Italian Kit Comapany is an Italian based distributor and the owner of Alarmi figures and Corazzatti resin kits. Their products deal mostly, but not entirely, with Italian subjects. The resin casting is excellent. IKC also distributes products from other Italian "Garage Shop Industries" such as Armour Extra, Soldati, Blues Models and Steel Models to name a few. These lines are all of the highest quality.

(Prices on this website are subject to change without prior notice)

Alarmi (1:35th Scale )
Alarmi3501Italian Armored Car Commander$15.00
Alarmi3502Russian Savoia Cavalry 1942, 4 horses 2 mounted soldiers + 2 infantryman includes decal sheet $98.00
Alarmi3503Mounted Russian Savoia Cavalryman$41.00
Alarmi3504Russian Savoia Cavalryman standing next to horse$41.00
Alarmi3505Italian Paratroopers, 2 figures$33.00
Alarmi3506Japanese Officer$21.00
Alarmi3507Japanese Infantryman$19.00
Alarmi3508WWII Japanese Infantry Equipment$14.00
Alarmi3509WWII Italian RSI Legonaire$16.00
Alarmi3510WWII Italian RSI Legonaire$16.00
Alarmi3511German Feldgendarmerie, Italy 1944$19.00
Alarmi3512WWII Italian Tankers, 2 full figures$33.00
Alarmi3513Modern Italian Tankers, 3 partial figures$27.00
Alarmi3514 Italian Infantryman Marching, Spanish Civil War$18.00
Alarmi3515 Italian Infantryman Leaning, Spanish Civil War$18.00
Alarmi3516 Italian Infantryman holding rifle, Spanish Civil War$18.00
Alarmi3518 Italian WWII Head Set, 12 different heads $14.00
Alarmi3519 Italian WWII Helmets$10.00
Alarmi3520 Italian Soldier on Eastern Front$19.00
Alarmi3521 Italian Soldier on Eastern Front, advancing w/rifle$19.00
Alarmi3522 "Saharianna Crew" 4 man Italian crew made for Italeri AS42 kit$62.00
Alarmi3523 Mounted Cavalry Figure on charging horse.$45.00
Alarmi3524 Mounted Cavalry Figure w/2 pairs of arms$41.00
Alarmi3525 Italian Tankers, 1950, 1 full figure + 1 partial figure, both w/2 heads$28.00
Alarmi3526Basagliere, N.Afrika #1$19.00
Alarmi3527Basagliere, N.Afrika #2$19.00
Alarmi3528Basagliere, Tanker, R.E. w/2 heads$19.00
Alarmi3529Carrista (Tanker), R.E. w/2 heads$19.00
Alarmi3530Waffen SS w/MG42, Ardennes 1944-45 w/2 heads$19.00 NEW
Alarmi3531Italian Soldier, N. Afrika 1942, Shirtless holding wine bottle$19.00 NEW
Alarmi3532Basagliere, N.Afrika #3 comes with 2 heads$19.00 NEW
Alarmi3533DAK Officer, N.Afrika 1942, comes with 2 heads$19.00 NEW
Alarmi35342 Italian Alpini/soldiers eating, 1 sitting 1 standing. Both figures have 2 heads 1 w/alpine hat the other w/sidecap$35.00 NEW
Blue Models Miniatures(1:35th Scale )
Blue3501Blues Miniatures, SS Pzgrenadier, Rgt.1, 2 companie1944 w/STG44$17.00
Blue3502Blues Miniatures, Flieger Feld Div., Luftwaffe 1944$18.00
Blue3503Blues Miniatures, Italian Captain playing mandolin. Comes with house wall & base$32.00
Blue3504Blues Miniatures, DAK Obergefreiter with base$27.00
Blue3505Blues Miniatures, "Stalingrad" 2 Germans in winter dress$38.00
Blue3507Blues Miniatures, Fallshirmjaeger pushing motorcycle, comes with 2 heads.(motorcycle not included)$24.00
Blue3508Blues Miniatures, Unterscharfuhrer 1944 w/rubble scene base$22.00 NEW
Blue3509Blues Miniatures, Untersturmfuhrer 1944 w/rubble scene base$22.00 NEW
Corrazzati (1:35th Scale )
COR5Carro Armato M11/39. Remastered complete kit in resin with newly detailed suspension, metal sprokets & individual link tracks, photo-etch details, decals and detailed color instructionsDiscontinued
COR6Blindo Armata "Centauro" Early Model, Modern Italian 8 wheeled APC. Complete kit in resin with metal suspension & detail parts, photo-etch details, decals and detailed color instructionsDiscontinued
COR6 PartsCOR6 "Centauro" kit parts layout,
COR7Blindo Armata "Centauro" Late Model, Modern Italian 8 wheeled APC. Complete kit in resin with metal suspension & detail parts, photo-etch details, decals and detailed color instructionsTBA
Soldati (1:35th Scale )
Soldati3503DAK soldier w/cup$19.00
Soldati3504DAK soldier shirtless seated on tarps$19.00
Armour Extra
AED00RMini drill set, 20 tiny drill bits starting as small as 0.25mm up to 1.0mmDiscontinued

This product listing was created July 1, 2008.