Armorscale A well known company from Poland and 1 of our Top 5 Product Lines. Armorscale produces extremely high quality turned metal barrels and ammo sets in 1:35th & 1:48th scale. Many of their 1:35th barrels come with brass muzzle brakes & resin mantlets which allow the barrels to be used on models from various makers. Recently Armorscale has been adding Photo-Etch details and Resin Cast Accessories to their ever growing list of excellent products.

(Prices on this website are subject to change without prior notice)

Ammo Sets (1:35th Scale)
ASA3500175mm KwK 40/Stuk 40 WWII German tank ammo$16.00
ASA3500275mm KwK 37/Stuk 37 WWII German tank ammo$16.00
ASA3500385mm Zis-S-53/D-5 Soviet 85mm tank ammo$16.00
ASA35004US 105mm Howitzer ammo$13.00
ASA35005German 37mm ammo for anti-tank PAK35/36 and 37mm KwKL/45 tank gun ammo$16.00
ASA35006British 2pdr tank ammo$13.00
ASA35007U.S. 76.2mm ammo for tank gun M1$16.00
ASA35008German 128mm ammo for SPG Pz Sfl. V "Sturer Emil"$16.00
ASA35009German 75mm ammo for anti-tank PAK40$16.00
ASA35010German 20mm spent cartridge cases for Flak 30/38, 20 pieces $11.00
ASA3501117 pdr. Tank Ammo, 12 shells + 8 grenades $16.00
ASA3501288mm FLAK 18/36 Kwk36 Ammo, 21 pcs. $16.00
ASA3501376.2mm T-34/Zis-5 Ammo, 21 pcs.$16.00
ASA35014U.S. 3-inch M7 Ammo, 21 pcs $16.00
ASA35015U.S. .30 cal. cartridge casings$11.00
ASA35016150mm s.I.G.33 Howitzer Ammo$13.00
ASA35017German 150mm sfH18 Semi-fixed Ammo, 15 pcs $13.00
ASA35018German 10.5cm K18 Kanone 18 Semi-fixed Ammo, 15 pcs $16.00
ASA35019German 75mm KwK42 Ammo, 20 pcs $16.00
ASA35020Allied 75mm M/OQF, M2/M3 Ammo $16.00
ASA35021British 6 pdr. OQF Tank Ammo $16.00
ASA35022German 37mm FLAK 37/43 Ammo, 20+ pcs $16.00
ASA35023British 95mm OQF Ammo. $13.00
ASA35024German 105mm LeFH18 Semi-fixed Howitzer Ammo, late WWII $16.00
ASA35025Allied 40mm Ammo for Bofors A.A. gun$13.00
ASA35026German 50mm KwK39 L/60 Ammo for tank gun$16.00
ASA35027German 128mm KwK44/Pak44 Ammo for AT Gun$16.00
ASA35028U.S. 37mm Ammo for Tank Barrel M6$13.00
ASA35029German 50mm Ammo for KwK 39/L/42$10.00 NEW
Turned Metal Barrels
1:35th Scale Barrels
ASB3500175mm KwK 42 L/70 for Panther Ausf D early$18.00
ASB35002Soviet 85mm D-5S barrel for SU-85$10.00
ASB3500388mm KwK 43/3L/71 for Jagdpanther late. Brass muzzle brake & resin mantlet included $18.00
ASB35004British 2pdr early model gun barrel for Mathilda II. Resin mantlet included. $8.00
ASB35005Soviet 76.2mm ZiS-5 barrel for KV-1 1941-43. Resin mantlet included. $10.00
ASB3500688mm KwK 43/3L/71 barrel for Tiger II late$18.00
ASB35007Soviet 85mm D-5T barrel for KV-85 & JS-1$10.00
ASB3500888mm KwK 36 L/56 barrel for Tiger I late$18.00
ASB3500988mm KwK 36 L/56 barrel for Tiger I early$18.00
ASB35010Soviet 85mm ZiS-S-53 barrel for T-34/85 Zavod183$10.00
ASB35011Czech 8mm ZB.37 MG barrel w/resin ball mount for 35/38(t) tanks$6.00
ASB35012British 17pdr OQF barrel for Achilles T.D.$18.00
ASB35013128mm PAK 44 L/55 barrel for Jagdtiger late, w/resin mantlet$18.00
ASB3501475mm KwK 40/L43 barrel for Pz4 Ausf. F2 w/brass muzzel brake & resin mantlet$18.00
ASB35015British 75mm OQF Mk V barrel for Cromwell MkIV$18.00
ASB3501675mm KwK 42/L70 barrel for Panther Ausf. G late w/brass muzzle brake & resin mantlet$18.00
ASB3501788mm KwK 43/3L/71 barrel for Tiger II Early w/brass muzzle brake & resin mantlet$18.00
ASB35018British 6pdr OQF MkIII barrel for British tanks with late mantlet$10.00
ASB35019British 6pdr OQF Mk V barrel for British tanks with late mantle$10.00
ASB35020U.S. 25mm M242 Bushmaster barrel for IFV M2 Bradley$10.00
ASB35021128mm Kanone 40 barrel for "Sturer Emil" w/brass muzzle brake & resin mantlet$22.00
ASB3502288mm KwK 43/2L/71 barrel for Tiger II Porsche turret w/brass muzzlebrake & resin mantlet$18.00
ASB35023U.S. 37mm M6 barrel for M8 armored car w/resin mantlet$8.00
ASB35024105mm StuH 42 L/28 barrel for StuH42 late model w/ resin standard mantlet$10.00
ASB3502588mm PAK 43/2L/71 barrel for Jagdpanther Early w/brass muzzle brake & resin mantlet$18.00
ASB35026Soviet 76.2mm F34 Barrel for T-34/76 1941$10.00
ASB3502720mm KwK30 L/50 German tank gun barrel. Used on SdKfz 222/232 6 Rad/232 8 RAD & PzII Ausf A-F.$10.00
photo2Photo 2 of B35027 mounted in PzII.
