Eduard Well known producer of quality photo-etched details and zimmerit sets as well as painting masks and stencils from the Czech Republic.

(Prices on this website are subject to change without prior notice)

Accessories, Diorama Materials, and Tools
Photo-etch (1:35 Scale)

NOTE: All discontinued/out of production items, which includes every number below 35101 and a few items with higher numbers, are marked OP. A very limited quantity, only 1 or 2 each, of these OP items remain in-stock.

ED35002Willys Jeep $7.50 OP
ED35003T-55$13.00 OP
ED35006Churchill$10.00 OP
ED35007T-62$13.00 OP
ED35008Schwimmwagen$10.00 OP
ED35009M3 Bradley (exterior)$10.00 OP
ED35010SCUD 1c (exterior)$13.00 OP
ED35014PzKpfw III M/N$13.00 OP
ED35015StuG III G$13.00 OP
ED35016PzKpfw IV H$10.00 OP
ED35018King Tiger$13.00 OP
ED35019Jagdtiger$13.00 OP
ED35020M113 ACAV$10.00 OP
ED35021M24 Chaffee$13.00 OP
ED35023M1025 Hummer$10.00 OP
ED35024Kubelwagen$10.00 OP
ED35028PzKpfw IV L/70$10.00 OP
ED35029M5 Stuart$13.00 OP
ED35034M3A2 halftrack$13.00 OP
ED35036M21 halftrack$10.00 OP
ED35037US floorplate$10.00 OP
ED35039M42 Duster$17.00 OP
ED35040M41 Walker Bulldog$10.00 OP
ED35041PzKpfw V Panther$13.00 OP
ED35042Panther armor plates$10.00 OP
ED35043Jagdpanther$13.00 OP
ED35045Dodge WC62$13.00 OP
ED350492cm Flak38$10.00 OP
ED35051T-72 M$10.00 OP
ED35055Tiger I (for Tamiya kits)$17.00 OP
ED35056M151 A2 MUTT$8.00 OP
ED35057M1A1 Abrams$10.00 OP
ED35059Hummel$17.00 OP
ED35064SdKfz 251/1$13.00 OP
ED35065M3 scout car$13.00 OP
ED35066SdKfz 250/3$10.00 OP
ED35068GMC CCKW 353$10.00 OP
ED35069T-34/76$10.00 OP
ED35071M48A3 Patton details$10.00 OP
ED35072Tiger II (Porsche Türm)$13.00 OP
ED35080Challenger MBT$13.00 OP
ED35083SU-76$17.00 OP
ED35084Leopard IA4 MBT$13.00 OP
ED35085Sturmtiger$17.00 OP
ED35088M923 "Big Foot"$17.00 OP
ED35089PzKpfw IV D$17.00 OP
ED35091PaK 35/36 anti-tank gun$10.00 OP
ED35092PzKpfw IV G-J armor$10.00OP
ED35093StuG III F$13.00 OP
ED35095PzKpfw IV Möbelwagen$18.00 OP
ED35096Japanese Ho-Ni details$13.00 OP
ED35097PaK40/L46$10.00 OP
ED35098M88A1$13.00 OP
ED35101Leopard II Improvement set, Ital.$13.00
ED35102PzKpfw III J$13.00
ED35103M163A1 (exterior)$13.00
ED35104M163A1 (interior)$17.00
ED35105SdKfz 7 8t prime mover$13.00
ED35106SdKfz 7 tool box$13.00
ED35108Valentine Mk III$13.00
ED35110M2 Bradley exterior$13.00
ED35111M2 Bradley interior$13.00
ED35112Steyr RSO/1$10.00
ED35113SdKfz 251/1 D$13.00
ED35114Horch Kfz 15$13.00
ED35115SdKfz 222$13.00
ED35116JS-II heavy tank$13.00
ED35120Flakpanzer Gepard$13.00
ED35121PzKpfw 35(t)$10.00
ED35122Warrior MCV (Academy kit)$13.00
ED35123OH-6A Cayuse (DML kit)$10.00
ED35125StuG III B (Italeri/DML)$13.00
ED35126SdKfz 124, Wespe$13.00
ED35127PzKpfw II C$13.00
ED35128FV107 Scimitar AFV$13.00
