Blast Models A line of excellently cast 1:35th scale resin kits, conversions and accessories from France.

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Kits and Conversions(1:35 Scale)
BL35001K VAB 4x4 Update Set #1$24.00
BL35002K VAB wheel set/Michelin$17.00
BL35003K VAB Interior Set #1, Fighting Compartment$26.00
BL35004K VAB Interior Set #2, Drivers' Compartment$24.00
BL35007K Marder III M Update Set Designed for Tamiya 35255$40.00
BL35009K IDF Tank Accessories$30.00
BL35011K Canvas Cover for DUKW, partially rolled back. Discontinued Limited Stock Remains$24.00
BL35012K VAB 12.7mm Heavy Machine Gun$18.00
BL35017KSherman M4A3E2 "Jumbo" conversion (Tamiya 35190).$107.00
BL35019K IDF Tiran 5 & Tran 4 conversion (Tamiya).$62.00
BL35020K Panzer III Accessories, Eastern Front 1943-45$16.00
BL35022K Panzer IV Accessories, Eastern Front 1943-45$28.00
BL35023K M2/3-A2 Bradley running gear with new tracks. Discontinued Limited Stock Remains$44.00
BL35024K M4 Sherman Stowage$16.00
BL35025K AAV7A1 RAMS/RS running gear with new tracks$50.00
BL35026K M24 Chaffee Stowage$23.00
BL35027K M1025 Hummer Wheels, agressive pattern$18.00
BL35029K M3A3 Stuart Stowage$25.00
BL35033K Canvas cover for Jeep (Tamiya 35219)$18.00
BL35035K Borgward IV B Wanze Conversion$40.00
BL35036K T55 Update set (Tamiya).$34.00
BL35037K Sherman Update Set$32.00
BL35038K M4 Sherman Early Stowage$18.00
BL35041K Kubelwagen with Infrared device$28.00
BL35042K Willow Tree stumps$14.00
BL35043K Soviet T34/85 Stowage$18.00
BL35045K M36 Jackson Accessories$18.00
BL35046K Soviet T72 A/M1 Update set (Tamiya).$63.00
BL35050K Late Type Weapons Ring w/OIF mod & smoke dischargers for Tamiya Hummer$31.00
BL35051K M1025 OIF* Hummer Accessories$32.00
BL35052K Armored Doors for OIF* Hummer$26.00
BL35053K IDF M113 NAG MAN II, Academy$30.00
BL35056K IDF M113 NAG MAN I, Academy$38.00
BL35057KUSMC Bridge Pushing Set, M1A1HAZ$14.00
BL35059K US M3 Half-Track, canvas top for Tamiya. Discontinued Some Stock Remains.$23.00
BL35061K US M3 Half-Track, stowage for Tamiya$29.00
BL35062K US M8 Greyhound stowage$19.00
BL35064K US M10 Late Stowage3 Academy$23.00
BL35065K US M2A2 Bradley Armor (Tamiya/Academy$38.00
BL35066K Update set for 10.5cm Geschutzwagen$38.00
BL35067K Update set for 7.5cm PAK Marder 38H$36.00
BL35072K 12.7mm NVST Modern Russian MG$12.00
BL35074K US M20 Stowage$24.00
BL35075K MBT Leclerc, 120mm Ammo & Containers. 12 rounds (3 types) + 8 containers open/closed.$19.00
BL35076K Update for Marder 38H(f) Trumpeter$32.00
BL35078K Galix Combat Vehicle Protection System, Leclerc$12.00
BL35083K MBT Leclerc, 120mm Ammo Containers. 20 containers (15 closed + 5 open.$16.00
BL35084K US M7 "Priest" Stowage$23.00
BL35085K US M10 Late Stowage, set 2$24.00
BL35087K Stowage set for PzIV Ausf. C/D/E$16.00
BL35094K US M3 Half-track full canvas w/.50 cal ring$24.00
BL35095K US M3 Half-track front tarp$16.00
BL35096K US M3 Half-track stowage$25.00
BL35097K US M3 Half-track rear tarp folded$15.00
BL35098K US Ford GPA Stowage$18.00
BL35101K US M3 Half-track front bumper w/stowage$18.00
BL35103K Char B1 Bis Update set, French version$32.00
BL35104K AR15 weapon system, M16A3, 6 rifles$14.00
BL35105K Modern US rifles, 6 rifles$14.00
BL35107K Char B1 Bis Update set, German version$28.00
BL35108K Marder II Stowage set$20.00
BL35109K US M2 Half-track Stowage$30.00
BL35110K Char B1 Bis Update, Flamethrower$43.00
BL35111K Stug III Stowage set, Vol.1 All Kits$17.00
BL35112K Stug III Stowage set, Vol.2 All Kits$23.00
BL35113KPanther G Late, Infared Sighting Set$22.00
BL35114K Stryker Stowage Set, Vol.1$25.00
BL35115K Stryker Stowage Set, Vol.2$20.00
BL35116K Soviet T70 Stowage Set$15.00
BL35117K Renault UE Update set$25.00
BL35118K German Troop Carrier Conv. for UE$17.00
BL35119K 21 Pz. Div. Kliener Funk conv. for UE$24.00
BL35120K AMX 7.5mm MG Casemate for UE$13.00
