Darlington Publications

Due to low profit margins, these books are non-discountable for FBC purposes - (ND).

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Museum Ordnance Series: Out of Print, Only a few left of those listed below:
DPT01Tech Intel Vol. 1$12.00
DPT02Tech Intel Vol. 2$12.00
MO-006T-34/85 Post WWII Era$7.00
MO-007AFV's of El Salvador$7.00
MO-012Merkava MkII & III, Israeli MBT$7.00
MO-015"A visit to the zoo" Iraqi Tanks & AFVs$7.00
MO-021YPR765 in Dutch service$7.00
MO-023Scorpion, Scimitar and Sabre$7.00

Panzer Tracts Publications:
PzT1-1Panzer Tracks #1-1: PzKpfwI$28.00
PzT1-2Panzer Tracks #1-2: PzKpfw I$28.00
PzT2-2Panzer Tracks #2-2: PzKpfw II Ausf.G,H,J,L and M$18.00
PzT3-1Panzer Tracks #3-1: PzKpfw III$23.00
PzT3-2Panzer Tracks #3-2: PzKpfw III Ausf. F,G, and H$26.00
PzT3-3Panzer Tracks #3-3: PzKpfw III Ausf. J,L, and M$28.00
PzT4Panzer Tracks #4: PzKpfw IV$18.00
PzT5-1Panzer Tracks #5-1: Panther D$23.00
PzT5-2Panzer Tracks #5-2: Panther A$23.00
PzT5-4Panzer Tracks #5-4: Panzerkampfwagen Panther II & F$18.00
PzT6Panzer Tracks #6: Schwere Panzerkampfwagen$18.00
PzT6-3Panzer Tracks #6-3: Schwere Panzerkampfwagen MAUS & E100$23.00
PzT7-1Panzer Tracks #7-1: Panzerjaeger$23.00
PzT7-2Panzer Tracks #7-2: Panzerjaeger 1941-1943$28.00
PzT7-3Panzer Tracks #7-3: Panzerjaeger 1939-1945$25.00
PzT8Panzer Tracks #8: Sturmgeschuetz to Sturmmoeser$18.00
PzT9Panzer Tracks #9: Jagdpanzer$18.00
PzT9-3Panzer Tracks #9-3: Jagdpanther$28.00
PzT10Panzer Tracks #10: Artillerie Sfl. 15cm sIG to to 60cm KARL$18.00
PzT11Panzer Tracks #11: Pzbeobachtungswagen$14.00
PzT12Panzer Tracks #12: FLAK & FLAKpanzers$18.00
PzT14Panzer Tracks #14: Gepanzerte Pionier-Fahrzeuge ( Armored C.E.V.'s) Goliath to Raeumer S$18.00
PzT15-1Panzer Tracks #15-1: Leichter Schutz. (SdKfz250) Ausf. A & B$26.00
PzT15-2Panzer Tracks #15-2: SdKfz251 History & Variants$18.00
PzT15-3Panzer Tracks #15-3: SdKfz251 Ausf. C & D$25.00
PzT16Panzer Tracks #16: Bergepanzer$10.00
PzT17Panzer Tracks #17: Gepanzerte Nachschub Fahrzeuge$18.00
PzT19-1Panzer Tracks #19-1: Captured Tanks, Czech, Polish & French 1939-1940$18.00
PzT19-2Panzer Tracks #19-2: Captured Tanks, U.S., British, Russian Italian$18.00
PzT20-1Panzer Tracks #20-1: Paper Panzers, Pz.Kpwg & JagdPz$18.00
PzT20-2Panzer Tracks #20-2: Paper Panzers, Aufkl, Beob, FLAKpz$18.00
PzT21-1Panzer Tracks #21-1: Panzer Turrets on Concrete & Wood Stands$16.00
DPB6"Bertha's Big Brother" KARL-GERAET 60cm & 54cm$15.00
DPB7"PanzerKampwagen VIP, SdKfz181 Porsche Type 100$19.00

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