Jaguar This extensive line of kit conversions, accessories and figures which was out of production for approx. a year, is now making a return. Under new management, Jaguar offers some of their previous products as well as a host of new figure sets and accessories. And, at the same high level of quality as before.

(Prices on this website are subject to change without prior notice)

(Prices on this website are subject to change without prior notice)

Kits and Conversions (1:35 Scale)
JAG63505Brummbär zimmerit$24.00
JAG63511Sherman hedgerow cutter$9.00
JAG63513Easy "Easy Eight" Hull< for Dragon$9.00
JAG63516StuG III D interior (for DML kits)$41.00
JAG63517JS-III conversion (for Tamiya kit)$18.00
JAG63519British Scorpion, early conversion$14.00
JAG63521T-34 engine compartment (complete)$22.00
JAG63523T-34 engine $10.00
JAG63525Berg-Elefant Conversion$22.00
JAG63526JagdPanther G Interior$42.00
JAG63539Hedgerow Cutter & Stowage for M10$10.00
JAG63834SdKfz250 hull side stowage bins, open w/separate covers$10.00
JAG63836SdKfz250 Hatch Set. Rear plate w/sep. detailed hatches + 2 hood hatches + 2 clear visors w/armored covers$12.00
JAG63839M8/M20 Engine Compartment$16.00
JAG63842Lynx Detail Set w/clear vision blocks$15.00
JAG63902M551 Sheridan Wheels & Tracks$18.00

Accessories, Diorama Materials, and Tools (1:35 Scale)
JAG63503Russian 122mm ammo$9.00
JAG6350675mm Panther ammo$9.00
JAG635087.5cm StuG ammo$9.00
JAG63527European Fountain$15.00
JAG63530Display Base w/well$10.00
JAG63531Display Base w/doorway, german tunic hanging$10.00
JAG63532Display Base w/wall & German jacket$10.00
JAG63534Display Base w/stump & post w/greatcoat$10.00
JAG63536Trench Base $10.00
JAG63593Soviet 122mm ammo set$9.00
JAG63801German MP38 weaponsTBD
JAG63802German MG42 with tripodTBD
JAG63803German MG42TBD
JAG63804Russian PpshTBD
JAG63805German MG34 with tripodTBD
JAG63806<German Helmets w/liners$6.00
JAG63807German Helmets w/covers & liners$6.00
JAG63808German Para. Helmets w/liners$6.00
JAG63809Russian Helmets w/liners$6.00
JAG63810PzKpfw III detail set$9.00
JAG63811PzKpfw IV detail set$9.00
JAG63814German MG Ammo Bags$6.00
JAG63815Tank mounted MG34 system$6.00
JAG63816PzKpfw IV transmission cover (for DML kits)$7.00
JAG63817Russian T-34 hatches$9.00
JAG63818Tiger I detail set & stowage bin$6.00
JAG63819JS-III fuel tanks & smoke mortars$6.00
JAG63820Russian T-34 fuel cells$5.50
JAG63821Russian T-34 wheels$9.00
JAG63824Cromwell WheelsTBA
JAG63827Russian Ammo$6.00
JAG63829Burnt-out T-34 roadwheels$9.00
JAG63830Burnt-out Tiger I roadwheels$9.00
JAG63831Su-100 Hatches w/detail$6.00
JAG63832Su-100/T-34 exhausts$6.00
JAG63833M8 Tires w/chains$9.00
JAG63838SdKfz250 Burnt-out Wheel Set$10.00
JAG63840European Streetlight$8.00
JAG63841European Signal & Sign$8.00
JAG63843European Fountain #2 $13.00
JAG63844Fence Section$15.00
JAG63845Entrance w/wooden fence$900
JAG63846Eastern European Well #1$11.00
JAG63847Eastern European Well #2$11.00