BL35121K SdKfz 251/20 "UHU" Update/Correction Set. Includes generator and lots of other parts$38.00
BL35122K Dodge WC571, canvas & stowage set, AFV Cub$21.00
BL35123K Humber MK1 Scout Car stowage set, AFV Cub$20.00
BL35124K T17E1 "Staghound" Mk I stowage $32.00
BL35125K US "Jeep" stowage set$29.00
BL35127K M26 "Pershing"stowage set.$35.00
BL35128K Ammo set for 15cm sFH18 Howitzer & "Hummel. Includes 3 types of Grenades,16 shell housings, shell covers & powder bags.$23.00
BL35129K Canvas for Krupp Protze Cargo$27.00
BL35131K Canvas for Krupp Protze pulling 37mm ATC$28.00
8 large sagged tires for USMC LAV $27.00
BL35133KDUKE Antenna OIF$15.00
BL35134K Improvised Obsticle Blade for Stryker $14.00
BL35135K Rhino IED Pre-detonation Device$14.00
BL35136K Sandbag Armor for M5A1 Stuart, AFV Club$26.00
BL35137KM5A1 Stuart Stowage $20.00
BL35138K Leclerc Update$39.00
BL35139K M1132 Stryker ESV w/Vee Blade SMP Device. Conversion for AFV Club$93.00
BL35141K VAB Top Conv. Afghanistan$26.00
BL35142KBrouilleur AVG600 Antennae for VAB Afghanistan $17.00
BL35143KPaquetages VAB Afghanistan.$25.00
BL35144K Protection Arriere & >.50 cal VAB Afghanistan$22.00
BL35145K Modern Firearms, FAMA OPEX Family$14.00
BL35147K Panhard P4 P Protegee conv. for Wolf kit by Revell$43.00
BL35148K French Army Panhard Protected conv. Wolf $48.00
BL35151K 14 Spacers Mineroller$13.00
BL35152K Sparh for Styrker$54.00
BL35153K Craves Type 2r$19.00
BL35154K U.S. Modern Equipment Set$27.00
BL35155K M117 Guardian Wheels$18.00
BL35156K VAB Type 1000$10.00
BL35157K USMC LAV A2 Update Set- TURM$54.00
BL35158K M1117 Guadian Update Set$23.00
BL35159K Warlock Duke EWS for USMC LAV25 Mortar C2$20.00
BL35160K Warlock IED Jammer for M1114 & M1151$8.00
BL35161K FS3 Fire Support for M1114 & Stryker$15.00
BL35162K Hummer Wheels Aggressive Patttern$15.00 NEW
BL35170K XML Wheels/Tires for VAB 4pcs. Limited Edition $17.00 NEW
Figures (1:35 Scale)
BL35014F IDF Soldier 1990$16.00
BL35015F Driver for VAB$16.00
BL35018F IDF Tank & APC Crew 1990 3 partial figures$31.00
BL35021F French Soldier 2000$18.00
BL35028FFrench Sniper with FRF2$16.00
BL35032F Modern French Sniper, standing with FRF2$16.00
BL35034F French Soldier, 2000$16.00
BL35039F French Tanker, 2000$16.00
BL35044F US Ranger, modern, Iraq$16.00
BL35047F Officer Indochina 6th RPC$16.00
BL35049F US Ranger, modern, Iraq. Advancing w/rifle @ ready$17.00
BL35054F Modern Russian Helicopter Pilot, standing $16.00
BL35055F Modern British Tank Crew, Kfor/OIF/Tellic, 3 partial figures $31.00
BL35058F Modern French Sniper, seated with FRF2 $16.00
BL35063F US Soldier Iraq, #1 $16.00
BL35068F US Soldier Iraq, #2 $16.00
BL35069F SP Gun Crewman #1, 21 Pz. Div. Stug$16.00
BL35070F US Marine w/shotgun, Iraq. $16.00
BL35071F SP Gun Crewman #2, 21 Pz. Div. Stug$16.00
BL35073F US Soldier Iraq, #3 $16.00
BL35079F French Tank Crew for Leclerc, Summer dress$32.00
BL35080F French Tank Crew for Leclerc, Winter dress$32.00
BL35081F French Tank Crewman for Leclerc, $16.00
BL35082F Modern French Tank Crewman reloading #1 $16.00
BL35088F US Soldier OIF $16.00
BL35089F US OIF Soldier w/Radio$18.00
BL35090F US OIF Soldier Shooting$17.00
BL35091F German Driver (Engineer) for KriegsLocomotive$18.00
BL35092F US OIF Soldier w/Binoculars$17.00
BL35093F Modern French Tank Crewman reloading #2 $17.00
BL35099F French B1 Bis Tank Commander, 1940$18.00
BL35102F French Tank Commander on turret.$17.00
BL35126F German "Paper Panzer" Tank Crew. 2 partial figures for E10/E25/E100$32.00
BL35163F French Soldier #1 Task Force Lafayette Afghanistan$17.00
BL35164F French Soldier #2 Task Force Lafayette Afghanistan$17.00
BL35165F Afdghanistan Woman in Tchadre w/child$18.00
BL35167F French Sniper w/HK417 Task Force Lafayette Afghanistan$17.00
BL35168F French Soldier #5 Shooting FAMAS Task Force Lafayette Afghanistan$17.00

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