Friulmodel Now located in Hungary, is renowned for their excellent quality cast white metal accessories and pinned individual track link sets in 1:35 scale.

Due to price increase at the manufacturer + increased shipping costs to us, we have had to increase our prices on Fruilmodellismo track.

(Prices on this website are subject to change without prior notice)

Drive Sprockets, Wheels and Accessories (1:35 Scale)
FAW-01/ADrive sprocket, 36cm (PzKpfw III E-G, Nashorn, Hummel, StuG III A/B)$8.00
FAW-04Drive sprocket, 40cm (PzKpfw IV E-G, Wirbelwind)$8.00
FAW-05Drive sprocket, 40cm (PzKpfw IV G-J, StuG IV, Möbelwagen, Brummbär, JgPz IV L/70)$8.00
FAW-06Idler wheel (StuG III A, PzKpfw III E-G)$8.00
FAW-07Drive sprocket (KV-I/II)$8.00
FAW-08Drive sprocket (T-72)$8.00
FAW-09Drive sprocket (PzKpfw 38(t)) & Marder III Early$8.00
FAW-10Drive sprocket (JSII)$8.00
FAW-11Drive sprocket (hetzer)$8.00
FAWS-12JS-2 wheels (set of 28)$24.00
FAW-13Drive sprocket (Panther)$8.00
FAW-14Drive sprocket (Tiger II, Jagdtiger)$8.00
FAW-15Drive sprocket (M13/40, 41, 42)$8.00
FAW-17Drive sprocket (Tiger II, Panther II late)$8.00
FAW-18Drive sprocket (8-ton SdKfz 7)$8.00
FAW-19Idler wheel (late Panther & Jagdpanther) $8.00
FAW-20Panzer II/Wespe early sprocket$8.00
FAW-21M-24 Chaffee sprocket & Idler wheel with lightening holes$10.00
FAW-22SWS drive sprocket$10.00