ED35129M730A1 Chapparal AFV$10.00
ED35130Mercedes L3000 (Italeri)$13.00
ED35131Tiger I (mid production)$17.00
ED35132SdKfz 138/1, Grille Ausf H (DML kit)$17.00
ED35133Tiger I exterior (Minicraft)$17.00
ED35134Tiger I interior details (Minicraft)$13.00
ED35135Churchill Mk VII (Tamiya kit)$17.00
ED35136JS-III Stalin tank (Tamiya kit)$13.00
ED35137Jagdpanther (Italeri kit)$13.00
ED35138Type 90 Japanese Tank (Tamiya)$17..00
ED35139M8 HMC (Tamiya)$17.00
ED35140M7 Priest (Italeri)$17.00
ED35141Amphibian GPA (TAmiya)$8.00
ED35142German Floorplate #1$13.00
ED35143Daimler "Dingo" Mk II Tamiya$13.00
ED35144German Floorplate #2$13.00
ED35145Panzer III Ausf. L Tamiya$17.00
ED35146German Floorplate #3$13.00
ED35147Leaves, Oak$10.00
ED35148Leaves, Chestnut$10.00
ED35149Steel runway netting$10.00
ED35150Kubelwagen 182, Tamiya$10.00 OP
ED35151Chieftain MkV Tamiya$17.00
ED35152Leaves, Maple$10.00
ED35153Marder III ausf. H, Italeri$17.00
ED35154Opel Blitz, Italeri$17.00
ED35155KI.BePzKfw IB, Italeri$17.00
ED35156Wirbelwind, Tamiya$17.00 OP
ED35157ISU-152, Italeri$13.00
ED35158M3 Grant, Tamiya$17.00
ED35159Modern floor plate$13.00
ED35160M981 FISTV,Italeri$13.00
ED35161M13/40, Tamiya$10.00
ED35162M977 Hemett, Italeri$17.00
ED35163SdKfz 140/1, VM Models$17.00
ED35164Landrover SAS, Tamiya$13.00
ED35165SU100, Italeri$13.00
ED35166M997 Ambulance, Academy$13.00
ED35167M548A1 TCC$13.00
ED35168Jagpanzer IV L/70 "Lang", Tamiya$13.00
ED35169L70 "Lang" Shurtzen plates$13.00
ED35170GMC 353, Tamiya$17.00
ED35171Pz IB, Italeri$17.00
ED35172T-28 Medium tank, AER$17.00
ED35173M18 "Hellcat", Academy$17.00
ED35174T-34/85 Interior, RPM$17.00
ED35175T-34/85 Exterior, RPM$13.00
ED35177M113 Zelda, Academy$17.00
ED35178BTR-70, DML$13.00
ED35179M4A4 w/rockets, DML$13.00
ED35180PzIV ausf. H, Tamiya$13.00
ED35181PzIV ausf. H schurtzen$17.00
ED35182M51 Super Sherman, Academy$13.00
ED35183SdKfz 7/1Flakvierling, Tamiya$17.00
ED35184Cromwell MK IV, Tamiya$13.00
ED35185SAS Jeep, Tamiya$13.00
ED35186FV101 CVR Scorpion, Revell$13.00
ED35187Stug IV early, DML$17.00
ED35188Schwimmwagen 166, Tamiya$10.00
ED35189T-55 (M), ESCI$17.00
ED35190PzKpfw IA, RPM$17.00
ED35191T-80 UD, Skif$13.00
ED35192PzH M109 A3GA1, Revell$13.00
ED35193KIFV, Academy $13.00
ED35194JSU-122 TD, DML$13.00
ED35195Sherman VC "Firefly", DML$13.00
ED35196Steyr 1500A, Tamiya $10.00
ED35197JagTiger, Revell$17.00
ED35198SdKfz 232/2 "Puma", Italeri$17.00
ED35199Jagpanzer IV "Zwish", DML$13.00
ED35200M8 Greyhound, Tamiya$13.00
ED35202M113 Fitter, Academy$17.00
ED35203T64 A, Skif$17.00
ED35204Pz38(t) G, Marquette$17.00
ED35205Pz II "Luchs", ICM$13.00
ED35206BM13 Katyusha, ALAN$17.00
ED35207PzIV ausf J late, DML$17.00
ED35208T-26, Italeri$10.00
ED35209Hummer w/M241, Tamiya$13.00
ED35210SWS w/Pzwerfer, Italeri$13.00
