Fine Molds produces unique 1:35 scale products from Japan.

Due to low profit margins, Fine Molds kits are non-discountable for FBC purposes - (ND).

(Prices on this website are subject to change without prior notice)

Kits and Conversions (1:35 Scale)
FM-01Japanese WWII Type 95 tank (injection molded)$95.00
FM-02Japanese WWII Type 95 tank, "Hakuman" version (injection molded)$95.00
FM-03Japanese WWII 37mm antitank gun Type 94 (white metal)N/A
FM-04Japanese WWII Type 97 "Te-Ke" light tank (injection molded)$110.00
FM-05Japanese WWII light armored car (injection molded)$110.00
FM-10Japanese WWII Type 97 Light Tank "Te-Ke" (injection molded)$37.00
FM-11Japanese WWII Type 3 Medium Tank "Chi-Nu" (injection molded)$39.00
FM-12Japanese WWII Type 1 Medium Tank (injection molded)$40.00
FM-16Japanese WWII Type 95 Tank (injection molded)TBA
FM-17Japanese WWII Type 94 Tank (injection molded)TBA
Accessories, (1:35 Scale)
FMG-08German clear periscope set 1 for Tiger and Panther$7.00
FMG-09German clear periscope set 2 for PzIII/IV and variants$7.00
FMG-14WWII German National Markings Etched Stencil set$13.00
FMG-15WWII German Unit Markings Etched Stencil set$13.00
FMG-25Photo-Etch set for FM12$13.00
FMG-2647mm Turned Brass Barrel for FM12$8.00

This product listing was last updated on April 21, 2001.