Cri.El Models Italian based producer of high quality and unique resin cast vehicles, figures, and artillery. We have most Cri.El items in-stock. And, R&J prices for Cri.El items are significantly lower than most other suppliers.

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Kits and Conversions (1:35 Scale)
R019Cannone da 90/53 (Italian 90mm Flak) New Moulding$82.00
R028Autoblindo Ansaldo Lancia "Lince" Italian WWII Scout Car$75.00
R029Skoda 149/13 field gun, WWII$55.00
R030Skoda 149/40 model 35 howitzer$75.00
R031Skoda 7.5cm M15 Mountain howitzer$30.00
R03390mm SPG Ansaldo-Spa DA 90/53$115.00
R038Skoda 10cm/17 field howitzer$59.00
R040Lancia 3/RO truck mounting 90mm Flak on round firing platform$210.00
photo 2Vignette of R040
R043Skoda 10.5cm cannon, 105/28$76.00
R045Skoda 7.5cm/27 Model 06 WWII Italian Anti-Tank Gun$56.00
R046Schwarzlose mod. 1907 MG$17.00
R047Breda model 37 MG$17.00
R048Skoda 149/45 howitzer$75.00
R050Fiat/Ravelli MG model 35$17.00
R051Autocarro Pesante Lancia 3/RO Truck$108.00
R053Solothurn 20mm gun$18.00
R054Breda 20$30.00
R055OM25 WWII Italian Light Artillery Tractor$55.00
R056TL37 WWII Italian Staff Car w/celerflex (solid rubber) tires$75.00
R057TL37 WWII Italian Staff Car with standard tires$75.00
R058TL37 WWII Italian Staff Car with sand tires$75.00
R059Italian WWII 219mm Mortar$75.00
R060Italian WWII 65mm Infantry Gun$36.00
R061TL37 Protetto, WWII Italian Staff Car armored version $75.00
R063Munizioni Model 32 Obice 75/13. 75mm/13 Ammo for Skoda Mtn.Gun (R031) $15.00
R064 Autocarro FIAT 18BL Italian WWII cargo truck$82.00
R065Transport trailer for CV33, Italian WWII$35.00
R066 Carro Armato FIAT 3000 Mod. 30 Light tank with 37mm gun$64.00
R067Italian WWII Model 35 47/32 A.T.Gun$31.00
R068Trattrice Pesante Breda 32, Italian WWII cargo truck$113.00
R069 FIAT-OGI 708 CM Light Tractor$49.00
R070Autocarro Cerano 50VM, WWII Italian Truck$79.00
R072Ceirano 50 CMA Truck w/75mm gun, Italian WWII TBA
R074FIAT 15 TER, WWII Italian Truck$79.00
R075Ammo for 100/17 Gun $16.00
R076Self-propelled artillery, 102mm gun on SPA 9000c truck$136.00
R077Self-propelled artillery, 65mm/17 gun on Morris V8$118.00
R085SPA L39. Italian WWII Light InfantryTruck $81.00
R086FIAT model 14 medium machine gun $17.00
R0888.8cm FLAK 18 on 12 ton SdKfz 8 half-track. Complete kit includes 88mm FLAK gun & armored cab SdKfz 8 half-track. $193.00
R089FIAT 508 M, WWII Italian Staff Car   $65.00
R090WWII Italian 305mm Howitzer (305/17) model 16 with rectangular base$82.00
R091WWII Italian 305mm Howitzer model 16 with octagonal base$82.00
R092Accessories for 305mm Howitzer model 16$39.00
R094WWII Italian Lancia 3RO truck with 100mm/17 cannon.$155.00
R095WWII Italian Verberti Trailer for medium tank transport.$85.00
R097 Daimler Polizei Sonderwagen 1921 (Police Armored car). Complete kit with decals$130.00
R098 SPA 38 Light Truck$124.00
R099 Autocarro 3Ro 4 wheeled horse transport heavy truck, WWII Italian/German$122.00
R100 Pavesi Heavy Artillery Tractor 30-A, 1944$125.00
R101 Autoblinda Lancia IZ M Armored car. Used in WWI, Spanish Cival War and throughout WWII$90.00
R102 Breda 61 Artillery Tractor, half-track. $152.00
R103 FIAT 15 BIS Truck$96.00
R104 Autoblinda Lancia IZ M Armored car. Used in Spanish Cival War $90.00
R105 Autoblinda Lancia IZM Armored car "SS Bozen", SS version used in WWII$90.00