ASB35028U.S. 76mm M1A2 barrel for M4 Sherman w/resin mantlet$18.00
photo2Photo 2 close-up of B35028 muzzle brake
photo3Photo 3 of B35028 mantlet
ASB35029German WWII 37mm FLAK 43 barrel w/perforated brass muzzle brake$10.00
ASB35030German 7.92mm MG34 barrel$10.00
ASB35031German 75mm STUK 40/48 StugIII G/StugIV Mid$18.00
ASB35032German 75mm STUK 40 L/48 StugIII G/StugIV Late w/Saukopf Mantlet$18.00
ASB35033German 75mm STUK 40 L/48 StugIII G/StugIV Final w/Saukopf Mantlet$18.00
ASB35034German 75mmKwK 40 L/48 PzIV Ausf G w/mantlet & brass coaxial MG34$18.00
ASB35035U.S. 37mm M6 barrel for M3 Stuart $10.00
ASB3503688mm KwK36 L/56 Tiger I Final Production$18.00
ASB3503775mm PAK39 L/48 Hetzer Initial Production$15.00
ASB3503875mm PAK39 L/48 Hetzer Early Production$14.00
ASB35039105mm StuH 42 L/28 barrel w/Saukopf Mantlet for StuH42$18.00
ASB35040105mm StuH 42 L/28 barrel w/Standard Mantlet for StuH42$18.00
ASB350417.62mm L-11 barrel for Soviet T-34/76 1940 pattern$10.00
ASB35042100mm D-10S barrel for Soviet SU-100$10.00
ASB3504375mm KwK 40 L/48 barrel for PzIV Ausf H Mid Production$18.00
ASB3504475mm KwK 40 L/48 barrel for PzIV Ausf H Late Production$18.00
ASB3504575mm KwK 40 L/48 barrel for PzIV Ausf H Final Production$18.00
ASB35046122mm D-25T barrel for Soviet JS-2 Late$18.00
ASB3504720mm Flakrohr 1.3m barrel for German A-A FLAK 38 and armored vehicles$10.00
ASB3504820mm Flakrohr 1.0m barrel for German Tank Gun KwK 38 $10.00
ASB3504930mm Rarden barrel for British AFV Warrior $18.00
ASB35050Soviet122mm D-25T barrel for JS-3 $18.00
ASB35051Soviet100mm D-10T barrel for T-55 $18.00
ASB35052U.S. 75mm F34 barrel for M4 Sherman $13.00
ASB35053German 50mm KwK39 L/60 barrel for PzIII Ausf. L/M/K $11.00
ASB35054Czech 37mm Skoda A7 barrel for 38(t) $8.00
ASB35055German 37mm FLAK 36/37 barrel $10.00
ASB35056Soviet 45mm 20K Obr.42 barrel for T-72 SPECIAL $8.00
ASB35057German 75mm Pak 40 L/70 barrel for JagPzIV L/70 (A). Barrel + 3 nicely cast resin parts make an excellently detailed mantlet. This set will be be priced @ $18.00 next time we re-order. Get 1 while they are on special and save 33%. SPECIAL $12.00
ASB35058German 75mm StuK40 L/48 barrel for StugIII Early w/standard mantlet $18.00
ASB35059German 75mm StuK40 L/48 barrel for StugIII Mid w/standard mantlet $18.00
ASB35060German 75mm StuK40 L/48 barrel for StugIII Late w/standard mantlet. $18.00
ASB35061German 75mm StuK40 L/48 barrel for StugIII Final w/standard mantlet SPECIAL $15.00
ASB35062German 75mm Pak 39 L/48 barrel for Hetzer late $14.00
ASB35063German 75mm Pak 42 L/48 barrel for JagdPzIV Initial $14.00
ASB35064.30 cal. Browning 1919 MG Barrel$8.00
