Jordi Rubio produces the best quality 1:35 scale turned aluminum barrels with white metal muzzle brakes. (Made in Spain)

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Accessories, Diorama Materials, and Tools
Barrels (1:35 Scale)
TG-01German 3.7cm KwK L/45 for PzKpfw III A-G$4.00
TG-02German 5cm KwK L/42 for PzKpfw III F-J$4.00
TG-03German 5cm KwK L/60 for PzKpfw III J-M$5.00
TG-04Soviet 45mm for BT-5/7, T-26/50/35, BA-6/10$4.00
TG-05German 7.5cm KwK L/48 for PzKpfw IV G-J, StuG IV, and StuG III F-G$6.00
TG-06German 8.8cm KwK L/71 for Tiger II and JagdpantherSPECIAL $8.00
TG-07Soviet 76.2mm for T-34 and KV-I$4.00
TG-08German 8.8cm KwK36 for Tiger I and Porsche TigerSPECIAL $5.00
TG-09Soviet 85mm for T-34/85, SU-85, KV-85SPECIAL $4.00
TG-10German 7.5cm KwK L/70 for Panther A,D,GSPECIAL $6.00
TG-11German 15cm sIG33 L/11 gun set with rifled bore (7 pieces for use with Bison I, SF II, StuG33 B, or Grille)SPECIAL $13.00
TG-12German 15cm sFH18 with rifled bore for Hummel or sFH18 howitzerSPECIAL $7.00
TG-13German 2cm Flak30/38 and Flakvierling$8.00
TG-14German 8.8cm KwK43/2/L71 for Elefant, Jagdpanther and Tiger II (Porsche)$8.00
TG-15British 2 pdr. (early) for Cruiser, A9, A10, A13, Matilda II, Ram I, Valentine, Crusader, Covenanter, AEC Mk I, Tetrarch, and Churchill Mk I-II$4.00
TG-16German 37mm for PzKpfw 38(t)$4.00
TG-18German inner and outer mantlets & 8.8cm barrel for Jagdpanther (early)$15.00
TG-19German 8.8cm for NashornSPECIAL $8.00
TG-20Soviet 122mm for JS-II$10.00
TG-21German 2cm KwK30, PzKpfw II, SdKfz 222$8.00
TG-22German 2cm KwK38, SdKfz 231/232$6.00
TG-23German Flak38, Lynx, Mobelwagen (1 barrel)$6.00
TG-23AGerman 2cm Flak38 (4 barrel set)SPECIAL $19.00
TG-24German 12.8cm PaK 44L55, Maus$10.00
TG-25German 7.5cm PaK40$10.00
TG-26German 7.5cm KwK L/70, JgPz IV, Panther FSPECIAL $5.00
TG-27German 7.5cm for HetzerSPECIAL $4.00
TG-28German 7.5cm KwK44/1 L/70 Panther F$7.00
TG-29German 7.5cm KwK L/24, PzKpfw IV E-F1, PzKpfw III N, StuG III A-E, SdKfz 251/9, SdKfz 234/3, SdKfz 250/8, and SdKfz 233SPECIAL $6.00
TG-30German 5cm KwK39/1 L/60, Puma$8.00
TG-31British 17 pdr. for Firefly, Achilles, etc. Barrel and muzzle brake are turned in 1 piece!$11.00
TG-32US 76mm M1A2 with muzzle brake, M4, Hellcat$13.00
TG-33British 75mm for Cromwell Mk IV/V/VII and Valentine$9.00
TG-34US 90mm$9.00
TG-35German 8.8cm FLAK18 & FLAK 36/37 2barrel set.SPECIAL $19.00
TG-35AGerman 8.8cm FLAK 36/37 barrel$12.00
TG-35BGerman 8.8cm FLAK 18 barrel$12.00
TG-36Soviet 85mm ZIS-S-53, T34/85$8.00
TG-37German 10.5cm IFH18M, WespeSPECIAL $6.00
