Hussar Productions Growing line of high quality resin accessories from Canada featuring some exquisitely sculpted & cast tires & wheels

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1:35th Scale Kits & Conversions:
HSR35012T-34/85 44' Factory 183 Turret w/interior details & P.E.$48.00
HSR35013SdAh32 Ammo Trailer w/Aber P.E.$26.00
HSR35016Heeresfeldwagen HF1, Horse Drawn Wagon$22.00
1:35th Scale Accessories, Wheels & Ammo Sets
HSR35005Soviet 45mm Ammo (BT-5/7,T26/35/50,BA3/6)$13.00
SR35006Soviet 76mm Ammo (KV-1/1s,t-34 &Su76)$13.00
HSR35007Soviet 85mm Ammo (T-34/85/KV-85,Su-85 &JS-2)$13.00
HSR35008Soviet 100mm Ammo for Su-100.$13.00
HSR35009Soviet 122mm Ammo for JS-2/3 & ISU-122$13.00
HSR35010Soviet 152mm Ammo for SU-152(KV-14) & JSU-152$13.00
HSR35028Soviet T-34 Early Half-Spyder WheelsTBA
HSR35030Soviet Zis 5/6/42 Wheels$17.00
HSR35031Soviet BA-2/6/10, GAZ AA/AAA Wheels$17.00
HSR35032Soviet Zis 2/3 1942/43 Gun & Limber Wheels, 8 pcs.$13.00
HSR35033SdKfz251, Front Tires/Wheels$12.00
HSR35034Soviet BS-3 100mm Gun Wheels (4 pcs)$15.00
HSR35035BRDM Wheels, Rusian Tread Pattern$17.00
HSR35036KFZ 15 Horch Wheels$15.00
HSR35037BRDM Wheels, Polish Tread Pattern$17.00
HSR35038Smoke Barrels, SDO & Mud Guards for T-34/85 & Su-100$15.00
HSR35039SWS Front Tires/ Wheels,$10.00
HSR35040SdKfz232 Type 1 Wheels w/6hole rims$19.00
HSR35041SdKfz232 Type 2 Wheels w/2hole rims$19.00
HSR35042AB41 Autobinda Wheels, 6 pcs.$19.00
HSR35043Soviet Regt. Gun Whees, set of 4$12.00
HSR35044Soviet M-30 & D-1 Howitzer Wheels$17.00
HSR35045SdKfz234 Tires, Type 1 (8 tires)$20.00
HSR35046SdKfz234 Tires, Type 2 (8 tires)$20.00
HSR35047SdKfz234 Tires, Type 3 (8 tires)$20.00
HSR35048SdKfz234 Tires, Type 4 (8 tires)$20.00
HSR35049SdKfz234 Tires, Type 5 (8 tires)$20.00
HSR35050AB41/43 European Tread$19.00
HSR35051Chevrolet 30 CWT Tires$15.00
HSR35052BTR-152/Zil-157 Wheels w/2 spares$25.00
HSR35053SdKfz232 (8Rad) wheels w/spare$18.00
HSR35054M2/M3 Half-Track wheels, 6 wheels, 3 types$17.00
HSR35055Sturmtiger Barrel$17.00 NEW
HSR35056SdKfz234 spare wheels set$18.00 NEW
HSR35057Humber, Directional Type Tires/Wheels$15.00 NEW
HSR35058Humber, Cross-Country Type Tires/Wheels$15.00 NEW
HSR35059Humber, Non-Directional Type Tires/Wheels$15.00 NEW
HSR35060"Staghound, Cross-Country Type Tires/Wheels$24.00 NEW
HSR35061Studebaker Wheel Set$20.00 NEW
HSR35062Zil-157 Wheels w/2 spares & SM-2 Trailer Tires$30.00 NEW
HSR3506315CWT Chevrolet Wheels w/spare$15.00 NEW
HSR35064AS42 "Sahariana" Wheels w/spare$19.00 NEW
HSR35065Panhard Wheels$18.00 NEW

This product listing was created July, 2008.