Figures (1:35 Scale)
JAG63001"Walking Wounded", 2 figures$16.00
JAG63002Wounded panzer crew, 2 figures$16.00
JAG63003"Bail out", 3 figures$20.00
JAG63005Marching MG34 team, 2 figures$22.00
JAG63006Surrendering Germans, 2 figures$17.00
JAG63007"Halt" German MPs, 2 figures$18.00
JAG63009German paratroopers at rest, 2 figures$17.00
JAG63011"Have a drink", 2 figures$18.00
JAG63012Kubelwagen riders, 4 figures$32.00
JAG63013US refueling party$19.00
JAG63014"Playing Chicken", 2 figures w/chickens & base$50.00
JAG63015German with captured Russian$18.00
JAG63018German Luftwaffe MPs, 2 figures$19.00
JAG63020German nurse with patient$19.00
JAG63021Panzer crew at lunch$22.00
JAG63022"Training the Tiger", panzer crew$21.00
JAG63023Sandbag detail, US tankers$19.00
JAG63024"Digging in"$19.00
JAG63025Casualties of war (Russians #1)$21.00
JAG63026Casualties of war (Russians #2)$14.00
JAG63027Casualties of war (Germans #1)$21.00
JAG63029"The Surrender"$19.00
JAG63030"Close Encounter"$19.00
JAG63031Wounded German and medic$19.00
JAG63032French Foreign Legion, Vietnam$19.00
JAG63033"Friend or Foe"$19.00
JAG63034German Tiger crew (winter, 3 figures)$21.00
JAG63035Surrendering British 'Tommy'$19.00
JAG63036Firefight (Kursk 1943)$19.00
JAG63037Running MG team$19.00
JAG63038Wounded German officer$19.00
JAG63039Wounded panzer crew$19.00
JAG63040Escaping panzer crew$19.00
JAG63041Wounded German Fallschirmjäger$12.00
JAG63042"Casualties of War"$21.00
JAG63043Street fighters, Berlin 1945$18.00
JAG63044German officers, Ardennes 1944$18.00
JAG63045"Farewell, my Comrade"$22.00
JAG63046"Mechanics at Work"$18.00
JAG63047"Firefight II", Ardennes 1944$18.00
JAG63048"Last Stand in Stalingrad"$27.00
JAG63049MG team in Stalingrad$21.00
JAG63050"A Friend in Need"$22.00
JAG63051Inspector General$18.00
JAG63052"The Baker", with bread, bread rack, and base$16.00
JAG63054"The Long Way Home"$21.00
JAG63055"The First Contact"$21.00
JAG63056German Weasel tank crew$21.00
JAG63057 " Battle for Berlin" 2 figures$20.00
JAG63060 " Der Instructor " 1 figure w/base$18.00
JAG63062"Crossing the Desna Bridge"$27.00
JAG63063 "A Hero's Welcome" 2 figures w/base$24.00
JAG63065 Captured G.I., Ardennes 1944$22.00
JAG63067 " Der Fuhrer Div." Officers N. Italy 1945, 2 figures$21.00
JAG63068Luftwaffe field div. Anzio, 1944, 2 figures$18.00
JAG63069 "The Accordian Players" 2 figures$18.00
JAG63071 "Come Closer"wounded soldier & surgeon$18.00
JAG63072 "End of the Reich" $22.00
JAG63073 Hermann Goering Div. N. Italy, 2 figures$21.00
JAG63074 "Street Fighter #3 " 1945, w/base$24.00
JAG63075 "The Volkstrum" Berlin 1945, 2 figures$18.00
JAG63076 German Tankers, 1944 $22.00
JAG63077 "Breakfast in Bed" $20.00
JAG63081 "Charge ! " Florin Geyer mounted officer$18.00
JAG63082 "Have a Light? " 2 figs. w/base$21.00
JAG63083 British Para. w/captured German, Arnhem$18.00
JAG63084 "SdKfz250 Riders " 1944$18.00
JAG63085 "SdKfz250 Riders " 1945$18.00
JAG63086 Luftwaffe Field Div. Anzio, 1944$17.00
JAG63087 "The Defenders" E. Prussia 2 figs.$18.00
JAG63088 German Snipers w/base$22.00
JAG63089 "The Tunnel Rat" Vietnam 1968.$21.00
JAG63090 "Last Defenders" 2 Hitlerjugend, Berlin 1945.$21.00
JAG63091 "Berlin Sewer, Final" $21.00
JAG63092 "Have a Light? " 2 figs.1945$18.00
JAG63093 Luftwaffe Officers, N. Italy 2 figs.$22.00
JAG63095 "Steamboat Willey w/captor" 2 figs.$21.00
JAG63096 "Surrender" 2 Russians$18.00
JAG63097 .50 cal MG gunner w/detailed .50 cal MG$16.00
JAG63098 M8/M20 Driver & MP, 2 figs.$18.00
JAG63100 "The Inspection" Der Fuhrer w/Hitler Jugend$22.00
JAG63101 German Medic w/wounded Officer$18.00
JAG63102 Russian Tankers, reloading, 2 figs.w/crates$18.00
JAG63103 "Reloading" Russian Tanker w/ammo$14.00
JAG63105 Screaming Eagle w/German$21.00
JAG63108 Wounded US Bazooka Team$18.00
JAG63109 Merkava Commander & IDF Officer$18.00
JAG63110 German Soldiers at rest w/base$22.00
JAG63111 "Have A Smoke" German Para$17.00
JAG63114 "At Your Service" German Officer w/woman$18.00
JAG63115 "The Dispatch" German Motorcycle rider w/Soldier$18.00
JAG63116 "Nylons" Jeep Driver w/woman$18.00
JAG63117 Vietnam Tank Crew, 2 figs$18.00
JAG63118 US Infantry, Vietnam, 2 figs$18.00
JAG63119 "House to House #1" 2 figs. w/base$22.00
JAG63120 "House to House #2" 2 figs. w/base$22.00
JAG63121 "A Helping Hand" 2 figs. $18.00
JAG63123 "Kelly & the Entrepenuers" $37.00
JAG63125 "Hey There!" US Soldier & Vietnamese Woman$18.00
JAG63126 "Winter Watch" German Sentries, 2 figs$18.00
JAG63127 "Getting Hitched"3 Mechanics $25.00
JAG63128 "Fire!" $37.00
JAG63129 "Comrades in Arms" 2 figs $22.00
JAG63130 "Snow Patrol" $17.00
JAG63131 "Uder Fire" 4 figs.$22.00
JAG63133 "Get Out!" $37.00
JAG63135 "Cover Fire" DAK, 2 figs$18.00
JAG63136 "Knock Knock!"US Army, Vietnam, 2 figs $18.00
JAG63137 "What's Cookin!" German Troops & Cook, 4 figs. $37.00
JAG63301 WWII Russian Tank Rider$9.00
JAG63302 WWII SS Driver$9.00
JAG63601"Was im Himmel?!" (diorama)$54.00
JAG63602"Schijägers am Feind!" (diorama)$36.00
JAG63605"The Shortcut (Bosnia 1944)"2 figs. fit to Schwimmwagen + Diorama BaseOn Special @$44.00
JAG63606"Trench Defenders, Sector 3 #B" (diorama)$44.00
JAG63607"Trench Defenders, Sector 3 #C" (diorama)$44.00
JAG63608Berlin street fighters$54.00

Figures (1:16 Scale)
JA61603German paratrooper 1943$36.00
JA61604German party leader$36.00
JA61605US stretcher bearer$36.00
JA61609Hauptman, German cavalry 1944$30.00
JA61610German Panzer Commander$34.00

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