Track Sets (1:35 Scale) NOTE: We keep a significant inventory of "FruModel" 1:35th scale tracks for quick delivery. Normally we have between 1 and 3 of each track in-stock and if a Back-Order (B/O) is necessary, these are usually filled within 18 days. However, if the distributor is also out of stock of the B/O items, it could take considerably longer.
FALT-01T-54/55/62 Soviet/Russian and Chinese T59/69$37.00
FALT-0236cm (PzKpfw III A-G, PzKpfw IV A-D, StuG III A)$37.00
FALT-0340cm (PzKpfw III H-J, PzKpfw IV E, StuG III B-D)$37.00
FALT-0440cm (PzKpfw III H-K, PzKpfw IV F-J, StuG III E-G)$37.00
FALT-0540cm (PzKpfw III H-K, PzKpfw IV H-J, StuG III G)$37.00
FALT-06Tiger I Late & Sturmtiger$40.00
FALT-07SdKfz 251$37.00
FALT-08Panther, Jagdpanther, Bergepanther$37.00
FALT-09T-34 Mid & Late & All 85mm versions$37.00
FALT-11T-72 $37.00
FALT-12Sherman T54E1 all steel$37.00
FALT-13PzKpfw 38(t)/Marder III $37.00
FALT-14JSI/II $37.00
FALT-15Hetzer early$37.00
FALT-16Tiger II / Jagdtiger Henschel Version$40.00
FALT-17M113/M548 Chaparral/Vulcan $32.00
FALT-18Italian M13/40, M14/41, 42, Carro Armato & Semovente AFV's$37.00
FALT-1940cm PzKpfw III, PzKpfw IV tracks with ice cleats and grousers$37.00
FALT-20PzKpfw I, Opel Maultier$37.00
FALT-21transport tracks (Tiger II, Jagdtiger, Panther II)$37.00
FALT-22Tiger II, Jagdtiger Porsche versions$40.00
FALT-248-ton SdKfz 7 halftrack $32.00
FALT-25Tiger I (early)$40.00
FALT-26Tiger I transport tracks$37.00
FALT-27PzKpfw III/IV non-skid chevron tracks$37.00
FALT-28PzKpfw III/IV final version$37.00
FALT-29Steyr RSO$32.00
FALT-30PzKpfw II, Wespe$37.00
FALT-31Czech 35(t) $37.00
FALT-32Valentine / Bishop$37.00
FALT-33Panther D (early) $37.00
FALT-34Stalin Tanks: JSI, JSII & JSIII $37.00
FALT-35Hetzer late version$37.00
FALT-36PzKpfw II L & "Luchs" $37.00
FALT-37Tiger II, late single type with 18 tooth sprocket $37.00
FALT-38T-34/76 model 1940$37.00
FALT-39M24 Chaffee (WWII) + sprocket and idler wheels $37.00
FALT-40M18 Hellcat $37.00
FALT-41Tiger II & Jagdtiger, early model track $40.00
FALT-42Tiger II & Jagdtiger late transport track $37.00
FALT-43 Cromwell track $37.00
FALT-44SWS Halftrack track set $37.00
FALT-45T-26 Russian/Polish Light Tank track $37.00
FALT-46Turan/Zriny track set $37.00
FALT-47Sherman T-51 type track, VVSS $37.00
FALT-48Sherman T-48 type track,VVSS $37.00
FALT-49Merkava MKIII track set$37.00
FALT-50SdKfz 250 track set $32.00
FALT-51Kv-I / Kv-II track set $37.00
FALT-52Panzer II D/Marder II early track set $37.00
FALT-53Panzer II D/Marder II late track set $37.00
FALT-54JS1,JS2,JS3, JS122 & JS152 track set $30.00
FALT-55T60/70 track set $37.00
FALT-56Gvozdika track set $37.00
FALT-57FAMO early track set $32.00
FALT-58FAMO late track set $32.00
FALT-59Lorraine-Schlepper w/sprockets$37.00
FALT-60Churchill $32.00
FALT-61SdKfz251 halftrack, late all steel $32.00
FALT-62Ferdinand $37.00
FALT-63Merkava II & III $37.00
FALT-64Panzer IF $32.00
FALT-65Centurian $37.00
FALT-66Merkava II$37.00
FALT-67Somua $37.00
FALT-68Hotchkiss $37.00
FALT-69Crusader $37.00
FALT-70Type97 "Che-He" $37.00
FALT-71Mathilda, flat type $37.00
FALT-72Mathilda, 5910 type $37.00
FALT-73Renault FT17 $32.00
FALT-74Rusian BT-7$37.00
FALT-75Russian T35 $37.00
FALT-76SdKfz11, 3ton halftrack $32.00
FALT-77M26 Pershing Tracks $37.00
FALT-78M2 Bradley/LVT/AAV7 landing craft early$37.00
FALT-79M2 Bradley/LVT/AAV7 landing craft late$37.00
FALT-80M41 Walker "Bulldog"/M42 "Duster", No EC's$37.00
FALT-81Challenger 1, (190 links)$40.00
FALT-82Warrior MCV (180 links)$37.00
FALT-83Pz III/IV OstKetten$37.00
FALT-84Karl Morser Early$40.00
FALT-85Karl Morser Late$40.00
FALT-86Sturer Emil w/sprockets$37.00
FALT-87Sheridan M551 w/sprockets & idlers$37.00
FALT-88Char B1-Bis$37.00
FALT-89Sherman T-68 HVSS Track$37.00
FALT-90British "Comet" Tank track$37.00
FALT-91T-28 Soviet multi-turreted heavy tank track$37.00
FALT-92Geshutzwagen VI, 17cm K44 (Sf) track$40.00
FALT-93Jagdpanzer 38 "Hetzer" Winterketten$37.00
FALT-94Sherman "Firefly" T-56 E1 Track$37.00
FALT-95Carro Armato, L6 & Semovente Track$37.00
FALT-96Su-76,T-70,T-60,T-40 Track$37.00
FALT-97PT-76,BTR-50 Modern Russian Track$37.00
FALT-98Stuart T-16Track$32.00
FALT-99Merkava IV Track$40.00
FALT-100WWII Italian P40 Tank Track$37.00
FALT-101British ChieftainTrack40.00
FALT-102Land-Wasser-Schlepper, Early-Mid Track$43.00
FALT-103Russian ZSU-23 "Shilka" Track$37.00
FALT-104Land-Wasser-Schlepper, Late Track$43.00
FALT-105LVT Family Track$43.00
FALT-106Scorpion/Scimitar CVR(T) Family, Early Track$37.00
FALT-107Scorpion/Scimitar CVR(T) Family, Late Track$37.00
FALT-108Varoshilovetz Tractor Track32.00
FALT-109Soviet 203mm Tracked Howitzer Track$28.00
FALT-110SdKfz10 Demag Family Track$32.00
FALT-111Panzerfahre (PZF) Track$37.00
FALT-112SdKfz 6 Family (Diana) Track$32.00
FALT-113Archer SPG Track$37.00
FALT-114L4500R Maultier Half-Track Track$37.00
FALT-115French AMX-30 Track$37.00
FALT-116Tiger I Initial Version Track$40.00
FALT-117PzIII/IV 1943-1945 Track$37.00
FALT-118Panzer IC VK601 Track$37.00
FALT-119NBFZ Late Track$37.00
FALT-120E-100 Track$45.00
FALT-121German 12.8cm PAK44 Waffentragger KRUPP 1 Track$37.00
FALT-122Bison II/III Track$37.00
FALT-123German KRUPP Steyr Waffentrager Track$37.00
FALT-124T-34/76 Track Nov.41 thru 43$37.00
FALT-125M 109 German Track$37.00
FALT-126AMX 13 Steel Track$37.00
FALT-127GRIZZLY (Sherman M4A1) SEXTON (Canadian Track)$37.00
FALT-128Toldi/Nimrod Track$37.00 NEW
FALT-129Soviet T-80 Track$37.00 NEW
FALT-130AMX13 Rubber Track$37.00 NEW
FALT-131Sherman T49 Track$37.00 NEW
FALT-132T-64 Track$37.00 NEW
FALT-133Soviet BMP 1 Track$37.00 NEW
FALT-135Centurian Rubber Track$37.00 NEW
FALT-136T-90 Steel Track$37.00 NEW
FALT-137T-90 Steel w/Rubber Track$37.00 NEW
FALT-138M50/M51 Super Sherman Track$35.00 NEW
FALT-140M108/109 Paladin Track$37.00 NEW

This product listing was last updated on October 11, 2013