remains $22.00
MIG35-207BJ44 Land Cruiser Technical w/PE & DushkaO.O.P. Limited Stock remains $84.00
MIG35-209Technical BJ45 Land Cruiser Long cargo bed version w/hard top cab and full tarp covering cargo bed. Includes P.E. & clear resin lightsO.O.P. Limited Stock remains $88.00
MIG35-251Burned out T55/T62 WheelsO.O.P. Limited Stock remains $17.00
MIG35-254M1114 Up-Armored HMMWV. Extensive conversion for Tamiya kit includes: armored doors, roof w/cupola, front grille, side plates plus interior parts O.O.P. Limited Stock remains $42.00
MIG35-255 Humvee tires/wheels, Agressive pattern for Tamiya kit includes: 4 right wheels + 2 left wheelsO.O.P. Limited Stock remains $21.00
MIG35-256STZ T-34/76 Cast Turret (Stalingrad) conversion for Dragon O.O.P. Limited Stock remains $38.00
MIG35-26038t Ausf. G Conversion for Tamiya Marder III kit O.O.P. Limited Stock remains $31.00
MIG35-26138t Turret Pillbox O.O.P. Limited Stock remains $34.00
MIG35-262HMMWV late type cupola$12.00
MIG35-268Soviet B-11 Recoiless Rifle on wheeled mount O.O.P. Limited Stock remains $20.00
MIG35-269M1114 HUMVEE with Shielded MG Cupola. Revised edition of MP35-254 all parts have been revised for improved fit & quality. This kit also includes MP35-255 Aggressive pattern tires, a new photo-etched cupola shield and if you want to build an Iraqi Military version, a DUSHKA MG is also included. O.O.P. Limited Stock remains $80.00
MIG35-274Dushka Machinegun & Ammo Set. Dushka w/tall pedestal mount, 6 ammo cans, 2 jerry water cans and one AK-47. O.O.P. Limited Stock remains $12.00
MIG35-292Damaged Hi-Lux Pick-Up. O.O.P. Limited Stock remains $125.00
Diorama/Vignette Items
(1/35th scale unless otherwise marked)
MIG35-101Modern City Set,Vol. 2 O.O.P. Limited Stock remains $42.00
MIG35-109Striped Metal Drums. O.O.P. Limited Stock remains $18.00
MIG35-110Striped Metal Drums. O.O.P. Limited Stock remains $18.00
MIG35-111Soviet WWII Ammo Boxes$23.00
MIG35-172Plastic Jersey BarriersO.O.P. Limited Stock remains $14.00
MIG35-175European Street LampO.O.P. Limited Stock remains $21.00
MIG35-267Wooden Pallets, 2 each. O.O.P. Limited Stock remains $10.00
MIG35-275Concrete Barriers (Jersey type) 6 each O.O.P. Limited Stock remains $14.00
MIG35-277Road Traffic Cones$10.00
MIG35-299Burned Out German Jerry Cans$13.00
MIG35-371Burned Out U.S. Jerry Cans$13.00
Small Scale Items
1:72nd & 1/48th Scale Kits, Conversions & Accessories
MIG72-0951/72 scale Industrial ChimneyO.O.P. Limited Stock remains $24.00
MIG72-0861/72 scale Damaged Cobblerstone section 4"x3.5"$11.00
Small Scale Figures 1/72nd & 1/48th
MIG48-0631/48th scale German Winter Crew. 4 partial figures$14.00
MIG72-350German Winter Raiders$11.00
1/35 Scale Figures
MIG35-044WWII Soviet tank crew, 2 partial figures may be used in T-24, KV, JS, Grant or Sherman$16.00
MIG35-116WWII Soviet Naval Soldier #1, 1941-43$16.00
MIG35-117WWII Soviet Naval Soldier #2, 1941-43$16.00
MIG35-118WWII Soviet Tanker at Work O.O.P. Limited Stock remains $17.00
MIG35-119WWII Soviet Tanker on top of tank O.O.P. Limited Stock remains $19.00
MIG35-120WWII Russian Civilian, "Hooligan" $17.00
MIG35-131WWII Soviet Soldier w/Tokarev Model 40 SVD Rifle, Barbarossa 1940-41 O.O.P. Limited Stock remains $17.00
MIG35-171WWII Soviet Soldier w/Panzerfaust standing O.O.P. Limited Stock remains $18.00
MIG35-179Iraqi Commander O.O.P. Limited Stock remains $18.00
MIG35-270Modern Arab Tanker #1 $16.00
MIG35-273Old Russian Civilian Man, WWIIO.O.P. Limited Stock remains $17.00
MIG35-279"Helping Comrade" WWII Russian soldier giving a "fireman's carry" to a wounded comrade. O.O.P. Limited Stock remains $28.00
MIG35-280Russian Tanker Wearing German Parka$17.00
MIG35-283Arab Farmer/Herder$18.00
MIG35-284German P.O.W., Winter Checkout his footwear!O.O.P. Limited Stock remains $17.00
MIG35-287WWII German CasualtyO.O.P. Limited Stock remains $17.00
MIG35-288Old Russian WomanO.O.P. Limited Stock remains $20.00
MIG35-289US Navy SEALO.O.P. Limited Stock remains $20.00
MIG35-295Early IDF Tank Commander$18.00
MIG35-297IDF Tank Commander$18.00
MIG35-298Modern US Infantryman, Iraqi FreedomO.O.P. Limited Stock remains $20.00
MIG35-310WWII Soviet Tanker Carrying Jerry Can$18.00
MIG35-312WWII Soviet Tankers, refueling, 2 fig. setO.O.P. Limited Stock remains $33.00
MIG35-314U.S. Infantryman OIF #2$20.00
MIG35-315Palestinian Street Fighter w/AK #1$19.00
MIG35-316Palestinian Street Fighter w/AK 21$19.00
MIG35-319DAK Motorcyclist, standingO.O.P. Limited Stock remains $18.00
MIG35-332U.S. Navy Seal #3$16.00
MIG35-333Marine RTO$17.00
MIG35-334Medic 82nd Airborne$16.00
1/9 & 1/10 Scale Figures
MIGH09-046"Steppe Hunters",1/9th Scale Bust of Mongol Tribesman with Mongolian Eagle, 13th century.O.O.P. Limited Stock remains $38.00
MIGH10-1531/10th Scale Bust of SS Panzer commander.O.O.P. Limited Stock remains $35.00
MIGH10-3061/10th Scale Bust of SS Untersturmfuhrer.O.O.P. Limited Stock remains $35.00