ED35211SU-100, DML $17.00
ED35212BMP-3, Skif$13.00
ED35213Leclerc, Heller$17.00
ED35214RSO w/pak40, Italeri$13.00
ED35215Klakpz IV Coel., DML$17.00
ED35216IDF M109AL, Italeri$17.00
ED35217PzII "Luchs", Tecmod$13.00
ED35218M8 Greyhound, Italeri$13.00
ED35219BergTiger, Italeri$17.00
ED35220Gaz-66, SCA$13.00
ED35221AMX-30/105, Heller$13.00
ED35222Willys Jeep, Revell$13.00
ED35223PzI ausf F, ALAN$13.00
ED35224Pzjaeger I, Zvesda$17.00
ED35225SU-85M, DML$17.00
ED35226T-70, Techmod$13.00
ED35227Brummbar late, DML$13.00
ED35228Brummbar late armor plate$17.00
ED35229SPW 40P2, Revell$17.00
ED35230M48A5 Patton, DML$17.00
ED35231SpaPzLuchs (8x8), Revell$13.00
ED35232Tiger (P) Elefant, Italeri$17.00
ED35233M110A2 SF, Revell$17.00
ED35234SdKfz234/1, Italeri$17.00
ED35235Mercedes L 701, Revell$17.00
ED35236Bedford QL, Italeri$17.00
ED35237SdKfz 250/1 Neu, DML$17.00
ED35238M26 Dragon Wagon, Tamiya$17.00
ED35239Type 87 Beetle, Tamiya$11.00
ED35240RSO towing pak 40, Italeri$17.00
ED35241Dragon wagon boxes & panels$17.00 OP
ED35242M101 Howitzer, Italeri$17.00
ED35243Merkava MKIII, Academy$17.00
ED35244Fuchs, Revell$17.00
ED35246T26 BT2, Mirage$17.00
ED35247Bishop, VM$17.00
ED35248Centaur, Tamiya$17.00
ED35249Jeep w/armor plate$11.00
ED35250FLAK 43$17.00
ED35251Chevy 30CWT Truck$17.00
ED35253SdKfz 234/3$17.00
ED35254M-46 Patton $17.00
ED35255Panther G, PzBefwg $17.00
ED35256M20 Scout Car, Italeri$17.00
ED35257M20 Scout car, Tamiya$17.00
ED35258M-1036 HMMV w/Tow, Tamiya$17.00
ED35259M1A2 Abrahms$17.00
ED35260SdKfz 250/9 Neu ,DML$17.00
ED35261Borgward IV Ausf A$17.00 OP
ED352622S1 Gvozdik, SKIF kit$17.00 OP
ED35263Kangeroo, Italeri$17.00
ED35264LVTD 5A1$13.00
ED35266Marder IID$17.00
ED35267ZIS 151$17.00
ED35268BRDM 1$17.00
ED35269PZBfWeg 38T, Marquette$17.00
ED35270T34/76 Model 1942$17.00
ED35271BRDM 3$17.00
ED35272SdKfz 250/8 Neu Stummel, DML$17.00
ED35273Water Tank Truck$17.00
ED35274M113 A1 Fire Support Vehicle$17.00
ED35275Opel Blits Field Truck$17.00
ED35279Crusader III, Italeri$17.00
ED35280Panther II, DML$17.00
ED35281M18 Hellcat$17.00
ED35282SdKfz250/1, DML$17.00
ED35283Nashorn, DML$20.00
ED35284Hummel, DML$20.00
ED35285Nashorn munition box$20.00
ED35286Steyr Kommant, Tamiya$11.00
ED35287SdKfz 9, Tamiya$17.00 OP
ED35289SWS w/FLAK 43$20.00
ED35290Wiesel Tow, AFV Club$10.00
ED35291Wiesel Mk 20A1, AFV Club$10.00
ED35292Hummel ammo box/floor$17.00
ED35293M38A1C, Skybow$17.00
ED35294BM21 Grad, ICM$20.00
ED35295M59 "Long Tom"$13.00
ED35296FT-17, RPM$20.00
ED35297BTR80, DML$20.00
ED35298M12 GMC, Academy$20.00
ED35299T-50, Techmod$13.00
ED35300M10 Tank Destroyer, AFV Club$20.00
ED35301Tiger I early, Tamiya$20.00
ED35302Leopard I A5 KWS, Italeri$17.00
ED35303Centurian MK3, Academy$20.00
ED35304Demag D7, Italeri$20.00