TG-38German 10.5cm StuH42 L/28, StuG and Heuschrecke$8.00
TG-40Soviet 100mm D-10s, SU-100, T-54$9.00
TG-41German 7.5cm KwK L/43, PzKpfw IV F2$10.00
TG-42US 76mm M1A1 for M4 Sherman$7.00
TG-43German 10.5cm barrel w/Saukopf mantlet and muzzle breakSPECIAL $11.00
TG-44US 105mm Sherman barrel w/mantlet$11.00
TG-45US 75mm barrel for M24 ChaffeeSPECIAL $6.00
TG-46German 7.5cm KwK48 for PzIV G thru J$10.00
TG-47Soviet 7.62cm M42 barrel for Su-76TBA
TG-48U.S. 37mm barrel for M3 Stuart, M3 Lee, M8, GMC/Dodge & Staghound$7.00
TG-49Skoda 4.7cm vz38 barrel, recooperator tube and photo etch parts. for Pzjager I, Pzjager R35(f) and 4.7cm Pak kit$14.00
TG-50German/Russian 76.2mm Obr.36 for Marder II (Alan), Marder III (Marquette) and SdKfz 6/3 "Dana" (ADV kit)$8.00
TG-51Soviet 76.2mm KT-28 barrel for BT-7, T-28, T-29, T26A and T-35$6.00
TG-52German 7.5cm Pak 39 L48 w/threaded end for Hetzer, JagdPz IV and E10$10.00
TG-53German 5cm Pak38 for Dragon's Pak38 and Italeri's Demag SdKfz 10 w/Pak$6.00
TG-54Soviet 76.2mm L-10 barrel for T-28 & T-29$5.00
TG-55Soviet T-35 set. 2 45mm barrels + 1 76.2mm barrel for ICM's T-35 kits$11.00
TG-56German 2cm Flakvierling 38 set of 4 barrels for Tamiya Flakvierling 38, Mobilwagen, Wirbelwind, SdKfz7/1, $17.00
TG-57German 15cm sIG33 L/11 barrel for Alan Bison, DML's Grille or Stug 33B and Marquette's PzI w/sig3$6.00
TG-58German 3.7cm PAK35/36 for Dragon PAK35/36, SdKfz250/10, 251/10$7.00
TG-59Soviet 100mm T-55 Tank Barrel for Trumpeter & Skif kits$10.00
TG-60Italian M13/40 for Italeri/Zvesda$6 .00
TG-61Soviet 152mm Barrel for KV-II$10.00
TG-62German 7.5cm KwKL/70 Panther G barrel for Tamiya $10.00
TG-63German 7.5cm KwKL/70 Panther D/A barrel for Dragon$10.00
TG-65Soviet 100mm T-55 Tank Barrel for Tamiya $11.00
TG-66Soviet Su-76 Barrel TBA
TG-67Soviet 7.62cm T-34 barrel $8.00
TG-68German 5cm KwKL/42 barrel w/resin mantlet cover for PzIII Ausf. F (Zvesda)$8.00
TG-69Soviet 152mm barrel for Zvesda ISU-152 or Eastern Express KV-14/SU-152 $20.00
TG-70German 60cm barrel for Morser "Karl" $20.00
TG-71German 12.8cm barrel for "Sturer Emil" $22.00
TG-72Italian 20mm Breda barrel for AB-41 & L6 $7.00
TG-73German 10.5cm leFH 18/40 barrel for Trumpeter Geschutzwagen" $6.00
TG-74German 7.5cm PAK40/3 barrel for Trumpeter Pzjaeger 39(H)$6.00
MG-01German MG-13 used on PzKpfw ITBD
MG-02MG-ZB used on PzKpfw 35(t) & 38(t)TBD
MG-03Soviet DT-29 MGTBD
AC-01German mudguard clearance poles (4 pieces)$10.00
AC-02German long poles TBA

This product listing was last updated on March 25, 2006.