Finishing Products
Dry Transfers; 1/72 Scale
MW7-209 WWII German Black Numbers   $11.00 O.O.P. Limited Stock Remains
MW7-210 WWII German Black Numbers   $11.00 O.O.P. Limited Stock Remains
Dry Transfers; 1/48 Scale
MW4-201 WWII German symbols & crosses   $11.00 O.O.P. Limited Stock Remains
Dry Transfers; 1/35 Scale
MW3-207 WWII German Tank Numbers   $11.00 O.O.P. Limited Stock Remains
MW3-210 WWII Soviet Army Lend Lease armor markings $11.00 O.O.P. Limited Stock Remains
MW3-213 WWII Soviet KV Tank Marks & Numbers $11.00
MW3-216 WWII Soviet T-34/85 Markings    $11.00
MW3-217 WWII Soviet T-34/76 Markings    $11.00
MW3-219 Wehrmacht Unit Emblems   $11.00
MW3-220 Markings for Soviet Assualt Tanks Su85, Su100 & JSU152    $11.00
MW3-221 Markings for Modern Russian Armor in Chechneya War    $11.00
MW3-222 Waffen SS Unit Emblems    $11.00
MW3-223 WWII German Markings, 1941 Operation Barbarossa $11.00
MW3-225 Wehrmacht Crosses & Symbols 1939-45    $11.00
MW3-228 Werhmacht White Outlined Numbers $11.00
MW3-229 WWII German White Crosses    $11.00 O.O.P. Limited Stock Remains
MW3-230 Allied Stars vol. 1    $11.00 O.O.P. Limited Stock Remains
MW3-231 WWII U.S. Registratiomn Numbers $11.00 O.O.P. Limited Stock Remains
MW3-233 Soviet marks for captured German armor    $11.00
MW3-234 Red Markings & Slogans for T-34 & KV1    $11.00 O.O.P. Limited Stock Remains
MW3-237 WWII Eastern Front Werhmacht Markings $11.00
MW3-239 Wehrmacht Unit Emblems 1939-45 (Yellow)    $11.00 O.O.P. Limited Stock Remains

