Hornet Models Well known UK manufacturer of excellent resin and white metal figures and accessories. Hornet is best known for their amazing array of excellently animated and sculpted 1:35th scale heads.

Notice: We no longer sell the Hornet figures. But, we do try to keep most of the Hornet heads instock which means we re-order from Hornet frequently.

(Prices on this website are subject to change without prior notice)

Hornet Heads (1:35 Scale)
HH01Bare heads (5)$11.00
HH02Character heads (5)$11.00
HH03Bare heads, 2 looking up, 1 smiling (5)$11.00
HH04Bare heads, assorted expressions (5)$11.00
HH05Bare African heads (5)$11.00
HH06European heads (5)$11.00
HH07Bare East Asian heads (5)$11.00
HH085 Bare heads with mature faces$11.00
HH095 Bare heads sleeping $11.00
HH105 Female Bare heads $11.00
HH115 Bare heads laughing$11.00
HH125 Bare heads neutral expression $11.00
HH135 Bare heads of youths $11.00
HH145 European Bare heads w/open mouths$11.00
HH155 Heads smoking$11.00
HH165 Bald Heads $11.00
HGH1German heads, 1943 field caps (5)$11.00
HGH3German heads, camouflage helmets (5)$11.00
HGH4German heads, helmets (5)$11.00
HGH5German heads, side caps (5)$11.00
HGH6German heads, paratrooper helmets (5)$11.00
HGH7German heads, panzer berets (5)$11.00
HGH8Heads with crushed officer caps (5)$11.00
HGH95 Heads German M18 helmets$11.00
HGH105 Heads German crushed caps $11.00
HGH115 Officer Heads Schirmutz caps (5)$1100
HGH125 Heads Cold weather caps$11.00
HGH135 Heads Cold weather caps w/visors$11.00
HBH15 British heads, tank berets $11.00
HBH25 British heads $11.00
HBH35 British heads, helmets $11.00
HBH45 British heads #2, tank berets $11.00
HBH55 British heads, rimless helmets $11.00
HBH65 British heads, US helmets$11.00
HFH15 French heads, Adrien helmets$11.00
HFH25 French heads, steel helmets$11.00
HFH35 French heads, Foreign Legion$11.00
HIH015 Italian heads, helmets $11.00
HIH025 Italian heads, AFV crewman $11.00
HRH015 Russian heads in Soviet helmets $11.00
HRH025 Russian heads, Pilotka caps $11.00
HRH035 Russian heads in early M36 Soviet helmets $11.00
HRH045 Russian heads in Post-War Soviet helmets $11.00
HUH015 US heads, M1 helmets $11.00
HUH025 US heads, Vietnam era helmets $11.00
HUH035 US heads, US AFV helmets $11.00
HUH025 US heads, M1 helmets w/netting$11.00
HZH015 Israeli heads, 1980 tank helmets $11.00
HZH025 Israeli heads, Infantry helmets $11.00
Accessories for Figures (1:35 Scale)
HANDS 01Hands, 3 Right + 3 Left $11.00
HANDS 02Hands, 3 Right + 3 Left $11.00
HANDS 03Hands, 3 Right + 3 Left $11.00
BAH2Battledress arms #2 (3 pairs from British range of figures)$11.00
BWH015 British SMLE rifles$11.00
BWH025 British #4 Lee Enfield rifles$11.00

This product listing was last updated on March 16, 2016.