DES Models is a French manufacturer of high quality resin products. They also produce excellent cast resin 1:35th scale figures, which include (among others) interesting French WWII subjects and the best line of German WWII winter troops you'll find anywhere. And, they now offer a line of interesting and, as always from DES, excellently cast 120mm Figures. However, DES Models is usually rather slow to deliver so our in-stock quantities, especially on their kits, are usually very limited. Therefore, back-orders on DES items are fairly common and may take 3-4 months to fill. Fortunately, their kits are worth the wait so your patience will be rewarded.

(Prices on this website are subject to change without prior notice

Kits and Conversions (1:35 Scale)
DES006Ammunition caisson for 2cm Flak38$24.00
DES007Ammunition caisson for 2cm Flak30$24.00
DES016French 75mm light field gun$39.00
DES017Renault 37-R with PaK35/36$50.00
DES023Somua MCG5 Halftrack cargo vehicle$85.00
DES025Somua MCG5 Halftrack recovery vehicle$77.00
DES04175mm ammo caisson, vehicle drawn $48.00
DES04275mm Cannon model 1897 (1930/40) Early model w/vehicle drawn dolly$35.00
DES04375mm ammo caisson horse drawn $48.00
DES046155mm GPF cannon 1917/40 version $85.00
DES047155mm GPFT cannon 1935/45 version $85.00
DES048SdAh116 22 ton tank transport trailer $133.00
DES051SdAh53 trailer with sighting device$42.00
DES052SdAh53 trailer (final version)$53.00
DES053M15A1 trailer for M26 "Dragon Wagon"$188.00
DES054M26 TractorTBA
DES055M15 trailer for M26 "Dragon Wagon"$188.00
DES056M26A1 TractorTBA
DES057Fries, 16t gantry crane set$159.00
DES058German WWII heavy generator, deployed$70.00
DES059German WWII heavy generator on trailer $58.00
DES060Somua MCG4 Tractor with caisson$85.00
DES061Trailer to mount Tamiya's FLAK 37 $48.00
DES063150cm SW.37 Searchlight on SdAh104 trailer$79.00
DES064Citroen 11BL 4 door sedan civilian/military car 1941-45$50.00
DES065Citroen 11BL, 4 door sedan, with WWII modification of compressed gas cylinders on roof. Civilian/military car 1938-40$52.00
DES066Simca Berline, ("Frances FIAT") 2 door sedan, civilian/military 1938-45 $50.00
DES067Simca Berline, ("Frances FIAT") 2 door convertible sedan, WWII civilian/military $48.00
DES068SdKfz 253 conversion for SdKfz250 includes ammo trailer $64.00
DES069Simca, Fourgonnette $48.00
DES070Lead train for 75mm horse drawn caisson $40.00
DES0716 horses for 75mm horse drawn caisson $88.00
DES07275mm cannon mod 1897, N. Afrika 1935-43 $38.00
DES073Movie Camera 16/35mm 1940-45 $12.00
DES074Tripod with blackout cloth for Camera$12.00
DES075Zeiss lens for 16/35mm ovie camera $12.00
DES076SdKfz 8, Daimler-Benz 12ton Half-Track $136.00
DES077FLAK 37 Trailer, SdAn104TBA
DES080 Spade for Tamiya's SdKfz 9 FAMO$19.00
DES081Rangefinder w/trailer$85.00
DES0823.7cm FLAK on SdAnh52 trailer, covered in travel position$57.00
DES083 Autocar U-7144T 4-5 ton Semi-Tractor (1942/1945) $138.00
DES084 10 ton Semi-Trailer 1943/45$112.00
DES085 Radar (FLAK) 39D "Wurzburg" Deployed  $108.00
DES086Radar Worzburg trailer SdAnh104 $86.00
DES087US Federal Semi-Tractor 94x43C(1942/45). Complete kit  $138.00
DES088 5 ton Semi-Trailer $88.00
DES089 5 ton dolly, type F-1  $35.00
DES090 3.7cm FLAK36 "Westerwald" 1936/45  $79.00
DES091 20mm FLAK, single mount  $19.00
DES092 4M Em(R) H 1935/45 complete kit  TBA
DES093 Munitions, Boxes & Accessories for 37mm FLAK$20.00
DES094 Munitions Trailer 20mm complete kit  TBA
DES095 Mercedes 170V 1936/45 complete kit  $82.00
DES096 Mercedes Kubelwagen complete kit  $82.00
DES097 Mercedes 170V Kfz240 Atlier. Complete kit  $82.00
DES098 8KW Electric Generator complete kit  $35.00
DES100 German Field Radio Fu203V (1940/45) Complete kit $49.00
DES101 German 37mm ammo trailer SdAnH 52 (1936/45) Complete kit $63.00
DES102 US Autocar U-8144T Cab over Tractor, for portage of 25/40 ton pontoon bridge. (1942/45) Complete kit $170.00
DES103 US Semi-Trailer W/pontoon for bridge. (1942/45) Complete kit $145.00
DES102/103 Combo US Autocar U-8144T Cab over Tractor & Semi-Trailer for portage of 25/40 ton pontoon bridge. (1942/45) Complete kit $280.00 (ND)
DES104 Cargo Load for 10ton trailer DES084.$15.00 NEW
DES105 Cargo Load for 10ton trailer DES088.$15.00 NEW
DES108 Pioneer Panzerwagen S307 (f), built on Somua MCG 307 chassis (1943/45). Approx. 176 where converted to 4 styles of armored halftracks. About 20 of these were built as Pioneer-Panzerwagen. Complete kit with lots of interior details including radios, small arms & other equipment. Want a different looking German Half-Track? This one is "Way Cool" $115.00 NEW
DES114 Laffly S35T 6x6 Artillery Tractor (1937-45). Towed 155mm GPF for French. Germans captured many, towed variety of artillery including 88mm Pak43, 10.5cm & 15cm Howitzers. Spectacular kit with superb details.$133.00 NEW