MIG Pigments, Professional Pigment Colors
These colors are dry powder pigments which can be mixed with a variety of liquids such as water, alcohol, acrylic or oil paints, thinners or acetone to achieve a wide range of different effects. For example to simulate rain marks, mix P027 Light Dust +95% water. To simulate rusted surfaces, mix P024 + P025 with alcohol. 20ml of each color packed in resealable plastic jars. The total number of Pigment Colors is now 40.
MIGP022Ashes White$6.00
MIGP023Black Smoke$6.00
MIGP024Light Rust$6.00
MIGP025Standard Rust$6.00
MIGP026Copper Rust$6.00
MIGP027Light Dust$6.00
MIGP028Europe Dust$6.00
MIGP029Brick Dust$6.00
MIGP030Beach Sand$6.00
MIGP031Vietnam Earth$6.00
MIGP033Dark Mud$6.00
MIGP034Russian Earth$6.00
MIGP035Panzer Grey, faded $6.00
MIGP036Allied Green, faded$6.00
MIGP037Gulf War Sand $6.00
MIGP038African Earth $6.00
MIGP039Industrial City Dirt $6.00
MIGP040Volcanic Sand $6.00
MIGP041Fresh Wood $6.00
MIGP042Ochre Rust $6.00
MIGP043Faded Russian Khaki $6.00
MIGP044Burnt Steel Blue $6.00
MIGP045Faded Corsair Blue $6.00
MIGP046Old Aluminum $6.00
MIGP047Dark Granit $6.00
MIGP048Faded Green $6.00
MIGP049Fresh Green $6.00
MIGP051Faded Bronze Green $6.00
MIGP052Bright Iron $6.00
MIGP053Old Brick Red $6.00
MIGP054Alcaline Dust $6.00
MIGP055Cream Rust $6.00
MIGP230Old Rust                 $6.00
MIGP231Gun Metal                 $6.50
MIGP232Dry Mud                 $6.00
MIGP234Rubble Dust                 $6.00
MIGP413Primer Red                 $6.00
MIGP414Track Brown                 $6.00
MIGP415Light European Earth               $6.00
MIGP416Fresh Rust                 $6.00

Professional Pigment Sets and Extras
MIG currently packages 5 sets of Pigments P226, P227, P228 & P233. These 4 sets contain 18 of their 40 colors, 1 bottle of their Acrylic Resin and 1 bottle of Mig's own thinner. Pigments P028, Europe Dust and P026 Copper Rust are contained in 2 of the 4 sets.
In addition to the 4 sets supplied by MIG, R&J has packaged 3 additional sets. The first of these "MIG Pigment Super Set" is a complete set of all 40 pigments plus 1 bottle of Acrylic Resin, 1 bottle of Mig's Thinner and 1 bottle of Mig's "Pigment Fixer" at a very special price. Our "MIG Pigment Half Set" provides 20 colors of your choice plus the Acrylic Resin, Thinner & Fixer at a discounted price and our "MIG Pigment Partial Set" provides 10 pigment colors of your choice at a discounted price. See these 3 set listed below:
MIGP226Fresh Mud Set, Contains 4 pigments (P026, 028, 033 & 034) plus Acrylic resin P032 Contains color instructions $29.00
MIGP227Rust & Smoke Set, Contains 6 pigments (P022, 023, 024, 025, 031 & 039) to make rust, ashes & smoke effects. Contains color instructions $31.00
MIGP228Sand & Earth Set, Contains 6 pigments (P027, 028, 029, 030, 037 & 038) to make sand, dry earth & dust effects. Contains color instructions $31.00
MIGP233Urban Combat Set, Contains 4 pigments (P026, 230, 232 & 234) and 1 bottle of Mig's thinner (P239). For city & factory rubble effects. Contains color instructions $29.00
MIG Pigment Super Set This set gives you 1 each of the entire line of 40 MIG pigment colors plus 1 bottle each of P032 Acrylic resin, P239 MIG's Thinner & P249 Pigment Fixer. A $267 value, at a special Non-Discountable R&J price $230.00 NEW
MIG Pigment Half Set This set gives you 1 each of any 20 of the 40 MIG pigment colors listed above plus 1 bottle each of P032 Acrylic resin, P239 MIG's Thinner & P249 Pigment Fixer. A $147 value, at a special Non-Discountable R&J price $130.00 NEW
MIG Pigment Partial Set This set gives you 1 each of any 10 of the 40 MIG pigment colors listed above. A $60 value, at a special Non-Discountable R&J price $54.00 NEW

