K59 Production is a producer of the highest quality resin conversions and accessories in 1:35th scale from Hong Kong.

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Kits,Conversions& Update Sets (1:35 Scale)
K59-C001Marder 2 Gun set for Alan Ltd's kit. Includes;turned aluminum barrel, a few etched parts and supurbly cast resin details. Exquisite! $42.00
K59-C003Marder 3 detail set for Tamiya kit. Includes; etched parts and supurbly cast resin details. Temp. O.O.P.
C003Pic2Another view of some of the details in Marder 3 detail set.
C003Pic3One more view of just a few of the details in Marder 3 detail set.
K59-C004Marder 3 Gun set for Tamiya kit. Includes; aluminum barrel, amazingly detailed gun shield, superbly cast resin details. Superb! Temp. O.O.P.
C004Pic2Photo of inside of gun shield
C004Pic3Photo of front of gun shield and travel lock
K59-C005Marder 3 M Super detail set for Tamiya kit. Amazingly well detailed this kit features; over 100 superbly cast resin pieces including a complete PAK 40 gun w/aluminum barrel, plus approx. 100 pieces of photo-etch. With multi-page instructions that are just "chuck-full" of excellent illustrations and annotations, (Best instructions I've ever seen) This kit is AWESOME! $67.00
C005Pic2 Close-up view 1Extreme Close-Up of Radio & Speaker details
C005Pic3 Overview, left inside View of leftside interior details of K59005
C005Pic4 Close-up view 2Extreme Close-Up of rear leftside ammo rack
C005Pic5 Close-up view 3Extreme Close-Up of Pak40 w/gunshield removed.
K59-C006 20mm FLAK 38 Upgrade Set. Contains 70 exquisitely cast resin parts + more than 50 P.E. parts + Schatton Brass Barrel.$40.00
K59-C013 Marder 3 Ausf. H Upgrade Set for Tristar. A highly detailed and researched upgrade kit which contains 70 exquisitely cast resin parts + many P.E. parts + Pak 40 Shells..Temp. O.O.P.
C013Pic2 Photo of parts in this superbly crafted detail set.
K59-C014 Marder 3 Ausf. H Rear Platform for Tristar. Right & Left rear platform sides that are more accurate, thinner and have sharper holes than Tristar's kit parts$8.00
C014Pic2Photo comparing Tristar to K59 rear platform side. Even in a poor quality photo/scan the sharper holes in K59 part are cleary evident.
K59-C0187.62cm F22 A.T. Gun Super Detailing Set for Bronco. Contains 22 superbly cast resin parts including detailed breech & slide + turned aluminum barrel. Another "OMG" item from K59.Temp. O.O.P.
C018Pic2 Additional photos of various C018 details
C018Pic3 Photo of C018 parts

Small Arms & Accessories (1:35 Scale)
K59-C008 Detailed M2/M3 Half-Track Suspension Set. Contains 13 superbly casted resin pieces for super detailing the suspension of Dragon M2/M3 Half-Track kits.$21.00
C008Pic2 K59008 M2/M3 Half-Track Suspension Set Parts.
K59-C009Super Detailed MG42.$14.00
K59-C010MG 42 pivot mount.$10.00
K59-C011 MG42 Armored Shield for SdKfz 250 & 251$11.00
K59-C012 2cm FLAK Ammo set. Includes open & closed cans w/separate lids, 14 mags + 40 unfired rounds & 24 spent casings $18.00
K59-C015M2HB .50cal MG w/D54075 & D36969 mounts. Includes 2 complete M2HB MG's 1 w/barrel changing handle & 1 without + 25 spent cartridges. These are unbelieveable! The guns (receiver & barrel) are resin and exquisitely cast in a single piece. The barrels have bore indentations that are "dead center". The receiver top covers are seperate so they can be glued open or closed with ammo belt in or out. And there are excellently illustrated instructions too. Awesome! Resin with P.E. parts.$22.00
C015Pic2 PartsM2HB .50cal MG Parts
K59-C016M3 Half-Track Bogie (Late Production) Upgrade for Dragon. This is a supplement set to K59008. Front part of bogie subtle raised details & casting #'s. Photo shows these parts with K59008 parts$6.00

Z1120 Production; Super Detailed Accessories (1:35 Scale)
K59-Z01German WWII Super Detailed Headphones. Includes throat mic. parts. Fine wire not included. Did you say you can't ever get enough detail? Well this one is close!$12.00
K59-Z02German WWII German AFV Radio FuSprech a/d, f. Extremely detailed. Includes separate Rcvr, Trans, Spkr, an amazing mounting frame and superb Instructions that show basic wiring for several AFV's.18 Resin parts + P.E.. "OMG" just isn't enough on this one!$16.00
K59-Z03German WWII Super Detailed AFV Gunner's Rangefinder Sight. Includes clear lenses. Sorry but, I don't believe the lenses are "Optically Correct". Of course with K59, they could be.$12.00
K59-Z04Super Detailed MG34/42 Drum Magazines & Carrier. 3 sets. 6 separate drums + 3 carriers. Another "over the top" in details item. $14.00
K59-Z05RSO Road Wheels. Immaculately cast and accurate, set of 8 for Dragon/Italeri RSO kits $14.00 NEW
K59-Z06Super Detailed German Vehicle Rear Tow Pintle. 1 each of 2 different types. Another "over the top" in details item. $18.00 NEW
K59-Z07"MG34 Fliegerbeschussgerat"Super Detailed Cupola A.A. mount for MG34. Another "over the top" in details item. $19.00 NEW
K59-Z07ALast page of instructions for Z07 MG 34 A.A. mount for Cupola.
K59-Z08"MG34 Panzerlauf" Super Detailed MG34 for Cupola Mount. One more "over the top" in details item. $15.00 NEW

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