Figures (120mm/1:16th Scale)
DES12001SS Battalion, 500 Fallshirmjaeger (1944) $37.00
DES12003Joseph Diefenthal (1944) $37.00
DES12004Stug Unteroffizier, Luftwaffwe 5 Div (1944) $37.00
DES12006US Paratrooper 82nd Airborne, Normandy (1944) $37.00
DES12009German Tanker, Pz.Abt.503 $37.00
DES12010Tiger Tank Commander, SS Pz.Abt. 101 $37.00

Figures (1:35 Scale)
WWII German
DES118Officer in fur hat, looking at sky$12.00
DES119Soldier putting on his winter coat$12.00
DES120Tank crew busts, 2 half figures, 4 heads$12.00
DES121Tank commander, getting out of tank$12.00
DES122Tanker in service cap, getting out of tank$12.00
DES123Tanker, kneeling on engine deck$12.00
DES124Grenadier in winter dress with forage cap$12.00
DES128Officer in winter dress, pulling up collar$12.00
DES129Soldier in winter dress$12.00
DES130Soldier in winter dress with MP40$12.00
DES131Soldier in smock with Mauser$12.00
DES132Officer in winter dress$12.00
DES133Grenadier in winter dress, Mauser in left hand, MG43 ammo server$12.00
DES137Grenadiers in winter dress pulling sled (2 figures)$27.00
DES138Grenadier in winter dress$12.00
DES139Grenadier in winter dress with hood and mine$12.00
DES140Grenadier in smock carrying PzBusche 54/1$12.00
DES141Grenadier in smock, PzBusche ammo server$12.00
DES142Grenadier team commander in smock$12.00
DES143Tanker seated, holding knee$12.00
DES144Mechanic climbing onto tank$12.00
DES147Fallschirmjäger Flak37 crew (4 figures)$39.00
DES150Tank crew (3 busts)$12.00
DES151Seated officer on resin base$14.00
DES152Panzer regiment commander in winter dress$12.00
DES154Telemeter operator for Flak37$12.00
DES157SWS crew, seated soldiers (2 figures)$21.00
DES159NCO in winter overshirt and forage cap$12.00
DES161Motorcyclist with Mauser in hand$12.00
DES162Tank officer in shirt, field glasses in hand$12.00
DES163Tanker swabbing out barrel$12.00
DES164Tanker cleaning breech$12.00
DES166Pair of winter motorcyclists at rest & eating (2 figures)$25.00
DES167Flak38 crew (4 figures)$39.00
DES171Famo crew in summer dress (5 figures)$48.00
DES172Tanker putting on forage cap$12.00
DES173MP with standard service cap$12.00
DES174Tank officer in closed jacket$12.00
DES175Tank officer in summer dress$12.00
DES176Famo crew in winter dress (5 figures)$48.00
DES177German soldier with leather case under left arm$12.00
DES178Flak37 crew in winter dress (5 figures)$48.00
DES179PaK40 crew in winter dress (4 figures)$39.00
DES180Grenadier in smock with panzerfaust$12.00
DES181Soldier in smock with MG42 on shoulder$12.00
DES182Soldier in smock with sniper equipped Mauser$12.00
DES183NCO with MP40 in hand, bare headed$12.00
DES184Soldier in smock, walking with Mauser in hand$12.00
DES185Chenillette crewman and infantryman (2 figures)$23.00
DES186Soldier in motorcyclist's coat$12.00
DES193Tank officer in winter dress, smoking cigarette$12.00
DES195Soldiers in winter dress, pulling PaK40 into position (4 figures)$42.00
DES196Officer in winter dress$12.00
DES197Soldier in winter dress, pulling PaK40 ammo box$14.00
DES198Soldier in smock, leaning against vehicle or wall$12.00
DES199German gun chief wearing US jacket$12.00
DES2002 German soldiers pulling on rope$26.00
DES201German Tankhunter in camo smock with bazooka$12.00
DES202Driver in overalls, fits in FAMO$12.00
DES203German in fatiques pushing or climbing on vehicle$12.00
DES204German wearing forage cap pushing or climbing on vehicle$12.00
DES205German tanker pushing or climbing on vehicle$12.00
DES206Soldier/mechanic in overall pulling on vehicle$12.00
DES212LT. taking off his gloves$12.00
DES213Tank crewnman, NCO$12.00
DES214Soldier in smock with MP40$12.00
DES215Officer, cup in hand, 1944/45$12.00
DES216Soldier in smock, fits Panhard 178 or other hatch, full figure$12.00
DES221Soldier 1943/45 full figure$12.00
DES222Soldier 1943/45 full figure$12.00
DES223MG42 GroupTBA