MIG's Thinner, Fixer, Washes & Effects
MIGP032Acrylic Resin for Pigments. Use with appropriate pigment to create fresh or dried muds. 75ml plastic bottle $9.00
MIGP220Dark Wash 75ml plastic jar.$10.00
MIGP221Brown Wash 75ml plastic jar.$10.00
MIGP222Neutral Wash 75ml plastic jar.$10.00
MIGP223Cold Grey Wash 75ml plastic jar.$10.00 NEW
MIGP224White Camoflage Wash 75ml plastic jar.$10.00 NEW
MIGP225Wood Aging Solution 75ml plastic jar.$10.00 NEW
MIGP301Warm White Wash 75ml plastic bottle $10.00 NEW
MIGP302Deep Green Wash 75ml plastic bottle $10.00 NEW
MIGP303Dirty Glass Wash 75ml plastic bottle $10.00 NEW
MIGP304Mud Splash Wash 75ml plastic bottle $10.00 NEW
MIGP305Moss Green Wash 75ml plastic bottle $10.00 NEW
MIGP239Mig's own thinner for washes, 75ml plastic jar. Use this with pigments & they remain removeable$9.00
MIGP249Pigment Fixer. Use this to make pigments permanent. 75ml plastic bottle $9.00
MIGP250Abolsute Chipping. 35ml plastic bottle $7.00 NEW
MIGP409Wet Effects and Damp Earth Mixture. 75ml plastic bottle $9.00
MIGP410Oil & Grease Stain Mixture. 75ml plastic bottle$9.00
MIGP411Standard Rust Effects. 75ml plastic bottle $9.00
MIGP412Light Rust Effects. 75ml plastic bottle $9.00
MIGP417Rainmarks. 75ml plastic bottle $9.00
MIGP418Worn Grey 75ml plastic bottle $8.00 NEW
MIGP419Orange Desert Camo 75ml plastic bottle $8.00 NEW
MIGP421Nuetral Grey 75ml plastic bottle $8.00 NEW
MIGP422Brown Dirt 75ml plastic bottle $8.00 NEW

Mig's Fantasy Pigments Line
MIG-F600Rocket Exhaust$7.00
MIG-F601Martian Dust$7.00
MIG-F602Lunar Dust$6.50
MIG-F603Volcanic Ash$7.00
MIG-F604Zombie Green$7.00
MIG-F605Graveyard Dirt$7.00
MIG-F606Plasma Burn$7.00
MIG-F607Metallic Silver$7.00
MIGP610Carbon Steel$7.00
MIGP611Stainless Alloy$7.00

Mig's Fantasy Pigment Sets
MIGF-608Fantasy Pigment Set #1. 1 each of F600, F601, F602 & F603$25.00
MIGF-609Fantasy Pigment Set #2. 1 each of F604, F605, F606 & F607$25.00
MIGF-614Fantasy Pigment Set #3. 1 each of F610, F611, F612 & F613$25.00

THE FILTERS by SIN Industries (Powered by MIG) Filter Sets:
MP243German Filters Set for weathering. Contains three 35ml jars 1 each of :
P240 BLUE for Panzer grey,
P241 BROWN for Dark Yellow and
P242 TAN for Tri-tonal camo
MP247Allied Filters Set for weathering U.S., Soviet and British miltary models. Contains three 35ml jars 1 each of P244 GREEN for Light Greeen
P245 BROWN for Dark Green and
P246 GREY for Bright Green
MP403Afrika Korps Filters Set for weathering DAK and British miltary models. Contains three 35ml jars 1 each of P400 GREY for Dark Yellow
P401 OCHRE for Grey Sand and
P402 BROWN for Desert Yellow
MP407Winter/UN Filters Set. Contains three 35ml jars 1 each of :
P404 GREY for Bright White
P405 Brown for White-Green and
P406 BROWN for White-Yellow
Individual Filters:
MP240Blue for Panzer Grey, 35 ml jar $8.00
MP241Brown for Dark Yellow, 35 ml jar $8.00
MP242Tan for Tri-Color Camo, 35 ml jar $8.00
MP244Green for Light Green, 35 ml jar $8.00
MP245Brown for Dark Green, 35 ml jar $8.00
MP246Grey for Bright Green, 35 ml jar $8.00
MP400Grey for Dark Yellow, 35 ml jar $8.00
MP401Ochre for Grey Sand, 35 ml jar $8.00
MP402Brown for Desert Yellow, 35 ml jar $8.00
MP404Grey for Bright White, 35 ml jar $7.00
MP405Brown for White-Green, 35 ml jar $7.00
MP406Brown for White-Yellow, 35 ml jar $7.00
MP418Warm Grey for Panzer Grey, 35 ml jar $8.00
MP419Orange for Desert Camo, 35 ml jar $8.00
MP420Green for Khaki-Green, 35 ml jar $8.00
MP421Neutral Grey for Panzer Grey, 35 ml jar $8.00
MP422Brown Dirt for White Camo, 35 ml jar $8.00
MP423Dark Green Grey, 35 ml jar $8.00
MP424Japan Navy Blue, 35 ml jar $8.00
MP425Green for Allied Tanks, 35 ml jar $8.00