ED35305Tiger I Ausf E/H1, Italeri$20.00
ED35306SdKfz 250/11 SPW, DML$20.00
ED35307Centurian Shields, Academy$20.00
ED353085cm PAK 38, DML$17.00
ED35309Stug III Ausf G schurzen, DML$13.00
ED35310JgdPz IV 70 Shileds, DML$20.00
ED35311PzIV J late Schurzen$20.00
ED35312M40/75 Semovente, Tamiya$11.00
ED35313Somnua S-35, SKM$20.00
ED35314KV-1S $13.00
ED35315T-34/85 1944, DML$20.00
ED35316T-35, ICM$20.00
ED35317KV-1S Fenders$17.00
ED35318BTR-152V1, Skif$20.00
ED35319M109A6 Paladin, Italeri$20.00
ED35320SdKfz 231 (6Rad) Armord car, HPM$20.00
ED35321Stug III Ausf G, DML$20.00
ED35322SdKfz223, Tamiya$20.00
ED35323SdKfz 232 (8Rad), Tamiya$20.00
ED35324T-80 UD, DML$20.00
ED35325BM-13 Katyusha, Italeri$20.00
ED35326Pz IV Ausf J, Tamiya$17.00
ED35327Pz IV Ausf H, Tamiya$17.00
ED35328T-80 MBT, DML$20.00
ED35329T-72M2 w/ERA, DML$20.00
ED35330FlakPanzer IV Kugelblitz, DML$17.00
ED35331T-34/76 1943, Italeri$20.00
ED35332Challenger I Mk 3, Tamiya$20.00
ED35333M1A1 Abrams$20.00
ED35334T-64 BV, SKIF kit$20.00
ED35335T-34/85, Tamiya$17.00
ED35336URAL-4320, Omega kit$20.00
ED35337JagdPanther Late, Tamiya$20.00
ED35338Leopard 1A2, Italeri$17.00
ED35339M4A1 Sherman, Italeri$20.00
ED35340Leopard 2A5, Tamiya$20.00
ED35341Panzer IV Schurzen, Italeri$20.00
ED35342Panzer IV Ausf. J Schurzen, Tamiya$20.00
ED35343Hetzer, Italeri$20.00
ED35344KV-14/SU-152, Eastern Express$17.00
ED35345Bison II, Italeri$20.00
ED35346M1A1 Abrams Armour fittings,DML$7.50
ED35347Willys Jeep, Tamiya$17.00
ED35348Demag w/Nebelwerfer 42, Italeri$17.00
ED35349Flak 36/37, 88mm$17.00
ED35350Panzer II F/G$17.00
ED35351M4 Sherman, Tamiya$17.00
ED35352WC-57 Command Car, Skybow$17.00
ED35353Panther Schurzen, Tamiya$17.00
ED35354Panther G early, Tamiya$20.00
ED35355Kubelwagen, Tamiya$13.00
ED35356SdKfz250/3 Greif, DML$17.00
ED35357STUG IV, Tamiya$17.00
ED35358LVT-4, Italeri$17.00
ED35359T-34/76 1943 ChTz, Tamiya$17.00
ED35360M1A1 Abrams Armour fittings, Tamiya$7.00
ED35361Stug IV Schurzen, Tamiya$17.00
ED35362Panther G late, Tamiya$20.00
ED35363Panzer III/IV hull mounting brackets$13.00
ED35364Univ. carrier Mk11, Tamiya$17.00
ED35365Stug III Ausf G, Tamiya$17.00
ED35366Sturmtiger interior set, Tamiya$17.00
ED35367LAV-25 Mortar Carrier, Italeri$17.00
ED35368SIG-33, Alan$13.00
ED35369M4A3 Sherman, Tamiya$17.00
ED35370Su-85, Tamiya$17.00
ED35371M-26 exterior set, Tamiya$17.00
ED35372Stug III G Schurzen, Tamiya$17.00
ED35373Panther G late zimmerit verricle, Tamiya$17.00
ED35374BA-6, Eastern Express$20.00
ED35375SdKfz 184 Elefant$17.00
ED35376King Tiger, Porsche, Tamiya$17.00
ED35377M4A3E8 Sherman, DML$17.00
ED35378Schwimmwagen typ 166, Tamiya$13.00
ED35379SdKfz 184 Elefant zimmerit$13.00
ED35380Sturmtiger zimmerit, Tamiya$10.00
ED35381Sturmtiger exterior set, Tamiya$20.00
