Doug's Original Line of high quality 1:35th/54mm figures from Canada featuring many exquisitely sculpted farm animals

(Prices on this website are subject to change without prior notice)

Human Figures (54mm/1:35th Scale)
DO35001Running Children, 2 figures$19.00
DO35002British Jeep Driver$16.00
DO35003British Officer in Jeep$16.00
DO35004British Infantry Walking$16.00
DO35005British Tanker, Tropical$16.00
DO35006Scottish Officer$16.00
DO35007DAK Pz Officer, Standing, Looking Up, Shielding eyes, Bare Headed$16.00
DO35008DAK Pz Crewman at Rest, sitting on fender$16.00
DO35009T-34 Commander$16.00
DO35010WWII Russian Tank Driver, Winter$16.00
DO35013DAK Pz Commander $16.00
DO35014DAK Pz Crewman Seated on left side of turret$16.00
DO35015DAK Pz Crewman seated in right side turret hatch$16.00
DO35C01DAK Pz Crew Set. Set of 3 figures: DO35013, 014 & 015 in 1 box. $44.00
DO35016WH Panzer Commander$16.00
DO35017WH Pz Crewman, left$16.00
DO35018WH Pz Crewman, right$16.00
DO35C02WH Panzer Crew Set. Set of 3 figures: DO35016, 017& 018 in 1 box. $44.00
Animal Figures (54mm/1:35th Scale)
DO35A01Scared Cow$19.00
DO35A02Dead Cow$19.00
DO35A03Goat & Beagle$16.00
DO35A04Scared Geese (2 geese)$16.00
DO35A05Running Hounds (2 running dog figures)$16.00
DO35A06Bare Horse, w/brace & bit #1, Charging$19.00
DO35A07Bare Horse, w/brace & bit #2, Charging$19.00
DO35A08Bare Horse, w/brace & bit #3, Charging$19.00

This product listing was updated in March, 2008.