Oil Colors4 New colors have been added so, there are now 31 different colors in 20 ml tubes $7.00/tube
MPAbt001Snow White, 20 ml tube $7.00
MPAbt010Luftwaffe Yellow, 20 ml tube $7.00
MPAbt015Shadow Brown, 20 ml tube $7.00
MPAbt020Faded Dark Yellow, 20 ml tube $7.00
MPAbt025Brick Red, 20 ml tube $7.00
MPAbt030Faded Navy Blue, 20 ml tube $7.00
MPAbt035Buff, 20 ml tube $7.00
MPAbt040Faded Green, 20 ml tube$7.00
MPAbt050Olive Green, 20 ml tube $7.00
MPAbt060Light Rust Brown, 20 ml tube$7.00
MPAbt070Dark Rust, 20 ml tube$7.00
MPAbt080Wash Brown, 20 ml tube$7.00
MPAbt090Industrial Earth, 20 ml tube $7.00
MPAbt092German Ochre, 20 ml tube $7.00
MPAbt093Basic Earth, 20 ml tube $7.00
MPAbt094Green Grass, 20 ml tube $7.00
MPAbt100Faded Grey, 20 ml tube $7.00
MPAbt110Black, 20 ml tube $7.00
MPAbt120Primer Red, 20 ml tube $7.00
MPAbt125Light Mud, 20 ml tube $7.00
MPAbt130Dark Mud, 20 ml tube $7.00
MPAbt135Light Flesh Tone, 20 ml tube $7.00
MPAbt140Basic Flesh Tone, 20 ml tube $7.00
MPAbt145Sunny Flesh Tone, 20 ml tube $7.00
MPAbt150Field Grey, 20 ml tube $7.00
MPAbt155German 3-Tone Fading, 20 ml tube $7.00
MPAbt160Engine Grease, 20 ml tube $7.00
MPAbt165Faded UN White, 20 ml tube $7.00 (NEW)
MPAbt170German Grey Highlight, 20 ml tube $7.00 (NEW)
MPAbt180Copper Oxide Blue (patina), 20 ml tube $7.00 (NEW)
MPAbt190Faded Camoflage Maroon, 20 ml tube $7.00 (NEW)
MPAbt200Odorless Turpentine, 75ml jar $9.00
MPAbt Mini SetOne 20ml tube each of Any 8 Oil Colors listed above. A $56.00 value at a special price. $48.00 SPECIAL N.D.
MPAbt Master SetOne 20ml tube each of all 31 Oil Colors listed above + 75ml jar of Odorless Turps. A $226.00 value at a special price. $170.00 SPECIAL N.D.
METAL POWER Modelling Oil Colors by 502 Abteilung
MPAbt200Gold, 20 ml tube $7.00 (NEW)
MPAbt205Silver, 20 ml tube $7.00 (NEW)
MPAbt210Copper, 20 ml tube $7.00 (NEW)
MPAbt Metal SetOne 20 ml tube each of the 3 Metal Power colors; Gold, Silver & Copper. A $21.00 value at a special price. $18.00 (N.D.)
MIG's F.A.Q. DVD's by Night Vision
F.A.Q. DVD Vol.1The Pigments by Mig Jimenez $29.00
F.A.Q. DVD Vol.2Airbrush Techniques, Modulation Style by Adam Wilder $29.00

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