ASB35065German 105mm StuH42 L/28 barrel for Late model StuH w/Saukopf Mantlet $12.00
ASB35066Soviet 76.2mm F34 barrel for T-34/76 Hex. Turret$14.00
ASB35067Soviet 45mm 20K 32 barrel for Tanks & Armored Cars$8.00
ASB35068German 75mm StuK 40L/43 barrel for Stug III F8 SPECIAL $15.00
ASB35069Soviet 45mm 20K Obr.32 barrel for T-70 Early$11.00
ASB35070Soviet 76.2mm F32 barrel for KV-1$14.00
ASB35071German 75mm barrel for Stug III A-E$10.00
ASB35072US .50 cal. Browning M2 H8 Barrel$12.00
ASB35073US 105mm Sherman Barrel$13.00
ASB35074German 150mm s.I.G.33 Barrel for Howitzer, Grille & Bison$12.00
ASB35075German 50mm KwK39 Barrel for "Puma"$18.00
ASB35076German 75mm Pak40 Barrel w/mid muzzle brake$18.00
ASB35077German 75mm Pak40 Barrel w/late muzzle brake$18.00
ASB35078German 75mm Pak40 Barrel w/final model muzzle brake$18.00
ASB35079German 105mm K18 Barrel for "Dicker Max"$18.00
ASB35080Soviet U5TS Barrel for T-62$18.00
ASB35081German 105mm LefH18 Howitzer Barrel w/mid muzzle brake$18.00
ASB35082German 75mm Pak39 L/48 Barrel for JagdPzIV Standard Model$14.00
ASB35083U.S.120mm M256 Barrel for M1A1 Abrams$18.00
ASB35084German 37mm Pak35/36 Barrel for A.T. Gun$6.00
ASB35085Soviet 152mm ML-20S Barrel for Su-152$18.00
ASB35086British 7.62mm BESA Barrel for Tank MG$6.00
ASB35087German 50mm KwK39/L42 Barrel for PzIII Ausf G-J$11.00
ASB35088German 75mm KwK37/L24 Barrel for PzIII Ausf N$10.00
ASB35089Soviet 76.2mm L-11 Barrel for KV-1$14.00
ASB35090Allied 75mm M2 Barrel for M3 Lee/Grant Tank$10.00
ASB35091German 75mm Pak42/L48 Barrel for T.D. E-10$14.00
ASB35092German 75mm Pak42/L70 Barrel for T.D. E-25$14.00
ASB35093German 75mm Pak42/L48 Barrel for JagdpzIV final model$14.00
ASB35094Soviet 45mm m-42/Pak 184(r) Barrel for A.T. gun$6.00
ASB35095German 105mm LeFH18 Howitzer$12.00
ASB35096Soviet 122mm D-25T Barrel for JS-2$18.00
ASB35097 90mm /L40 German barrel for Kanonen Jagspz$18.00
ASB3509820mmOerlikon Twin Barrels for British Crusader A.A.$18.00
ASB35099105mm STUH 42/L/48 Late. Std.Mantlet w/coax MG$12.00
ASB3510076mm U.S. M4 Sherman Barrel$11.00
ASB35101Soviet 57mm Zis-4 Barrel for T-34 w/resin mantlet$11.00 NEW
1:35th Scale Barrel Sets
ASB35-K01Char B1 Bis Barrel Set. Includes 3 barrels & 6 resin parts. $18.00
ASB35-K02Sherman "Firefly" Barrel & Detail Set. Includes Turned Alum. Main Gun + 2 piece brass MG, 3 resin parts + brass muzzle break. $25.00
ASB35-K03U.S. M4 Sherman Initial Barrel Set. Includes Turned Alum. Main Gun + 2 piece brass MG + 4 resin parts . $18.00
ASK35-Series Barrels for specific kits.
Barrels only, no resin mantlet.

When ordering, please specify it is an ASK35 Series barrel. Otherwise you may receive one of the ASB35-K0 barrel sets listed above by mistake.