ED35382M-26 Interior set, Tamiya$13.00
ED35383SdKfz 9 FAMO, Tamiya$17.00
ED35384MT-LB, SKIF kit$17.00
ED35386SdKfz 251/9 Ausf D, Tamiya$20.00
ED35387M-16 Halftrack, Tamiya$20.00
ED35388Stug III Ausf F, Tamiya$17.00
ED35389T-55, Trumpeter$17.00
ED35390M113 ACAV interior, Tamiya$17.00
ED35391Ford GPA Jeep, Tamiya$17.00
ED35392PAK 35/36, 3.7cm, Tamiya$13.00
ED35393Panther G early zimmerit horiz., Tamiya$13.00
ED35394Panther G early zimmerit verticle, Tamiya$13.00
ED35395Achilles, Academy$17.00
ED35396M-26 Trailer, Tamiya$17.00
ED35397Crusader sand sheilds, Italeri$13.00
ED35398Marder III SdKfz 139, Tamiya$20.00
ED35399King Tiger, Henschel, Tamiya$17.00
ED35400King Tiger fenders, Tamiya$17.00
ED35401M-113 ACAV exterior, Tamiya$17.00
ED35402M4A3E Jumbo, Tamiya$17.00
ED35403WC51 "Beep" weapons carrier, Skybow$17.00
ED35404King Tiger zimmerit, Tamiya$13.00
ED35405KV-1B, Tamiya$17.00
ED35406M-113, Tamiya$20.00
ED35407BT-7, Zvesda$20.00
ED35408Panzer II Ausf D, ICM$17.00
ED35409SdKfz 250/9, Tamiya$20.00
ED35410S-10 SV Strela interior, SKIF$17.00
ED35411SdKfz 234/4, Italeri$20.00
ED35412S-10 SV Strela exterior, SKIF$20.00
ED35413M-151A2, Tamiya$17.00
ED35414T-34/76 Model 1942, Tamiya$17.00
ED35415LAV-25 TUA, Italeri$17.00
ED35415LAV-25 TUA, Italeri$17.00
ED35416KV-1/KV-2 Fenders, Tamiya/font>$17.00
ED35417SdKfz2 Kettenkrad, DML$17.00
ED35418SdKfz 166 Brummbar, Tamiya$17.00
ED35419KV-II, Tamiya$17.00
ED35420SdKfz166 Brummbar zimmerit, Tamiya$13.00
ED35421BT-7, Eastern Express$20.00
ED35422Crusader II, Italeri$17.00
ED35423WC-63 "Big Shot", Skybow$17.00
ED35424Panther Ausf A$20.00
ED35425Panther A zimmerit, Tamiya$13.00
ED35426M-113A 1 Vietnam interior, Academy$17.00
ED35427PzIV Ausf D, Tamiya$20.00
ED35428M-41 Walker Bulldog, Tamiya$17.00
ED35429SdKfz 166 Brummbar schurzen, Tamiya$17.00
ED35430M-113A 1 Vietnam exterior, Academy$17.00
ED35431M60A1, Tamiya$17.00
ED35432SdKfz 151/1 Ausf C, Tamiya$20.00
ED35433M3 Lee, Tamiya$17.00
ED35434T-72 M, Tamiya$17`.00
ED35435M163A1/2, Academy$17.00
ED35436M113 IDF Zelta Interior, Academy$17`.00
ED35437M113 IDF Zelda Exterior, Academy$17.00
ED35438M113 IDF ZeldaArmor Shields, Academy$20.00
ED35439M35A1 Gun Truck, AFV Club$17.00
ED35440M48A3 Patton, Tamiya$17.00
ED35441Tiger I late, Tamiya$20.00
ED35442Tiger I late zimmerit, Tamiya$10.00
ED35443Panther A schurzen, Tamiya$17.00
ED35444Quad Guntractor, Tamiya$17.00
ED35445Man 10 ton 8x8, Revell$20.00
ED35446M-7 Priest , Italeri$20.00
ED35447M3A2 Halftrack, Tamiya$17.00
ED35448M60-A1, Academy$20.00
ED35449M-42 Duster SPAAG, Tamiya$20.00
ED35450SdKfz124 "Wespe", Tamiya$17.00
ED35451Zimmerit, Flakpanzer IV Wirbelwind, Tamiya$13.00
ED35452Panzer IV Ausf G, DML$17.00
ED35453T-55A, SKIF$20.00
ED35454M4A3 Sherman, Tamiya$17.00
ED35455M-3 Grant, Tamiya$17.00