Accessories (1:35 Scale)
CRA001Desert Tires/Wheels for AB41 (see also RJ35278)$19.00
CRA002Assorted Ammo Boxes, Italian WWII$17.00
CRA0031:35 scale Horse, standing at rest$16.00
Figures (1:35 Scale)
CRIF001"Il Duce" Mussolini, bald head$17.00
CRIF002"Il Duce"; Mussolini, fur hat$17.00
CRIF003"Il Duce"; Mussolini, officer's hat$17.00
CRIF004Italian tanker I$17.00
CRIF005Italian tanker II$17.00
CRIF006Italian tanker III$17.00
CRIF007Italian tank commander$17.00
CRIF008Italian tanker IV$17.00
CRIF009Italian tanker V$17.00
CRIF010Italian tanker VI$17.00
CRIF011Italian tanker VII$17.00
CRIF012Italian tanker VIII$17.00
CRIF013Italian WWII military heads (15 heads)$17.00
CRIF015Italian WWII artilleryman I$17.00
CRIF016Italian WWII artilleryman pointing$17.00
CRIF017Italian WWII artilleryman leaning$17.00
CRIF018Italian WWII artilleryman II$17.00
CRIF019Italian WWII officer walking$17.00
CRIF020Italian WWII infantryman with helmet$17.00
CRIF021Italian WWII MG team (2 figures)$25.00
CRIF022REMKE Brigade Commander$17.00
CRIF023REMKE Brigade Paratroop Officer$17.00
CRIF024German Artilleryman, Russia #1$17.00
CRIF025German Artilleryman, Russia #2$17.00
CRIF026Semovente Tanker$17.00
CRIF027Bersagliere in Africa$17.00
CRIF028Italian WWII Paratrooper$17.00
CRIF029Italian WWII Pilot Officer$17.00
CRIF030Italian WWII Pilot wearing parachute$17.00
CRIF031Italian WWII Meharista$17.00
CRIF032Italian WWII NCO Meharista$17.00
CRIF033Italian WWII Scihumbaschi Meharista$17.00
CRIF034Ascaro 1933-35$17.00
CRIF036Lybian Infantryman 1940$17.00
CRIF037Italian WWII M.G. gunner, standing$17.00
CRIF038Italian WWII Officer with rangefinder, western Africa$17.00
CRIF039Italian WWII Officer, western Africa$17.00
CRIF040Italian WWII Ascaro artillery gun crewman #1$17.00
CRIF041Italian WWII Ascaro artillery gun crewman #2$17.00
CRIF042Italian WWII Ascaro artillery gun crewman #3$17.00
CRIF043Italian WWII Ascaro artillery gun crewman #4$17.00
CRIF040-43Italian WWII Ascaro artillery gun crew, all 4 figures$46.00
CRIF044Italian WWII officer w/megaphone$17.00
CRIF045Italian WWII officer ETO uniform$17.00
CRIF046Italian WWII officer kneeling w/binoculars$17.00
CRIF047Italian WWII soldier kneeling w/rifle N.Africa$17.00
CRIF048Italian WWII Ascaro soldier kneeling & pointing w/rifle$17.00
CRIF049Italian WWII Ascaro soldier kneeling w/rifle$17.00
CRIF050Italian WWII Officer, standing w/book N.Africa$17.00
CRIF051Ascari Head Set$17.00
CRIF052Italian WWII Maro's R.S.I. Soldier, standing $17.00
CRIF053Italian WWII Machine Gunner, bare chested in seated firing position$17.00
CRIF054Italian WWI Soldier, standing at ease w/rifle$17.00
CRIF055Italian WWI Wounded Soldier on ground w/rifle$17.00
CRIF056Italian WWI Soldier,running$17.00
CRIF057Italian WWI Alpine Soldier, kneeling w/rifle $17.00
CRIF058Italian WWI Soldier, 1 foot on step w/rifle $17.00
CRIF059Italian WWI Lt. Cavalryman standing$17.00

Figures (120mm Scale)
CRIF120-01Camicia Negro, Social Republic of Italy 1944, Battaglione "M"$35.00
CRIF120-03Milite N.P.A. " E. MUTI" 1943-45$35.00
CRIF120-06Carabinieri 1935/42$39.00

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