Lion Marc is a fairly new company based in China. They are best known for their individual link "clickable" track sets and metal barrels. However, their more recent metal accessories including: Brass Sherman suspension skids with nuts & bolts and their 0.6 & 0.9mm brass screwheads are just amazing!.

(Prices on this website are subject to change without prior notice)

Resin Track Sets (1:35th Scale)
Clickable Track Sets
CL3007Sturer Emil Track, 195 track links + 2 replacement sprockets$39.00
CL3008KV SeriesTrack, 195 track links$34.00
Workable (pinned) Track Sets
AW7003Tiger I Late, 220 track links + 220 brass pins$39.00
Resin Hulls & Conversions (1:35th Scale)
LM33006Sherman M4A1 Direct Vision Hull for Tasca$31.00 NEW
Resin Accessories (1:35th Scale)
LM-90000Sig 33 Field Gun Steel Wheels, $9.00
LM9001Panzer I B Idler Wheels, 2 pieces$9.00
Metal Barrels (1:35th Scale)
LM10007Panzer 38(t) Barrel for Italeri/Zvesda$8.00
LM10009Barrel Set for Char B1 Bis. 47mm, 75mm & 7.5mm MG barrels w/brass adaptor for attaching 75mm barrel.$17.00
LM1001175mm Sherman Early Barrel$12.00
LM1001275mm Sherman Late Barrel$12.00
LM1001376mm Sherman Barrel w/muzzle protector ring$15.00
LM10014BESA Mk3 MG Barrel for British Tanks, 2 barrels$19.00
LM10017Mk19 Grenade Launcher Barrel$11.00
LM1002175mm Sherman Early Barrel for Tasca$12.00
LM10023150mm sFH18 Howitzer/Hummel Barrel, w/rifling$19.00
LM1002437mm Panzer 38(t) Barrel for Dragon$8.00
LM100252cm FLAK 38 Barrel w/perforated muzzle brake.$18.00 NEW
LM10026Browning M2 .50 cal Barrel w/perforated cooling collar.$18.00 NEW
LM100272cm Kwk 30 Barreel w/perforated muzzle brake.$18.00 NEW
LM10028Browning M2 .50 cal Barrel w/perforated cooling collar, barrel nut & handle $20.00 NEW
LM20000Challenger 2 Barrel$18.00
LM50001 17 Pounder Barrel for Tasca Firefly$13.00
LM50003 2 Pounder Barrel (Early) w/BESA MG Barrel for Mathilda$14.00
Metal Accessories (1:35th Scale)
LM60003Sherman Brass Skids, 6 skids,$9.00
LM6005Sherman Brass Skids with Nuts & Bolts, 6 skids, 40 nuts & bolts$18.00
LM600060.6mm Brass Screwheads (100 pieces) 0.6mm drill bit included$16.00
LM600070.9mm Brass Screwheads (100 pieces) 0.9mm drill bit included$16.00
LM60008WWII German 2 meter Antenna, 3 pieces$15.00 NEW

This product listing was created January 3, 2009.