Legend Productions Interesting line of high quality resin Kits, Conversions, Accessories & Figures from S. Korea. Legend has more IDF related items than most other "after-market" resin producers.

(Prices on this website are subject to change without prior notice)

Kits and Conversions (1:35 Scale)
LP1022Panther Ausf A Early Conversion$60.00
LP1023Magach 7 Israeli conversion$70.00
LP1034M60 Gun Truck, AFV Club$55.00
LP1044IDF Achzarit$142.00
LP1046Megach 7A ISR Conversion$93.00
LP1047IDF Magach 7A kit + Detail Set. Consists of Academy M60A3 kit + Legends Magach Conversion parts.$92.00
LP1048I.D.F. Megach 7C, Conversion for Academy M60A1$68.00
LP1049IDF Magach 7C (Full Kit). Consists of Academy Israeli M60 Blazer Kit + Legends Magach Conversion parts.$104.00
LP1059Centurian MkV Conversion Set. Includes Turret, barrel, machine gun & more for Tamiya & Academy kits.$49.00
LP1061IDF Centurian Conversion$82.00
LP1062Australian Centurian Conversion$69.00
LP1063Churchill MkIV AVRE Conversion$55.00
LP1080IDF Machbet Conv. w/Sandbag Armor Set$33.00
LP1084IDF Merkava MkIIID Conv. Set$118.00
LP1091Churchill NA75 Conversion Set$55.00
LP1096Sherman M4A2 early Conversion Set, for Academy$66.00
LP1097Sherman M4A2 early Conversion Set for Italeri M4A1.$72.00
LP1100Sherman M4 early Conversion for Tamiya$48.00
LP1101Sherman M4 early Conversion for Italeri$61.00
LP1102IDF Namer GP Conversion Set$119.00
LP1105Sherman ARV MkI Conversion Set$44.00
LP1106IDF Merkava MkIID Conversion Set$144.00
LP1111IDF Magach 6B Gal Conversion Set$72.00
LP1112IDF Magach 6B Gal Batash M60 Conversion Set$95.00
LP1121Leopard 2A5/A6(NL) Conversion Set$29.00
LP1122M48A1 Conversion Set$92.00
LP1123IDF Merkava Mk4, Full Kit$178.00
LP1125M48A2/A2C/A2CG Conversion Set$95.00
LP1126IDF HUMVEE Ambulance Conversion Set$11.00
LP1127M48A2GA2 Conversion Set$95.00
LP1130M60 Conversion Set$43.00
LP1131IDF Magach 3 Conversion Set$55.00
LP1134IDF Magach 3 w/Blazer Armor Conversion Set$79.00
LP1135M31 ARV Conversion Set$67.00
LP1136IDF Magach 6 MEM Conversion Set$79.00
LP1138M39 Conversion Set. Highly detailed upper hull, fighting compartment, & additional parts w/Photo-etch for AFV Club M18 kit.$53.00
LP1139Sherman "Crab" Conversion. Flail parts for DML M4A4 kit$79.00
LP1141IDF M151A2 Orev Conversion for Tamiya & Academy Jeep kits$33.00
LP1142IDF M151A2 Orev Conversion for Tamiya & Academy Jeep kits$35.00
LP1145IDF TOW Humvee Conversion Set for Tamiya$48.00
LP1146IDF MBT Merkava Mk3 BAZ, Full Kit$178.00
LP1147IDF APC Nagmashot Conversion Set$124.00
LP1148IDF APC Nagmashot, Full Kit$179.00
LP1154IDF APC Nagmachon Conversion Set$135.00
LP1159IDF Uparmored HUMVEE Conversion Set$56.00
LP1162IDF Nagmachon "Doghouse" Conversion Set$163.00