Figures (1:35 Scale)
WWII French
DES101Tanker standing/leaning (1936-40)$12.00
DES102Seated tanker (1936-40)$12.00
DES103Motorcycle dispatch rider (1936-40)$12.00
DES112Soldier swinging sledgehammer (1936-40)$12.00
DES113Tanker, hands in pockets$12.00
DES114Mechanic, hands on hips$12.00
DES115Soldier carrying tripod for early Hotchkiss MG$14.00
DES116Soldier carrying Hotchkiss MG$14.00
DES117Soldier carrying ammo box$12.00
DES125French army Major (1936-40)$12.00
DES126Officer with cloth helmet cover (1936-40)$12.00
DES127Artillery NCO (1936-40)$12.00
DES146Tanker reading map (1936-40)$12.00
DES153Vignette of 3 soldiers, base included$39.00
DES155Col. DeGaulle in tanker uniform (1939)$14.00
DES156General DeGaulle (1940)$14.00
DES158Tank officer, standing$12.00
DES168Officer in raincoat$12.00
DES169Soldier in longcoat with fez$12.00
DES170Soldier in shirt/forage cap, smoking pipe$12.00
DES189Driver wearing forage caps and high boots$12.00
DES190Driver wearing forage cap, carrying 2 wooden boxes$12.00
DES191Tank crewman, leaning$12.00
DES192Seated driver wearing forage cap and jacket$12.00
DES194Tank crewman standing, wearing high boots$12.00
DES209French Tanker with bottle$12.00
DES210French Lt., 1938-40$12.00
DES217Colonial artillery NCO w/beard, N.Afrika wearing shorts & pith helmet$12.00
DES218Colonial artillery "colored soldier", N.Afrika 1936-45 wearing French crowned helmet$12.00
DES219Colonial artillery "colored soldier", N.Afrika 1936-45 wearing French crowned helmet and shorts$12.00
DES220Colonial artillery, seated driver, "colored soldier", N.Afrika 1936-45 wearing French crowned helmet & shorts$12.00
DES224Horses, set of 6TBA
DES225Officer artillery, mounted$14.00
DES226Artillery Soldier$12.00
DES227Artillery Soldier$12.00
DES228Artillery Soldier$12.00
DES229Artillery Soldier$12.00

Figures (1:35 Scale)
WWII Russian
DES104Soviet tanker WWII, with fur lining$12.00
DES105Soviet tanker WWII, with gloves$12.00
DES106Soviet soldier kneeling WWII$12.00
DES107Soviet soldier kneeling WWII$12.00
DES108Soviet tank rider #1$12.00
DES109Soviet tank rider #2$12.00
DES110Soviet tank rider (officer)$12.00
DES111Woman soldier, directing traffic$12.00
DES211pair of soldiers in summer dress, 1 kneeling, 1 sitting on vehicle $23.00

Figures (1:35 Scale)
WWI French & Former Eras Figures
DES134Lieutenant of Foreign Legion (circa 1906)$12.00
DES135Sergeant of Foreign Legion (circa 1906)$12.00
DES136Legionaire drinking from canteen, base included$12.00
DES148WWI French tanker standing$12.00
DES149WWI French tank officer in long coat$12.00
DES187WWI French tank crewman$12.00
DES188WWI French tanker, helmet in hand$12.00

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