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Camoflage Sets
LCCS-01German WWII Tanks Set 1. 6 colors:Gelbbraun,Sandgrau,Grunbraun,Dunkelgelb, Rotbraun & Olivgrun $26.00
LCCS-02NATO M.E.R.D.C. Set. 6 colors: FS37030 Black, FS30051 Brown, FS34094 Green, FS30277 Sand, FS30257 Earth Yellow & FS30117 Earth Red. Includes mixing instructions for NATO Desert Gray & Desert Red Schemes $26.00
LCCS-03German WWII Tanks Set 2. 6 colors: RAL7021 Pzgrau, RAL7016 Anthrazitegrau, RAL8002 Signalbraun, RAL7017 Dunkelbraun, RAL8012 Red Oxide Primer & RAL7008 Khakibraun $26.00
LCCS-04German WWII Uniforms Set 1. 6 colors: UA401 Tropical Tan 1 , UA402 Field Grey 1, UA403 Field Grey 2, UA404 Field Blue, UA405 Brown service shirt, & UA 406 Tropical Tan 2 $26.00
LCCS-05German WWII Uniforms Set 2. 6 colors: UA407 Panzer Uniform, UA408 Light Brown, UA409 Dark Brown, UA410 Light Green, UA411 Dark Green & UA412 Extra Dark Brown $26.00
LCCS-06German WWII Luftwaffe Set 1. 6 colors$26.00
LCCS-07German WWII Luftwaffe Set 2. 6 colors: UA507 Graugrun, UA508 Grauviolet, UA4509 Lichtblau, UA510 Braunviolet, UA511 HellGrun & UA512 Hellblau $26.00
LCCS-08Italian WWII Regio Esercito. 6 Italian Army matt colors: UA213 Grigio-Verde chiaro, UA214 Grigio-Verde scuro, UA215 Rosso Ruggine, UA216 Verde scuro, UA217 Giallo Sabbia chiaro & UA218 Giallo Sabbia scuro $26.00
LCCS-09Kriegsmarine WWII Set 1. 6 colors for U-Boote & Surface Vessels: UA601 Hellgrau DKM50, UA602 Dunkelgrau DKM51, UA603 Hellgrau DKM50 Var., UA604 Mittellgrau DKM51 Var, UA605 Dunkelgrau & UA606 Schiffsbodenfarbe Rot 5 (Underwater Red). $26.00
LCCS-10DUST & RUST Diorama Set. 6 colors: UA701 Rust dark shadow, UA702 Rust base color, UA703 Rust light shadow 1, UA704 Rust light shadow 2, UA705 Dust type 1& UA706 Dust type 2. $26.00
LCCS-11U.S. Olive Drab. 6 colors: UA219 Olive Drab Fs33070, UA220 Olive Drab 319, UA221 Khaki O.D., UA222 Olive Drab Fs34088, UA223 Olive Drab Faded type 1 & UA224 Olive Drab Faded type 2. $26.00
LCCS-12Kriegsmarine WWII Set 2. 6 colors for U-Boote & Surface Vessels: UA607 DKM23 Schiffsbordenfarbe III Grau, UA608 Schlickgrau 58, UA609 Blaugrau 58-1, UA610 Dunkelgrau 52, UA611 Dunkelgrau 53 & UA612 Teerfirnia TF99 faded. $26.00
LCCS-13Flesh Paint Set, 6 colors: UA707 Flesh 2% light, UA708 Flesh 1% light, UA709 Flesh 1% base, UA710 Flesh 2% base, UA711 Flesh 1% shadow & UA712 Flesh 2% shadow. $26.00
LCCS-14 Italian WWII Regio Esercito Uniforms Set, 6 colors: UA413 Khaki N. Africa, UA414 Tela Grigio Verde, UA415 Tuta Carrista, UA416 Verde Telo Mimetico, UA417 Khaki Telo Mimentico & UA418 Marrone Telo Mimetico. $26.00
LCCS-16Middle East British Vehicle Camoflage Paint Set, 6 colors: UA225 Light Stone 61, UA226 Terracotta 44, UA227 Slate Grey 34, UA228 Light Grey/Silver Grey 28, UA229 Portland Stone 64& UA230 Desert Pink. $26.00
LCCS-17WWII US Army Uniforms Set 1. Combat and fatigue clothing, Class A uniforms Paint Set, 6 colors: UA419 Olive Drab/light mustard, UA420 HBT dark shade, UA421 Olive Drab M1943, UA422 Wool Olive Drab M1943, UA423 Pink UA424 Chocolate. $26.00
LCCS-18WWII US Army Uniforms Set 2 Combat Gear Paint Set, 6 colors: UA425 Olive Drab yellow tone, UA426 Olive Drab green tone, UA427 Olive Drab green tone2, UA428 Russet Brown , UA429 Olive Drab red tone & UA430 HBT light shadow. $26.00
Weathering Sets
Pre-mixed Washes for Weathing & Wear effects:
LCTSC-01Tensocrom Set 1. 6 colors: TSC201 Medium, TSC202 Sand, TSC203 Earth, TSC204 Grass, TSC205 Rust 1& TSC206 Rust 2. $26.00
LCTSC-02Tensocrom Set 2. 6 colors: TSC207 Oil, TSC208 Smoke, TSC209 Kerosene, TSC210 Fuel, TSC211 Burnt Brown & TSC212 White Oxide. $26.00
LC-ThinnerAcrylic Thinner (solvent) 22ml plastic bottle. Made by Lifecolor to thin their acrylics and for cleaning paint and air brushes. Works well with all acrylic modelling paints. $3.50 per bottle, $18.00 for 6 pack
LC-BigThinAcrylic Thinner (solvent) 250ml plastic bottle. Almost twice the amount in a 6 pack of 22ml bottles. A more economical way to purchase Lifecolor thinner. Works well with all acrylic modelling paints. $11.00 NEW

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