Bravo-6 Interesting line of excellently sculpted and cast 1:35th scale figures.

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Vietnam Series (1:35 Scale)

B6-35001U.S. Infantry Staff Sgt., sure looks like Barnes to me$18.00
B6-35002U.S. Infantry Pvt. with M16, There is a bit of Sheen to him.$18.00
B6-35003U.S. Infantry Sgt., Silas?$18.00
B6-35004U.S. Infantry M60 Machine Gunner.$18.00
B6-35005U.S. Infantry Pvt. with 12g. shotgun. Bashed any heads lately?$18.00
B6-35006U.S. Infantry Pvt. with coup stick$18.00
B6-35007U.S. Infantry Officer & RTO, 2 figure set$35.00
B6-35012U.S. AFV Crew 2 figure set$33.00
B6-35013Vietcong Fighter #1 with M1 carbine$18.00
B6-35014Vietcong Fighter #2 with Light MG$18.00
B6-35015Vietcong Fighter #3 with Machine Pistol$18.00
B6-35018Australian SAS Trooper (Flashing the Bird!)$18.00
B6-35019Australian SAS Team. "Jungle Make-Up" 2 figure set$35.00
B6-35020Australian SAS Team "Saddlin Up" 2 figure set$35.00
B6-35021Vietcong Sniper (Main Force)     NEW$18.00
B6-35023U.S. Navy SEAL & POW, 2 figures NEW$33.00
WWII Series (1:35 Scale)

B6-35101Soviet Military Cameraman$18.00
B6-35102German Tanker, "Freezing"$18.00
B6-35103"Getting Some Kicks!" Russian Kicking German 2 figure set$35.00
B6-35104Soviet Soldier Shouldering a Panzerfaust$18.00
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