ED35456Marder IA2$17.00
ED35457FV 101 CVR(T) Scorpion, AFV Club$17.00
ED35458Chevrolet Gun Tractor, Italeri$17.00
ED35459M-981 FISTV, Academy$17.00
ED35460Panzer IV Ausf H Schurzen$23.00
ED35461M4 Sherman US Marines, Italeri$20.00
ED35462SdKfz 184 Ferdinand, DML$17.00
ED35463Flakvierling 38 20mm, Tamiya$17.00
ED35464LVT-A1 Alligator, Italeri$20.00
ED35465SU-122, Tamiya$17.00
ED35466US 2 1/2 ton 6x6 cargo truck, Tamiya$20.00
ED35467M-60 Blazer, Italeri$17.00
ED35468M-10, Academy$20.00
ED35469SdKfz-11, AFV Club$17.00
ED35470Achilles MkII C$20.00
ED35471SdAnh 16, Tamiya$17.00
ED35472Flakpanzer Ostwind, Italeri$20.00
ED35473British 25 pdr Field Gun, Tamiya$17.00
ED35474M3 Grant late fender type, Tamiya$17.00
ED35475Grille M, Alan$20.00
ED35476T-55 A, SKIF$20.00
ED35477ZSU-23-4V1 Shilka, DML$17.00
ED35478SdKfz 250/10, DML$17.00
ED35479Commando Car, Tamiya$17.00
ED35480Grille M fenders, Alan$10.00
ED35481M-36 Tank Destroyer, Italeri$17.00
ED35482Opel Maultier w/Flak 38, Italeri$20.00
ED35483Zimmerit Stug IV, Tamiya$13.00
ED35484SdKfz 162 Jagdpanzer L/48 zimmerit, DML$17.00
ED35485LAV 25 Paranha$20.00
ED35486Panther A early, DML$17.00
ED35487Panther A early zimmerit, DML$10.00
ED35488M-3 Scout Car, Zvesda$20.00
ED35489SdKfz 7/2 37mm Flak 37, Tamiya$20.00
ED35490Zimmerit SS Ab.101 Tiger I, Tamiya$13.00
ED35491Zimmerit Stug III Ausf G, Tamiya$13.00
ED35492M5A1, Tamiya$22.00
ED35493M113 A2 US, Academy$20.00
ED35494Panzer III Ausf L, Tamiya$22.00
ED35495Warrior MCV, Academy$20.00
ED35496M-151A1, Academy$17.00
ED35497M-1025 Hummer Avenger$22.00
ED35498Tiger IE exterior, Academy$22.00
ED35499Panzer IV Ausf H Schurzen & zimmerit$33.00
ED35500Tiger IE interior, Academy$20.00
ED35501Panther A schurzen, DML$17.00
ED35502M-3 Stuart "Honey", Academy$20.00
ED35503M-26 Persching, Tamiya$17.00
ED35504M41A3 Walker Bulldog, AFV Club$17.00
ED35505Panther D, DML$23.00
ED35506Panzer IV Ausf H zimmerit$20.00
ED35507T-62, Tamiya$20.00
ED35508Stug IV early zimmerit$13.00
ED35509M-8 Exterior, Tamiya$22.00
ED35510M1A1 Abrams, DML$22.00
ED35511M923 A-1 "Big Foot", Italeri$22.00
ED35512M151 Shmira, Academy$20.00
ED35513Panther D Schurzen, DML$17.00
ED35514Kubelwagon, Italeri$20.00
ED35515M41A3 Walker Bulldog$20.00
ED35516Flakpanzer Wirbelwind, Tamiya$23.00
ED35518Tiger I mid interior, Tamiya$23.00
ED35519DUKW Amphibian, Italeri$20.00
ED35520Tiger I mid exterior, Tamiya$20.00
ED35521Tiger I mid zimmerit, Tamiya$17.00
ED35525ZIS-5, Italeri$20.00
ED35526Schwimmwagen Typ 166$13.00
ED3552720mm Flak 38,$20.00
ED35528Marder III M, Tamiya$22.00
ED35528Marder III M fenders, Tamiya$17.00
ED35530M-8 interior$20.00
ED35531Flak 38, Italeri$23.00
ED355327.5cm PAK 97/38, DML$23.00
ED35534VAB 4x4 interior$20.00
ED35535VAB 4x4 exterior$20.00
