Fine Cast Models is a producer of high quality resin kits, conversions and accessories in 1:35th scale from Germany.

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Kits and Conversions (1:35 Scale)
FCM3501Panzerzerstorer Panther mit 12.8cm PAK. Conversion for Tamiya Panther G (#35172) Turned aluminum 128mm barrel included. $86.00
FCM3502Panzerjager IV Zerstorer, 8.8cm Jagdpanzer IV. Conversion for Tamiya PzIV (#35181 or 35209) Turned aluminum 88mm barrel included. $75.00
FCM35022 other views of FCM3502
FCM3503German WWII Generator Trailer$48.00
FCM3504German WWII Compressor Trailer$48.00
FCM3505French Panhard EBR 90 Armored Car. 75 or 90mm gun in F110 turret$110.00
FCM3506French Panhard EBR75 Armored Car. 75mm gun in F110 turret$110.00
FCM3507 Geshutzwagen FCM-36(f). German WWII 10.5cm gun on French FCM-36 chassis. NOTE: Eagle CZ has the PAK40 on the FCM chassis, kit # ECZ35C109 but, it's considerably more expensive ($165.00)$110.00
FCM3508French Panhard EBR75 Armored Car. 75mm gun in AMX-13 turret$110.00
FCM3509South African Ratel ICV with 90mm gun$110.00
FCM3510South African Ratel ISV 120mm Mortar Carrier$110.00
This product listing was last updated on June 29, 2005.