Accessories, Diorama Materials, and Tools (1:35 Scale)
LP1005M10 Accessory Set. Includes 1 crew figure, for AFV Club$18.00
LP1008M10 Turret, Early, AFV Club$11.00
LP1009M10 Turret, Late, AFV Club$24.00
LP1011M113 Accessory Set$28.00
LP1025K1A1 Detail Set #1, Trumpeter$49.00
LP1026K1A1 Detail Set #2, Trumpeter$63.00
LP1028M1A1 Tank Engine$44.00
LP1029M1 US Tank Accessory set$23.00
LP1032M48A3 Tank Engine Set$53.00
LP1033M48 Tank Accessory set$11.00
LP1038XM-134 Mini Gun set$9.00
LP1039Ammo Box set$9.00
LP1040Rivet set$9.00
LP1043M151A1 Shimira Details & Accessories$12.00
LP1051M113 Accessories, Vietnam$17.00
LP1053IDF Merkava Ball & Chain Skirt Set$9.00
LP1055IDF Merkava MkII Turret Basket Set$17.00
LP1068IDF Merkava MkIII C Turret Set$55.00
LP1070IDF Merkava III Sideskirt/Rear H Basket set$21.00
LP1073M48A3 Vietnam Sandbag Armor Set$17.00
LP1074M48A3 Vietnam Stowage Set$26.00
LP1075M48A3 Vietnam Sandbag Armor & Stowage Set$37.00
LP1076M113 Vietnam Stowage Set$25.00
LP1078IDF M113 Sandbag Armor Set$14.00
LP1081IDF Merkava MkIII All Steel Wheel Set$26.00
LP1082IDF Merkava MkIII Turret Set$71.00
LP1083IDF Merkava MkIII C/D Hull Set$41.00
LP1088IDF Merkava MkIII Track Set$24.00
LP1090Sherman M4A3 Sandbag Armor$20.00
LP1093Churchill NA75 Turret Set$56.00
LP1094Sherman M34 Mantlet w/barrel$11.00
LP1098Centurian Road Wheels$20.00
LP1104Sheridan Accessory Set$18.00
LP1107IDF .50 cal Tank Machine Gun set, 2 MG's$14.00
LP1108M60 Tank Wheel Set$22.00
LP1109Magach 6B KMT Adapter$18.00
LP1110Magach 6B Blazer Armor Set$20.00
LP1113LAV-25 Stowage Set$20.00
LP1114HUMMER Stowage Set$16.00
LP1115US Army Backpack Set$12.00
LP1116Sherman Stowage Set$29.00
LP1117Sherman M4A3 Sandbag Armor$24.00
LP1118AAVP7A1 Stowage Set$44.00
LP1119Bradley Stowage Set$44.00
LP1120OIF M113 Stowage Set$36.00
LP1124IDF Merkava MkIV wheels$25.00
LP1128IDF .50 Cal Tank MG Set 2$11.00
LP1129M3/Early M4 Suspension Set, w/top mounted return roller$16.00
LP1132M3 Lee Turret & Stowage Bin Set$16.00
LP1133M3 Lee Detail Set w/Photo-etch parts for Academy$55.00
LP1137Comet Detail Set$15.00
LP1140IDF M9 Dozer Blade Set$29.00
LP1143IDF Magach 6B Track Set$29.00
LP1149Stug III Stowage Set$22.00
LP1150US M2/M3 HalftrackStowage Set$35.00
LP1151Churchill MkIV AVRE Turret Set$23.00
LP1152T-34 Update Set$32.00
LP1153M1126 Stryker Stowage Set$38.00
LP1155T-34/76 Update Set$29.00
LP1156M7 "Priest" Stowage Set fit Academy or Italeri kits$33.00
LP1157"Staghound" Stowage Set$32.00
LP1158Humber Scout Car Stowage Set$16.00
LP1160IDF AFV FN Mag. Set$11.00
LP1161IDF KMT Adapter Set$12.00
LP1163M1 Abrams Tank Stowage Set$25.00
LP1164PzKpfw III Stowage Set$31.00

Figures (1:35 Scale)
LPF004Waffen SS Tanker #1$11.00
LPF007WWII German Officer$11.00
LPF010WWII German Motorcycle rider set, 2 figures$20.00
LPF012WWII U.S. Tanker #2$11.00
LPF015WWII U.S. 101 Airborne Officer$11.00
LPF020WWII, Russian Tanker$11.00
LPF023WWII, German Paratrooper$12.00
LPF035WWII German Tank Officer, Michael Wittman$12.00
LPF039Vietnam, Heliborne CAV 3 figure set.$28.00
LPF064British SAS 2 figure set.$17.00
LPF082German SS Infantry w/Russian POW. 3 figure set.$28.00
LPF084Japanese Tank Commander$10.00
LPF085German Motorcycle Team, 2 figure set.$18.00
LPF086General Patton & Willie$14.00
LPF087wounded soldier in bed & girlfriend, 2 figure set.$28.00
LPF088Farmer & Child, 2 figure set.$16.00
LPF089Bathing Girl$9.00
LPF090"Are you sleeping kid?" German officer & soldier, 2 figure set.$24.00
LPF091Soldier reading newspaper$9.00
LPF093Soldier, Girl & Cow$33.00
LPF097"Are you reading kid?" 2 seated German soldiers$24.00
LPF098German Tank Crew 2 figure set$21.00
LPF099"Somebody Help Us!" 2 figure set$21.00
LPF0100UH-60 Helicopter crew, 2 figure set$21.00
LPF0102US Tank crew, 2 figure set$21.00
LPF0103"Dash at the Enemy!" German Infantry crawling forward, 3 figure set$28.00
LPF0104"Cover Me!" 3 figure set$37.00
LPF0107US AFV Crew Set, 3 figure set$33.00
LPF0108German Soldiers at rest. 2 seated figures$28.00
LPF0109Motorcycle Feldgendarme #1$11.00
LPF0110Motorcycle Feldgendarme #2$11.00
LPF0111Head Set, universal, 12 bare heads$9.00
LPF0112WWII German Head Set #2, 12 heads$9.00
LPF0113WWII German Head Set #3, 12 heads$9.00
LPF0114US M8 Greyhound Crew Set, 2 figs.$21.00
LPF0115SS Tank Crew Set, 2 figs.$21.00
LPF0116German Tank Commander & Riders,3 figs.$30.00

Figures (1/16 (120mm) Scale)
LPF1602General George S. Patton $33.00
LPF1604US Marine, Korea, winter 1950. Seated on pile of rocks below Totem Pole. Complete vignette: Seated figure w/base & totem pole.$55.00
LPF1606U-Boat Captain$28.00
LPF1607"Halt!" German Soldiers $28.00

This product listing was last updated on July 24, 2008.