ED35536Stug III waffle pattern zimmerit$13.00
ED35537Panzer IV H zimmerit$13.00
ED35541M3A1 Stuart, Academy$17.00
ED35542Horch 1A, Tamiya$20.00
ED35543M3A1 Stuart exteriort, Academy$17.00
ED35545Zimmerit, Panzer IV H horizontal$13.00
ED3554688mm FLAK 36/37, Tamiya$17.00
ED35547Zimmerit, Panzer IV J$13.00
ED35548SdKfz 222, Tamiya$22.00
ED35551Schurzen, Panzer IV H Turret$20.00
ED35553Zimmerit, Panzer IV H Turret schurzen$20.00
ED35554T-55 A$23.00
ED35556T-34/85 improvised schurzen$20.00
ED355622S1 Grozdik$17.00

EXPRESS MASK -1/35th scale painting masks & stencils. Those made of photo-etched metal say "etched" otherwise they are die-cut paper
XT001German Crosses #1, early war$4.00
XT002German Crosses #2, late war$4.00
XT003U.S. Stars, small$2.00
XT004U.S. Stars, medium$5.00
XT005U.S. Stars, large$4.00
XT006U.S. Stars w/segment circle $5.00
XT007German numbers, small$3.50
XT008German numbers, medium$3.50
XT009German numbers, Large$4.00
XT010British tactical markings$2.50
XT011Jerry can crosses$2.50
XT012IFOR markings$3.50
XT013SFOR markings$3.50
XT014United Nations markings$3.50
XT015Russian numbers$3.50
XT016Bridge signes$7.00
XT017KFOR markings$3.50
XT018Russian Stars$3.50
XT019Allied Chevons$3.50
XT020Krush Markings$3.50
XT021German letters, small$3.50
XT022German Letters, med$4.00
XT022German Letters, large$4.00
XT024T-34/85 Wheels$3.50
XT025T-34/85 tactical markings$4.00
XT026T72 Wheels$4.00
XT027IS-2 Model 1943 markings$4.00
XT028IS-2 M Tactical markings$5.00
XT029German Div. Insignia 1940-45, etched$17.00
XT030German Tactical symbols 1935-42, etched$13.00
XT031German Tactical symbols 1942-45, etched$13.00
XT032Waffen SS Div. Insignia 1940-45, etched$13.00
XT033German Div. Symbols, Stug units 1940-45, etched$17.00
XT034Panzer Grenadier Div. Markings, 1935-42, etched$13.00
XT034Panzer Grenadier Div. Markings, 1935-42, etched$13.00
XT035Famo Wheel stencils$5.00
XT036Leopard 2A5 periscope masks, Tamiya$1.50
XT037US Army Register, etched$13.00
XT038German WWII License Plates, etched$17.00
XT039Marder III Wheel Masks$3.50
XT040T-34/76 1943 Markings$4.00
XT041Marder III Markings$4.00
XT042British Serial Numbers, Armoured$3.50
XT043British Serial Numbers, Infantry$3.50
XT044British Div. Markings, Infantry, etched$7.00
XT045British Div. Markings, Armoured, etched$7.00
XT046British Div. Markings, Independent Armoured Brigade, etched$7.00
XT047British Achilles Markings, Academy, etched $13.00
XT049SdKfz251 Markings, etched$10.00
XT050SU122 markings$4.00
XT051SU85 Masks$3.50
XT052VW Type 82 masks$3.50
XT053SU85/SU100 masks, DML & Italeri$3.50
XT054Man 10ton markings, Revell$3.50
XT055Tiger I Mid$3.00
XT056VAB 4x4$4.00
XT057T-80, DML$3.50
XT058SCUD B, DML$3.50

This product listing was last updated on March 10, 2003.