ASK35-0012 Pounder, early model A.T. gun barrel. Fits Vulcan Model's 2 Pdr.$4.00 NEW
ASK35-0022 Pounder, early model Tank barrel for Tamiya Matilda II.$4.00 NEW
ASK35-0032 Pounder, Late model Tank barrel for Tamiya Matilda II.$4.00 NEW
ASK35-0042 Pounder, early model Tank barrel for Bronco's British A13 Cruiser Tank MKIV$4.00 NEW
1:48th Scale Barrels
ASB48001Tiger I Early barrel with separate multi-part brass muzzle brake$12.00
ASB48002Tiger I Late barrel with separate multi-part brass muzzle brake$12.00
ASB4800875mm KwK 40 L/48 barrel for PzIVwith final model muzzle brake$12.00
ASB4801388mm KwK 43/3 L/71 barrel for PzVI KingTiger & JagdPanther with separate early type brass muzzle brake w/P.E.$12.00
ASB4801488mm KwK 43/3 L/71 barrel for PzVI KingTiger & JagdPanther with separate late type brass muzzle brake w/P.E.$12.00
Resin Accessories (1:35th Scale)
ASR35001Soviet T-34/76 rear fuel tank, large$11.00
ASR35002British WWII auxiliary fuel tank$9.00
ASR35003Soviet T-34/76 rear fuel tank, small$12.00
ASR35004British WWII POW cans, w/photo-etched handles, 6 pieces$6.00
ASR35005Armored Mantlet for Jagdpanther early$7.00
ASR35006Burnt-Out Wheels for T-34/76 (1940-41 pattern) 5 roadwheels + Idler$15.00
ASR35007Commanders Cupola for Panther Ausf. A/G w/detailed hatch$13.00
ASR35008Soviet Additional Fuel Tanks, 1940 Housing type$12.00
ASR35009Soviet Additional Fuel Tanks, 1941 Housing type$14.00
ASR35010WWII British 4 Gal. POW Cans w/photo-etched handles, 6 pcs $6.00
ASR35011WWII British 2 Gal. POW Cans (military pattern), w/photo-etched handles, 6 pcs. $6.00
ASR35012German WWII 200 liter barrels, early style $10.00
ASR35013Normandy Set for M10 T.D. Includes double T bladed T1 Cutter Device, frontal sandbag armor & stowage$17.00
ASR35014Concrete Armor for M4A3 Sherman (Hard Edge Type) $18.00
ASR35015Concrete Armor for M4A3 Sherman (Soft Edge Type) $18.00
ASR35016Normandy Set for M4 Sherman w/single "T" Blade T1 Cutter Device For Tamiya kit$17.00
ASR35017Normandy Set for M4A1 Sherman w/"L" Blade T1 Cutter Device for Italeri kit$17.00
ASR35018Burnt-Out Wheels for Soviet T-55$18.00
ASR35019Sandbag Armor for Italian Semovente 18/34$9.00
ASR35020Burnt-Out Wheels for Cromwell$19.00
ASR35021Front Tires/Wheels for SdKfz 9 FAMO $10.00
ASR35022Early Type Cast Wheels for T-34 $19.00 NEW
ASR35023Spare Tire/Wheel for SdKfz 251 $7.00
ASR35024Tires/Wheels w/chains for SdKfz 234 Set A, 8 pieces $18.00
ASR35025Tires/Wheels w/chains for SdKfz 234 Set B, 8 pieces $18.00
ASR35026Sandbag Armor for M3 Lee/Grant $12.00
ASR35027Additional Armor Plates for M4 Sherman$11.00
ASR35028Sandbag Armor for Italian M13/40 Light Weight Set $10.00
ASR35029Sandbag Armor for Italian M13/40 Heavy Weight Set $9.00
ASR35030Commanders Cupola for Panther Ausf. D $13.00
ASR35031Wheels w/integral shock absorber for T-34 (Ural-Type)$19.00
ASR35032Tires/Wheels w/chains for Krupp Protze $9.00
ASR35033Tires/Wheels w/"Mud Tracks" for GMG Truck $24.00
ASR35034German WWII "Jerry Cans, early type$12.00
ASR35035Burnt-Out Roadwheels for PzIV $17.00
ASR35036Tires/Wheels for SdAh116 Tank Transport Trailer 9 pcs. 8 mountable tires + 1 spare. $27.00
ASR35037Front Tires/wheels for SdKfz 7 Half-track$10.00
ASR35038Tires/wheels w/chains for US Jeep$10.00
ASR35039Burnt-Out Roadwheels for PzIII/StugIII $17.00
ASR35040Tires/wheels w/chains for British Armored Car, Staghound MkI$12.00
ASR35042Tires/wheels w/chains for German Car Steyr Type 1500$12.00
ASR35043Tires/wheels for US Humvee$12.00
ASR35044Tires/wheels w/chains for US Humvee$12.00
ASR35045WWII German 200 liter Fuel Drums (Luftwaffe pattern) 6 pieces$11.00
ASR35046M10 TD Normandy Set w/T2 Culin Device & Sandbag Frontal Armor$17.00 NEW
ASR35047Tires/wheels w/chains for Modern Italian 8 wheeled Centauro T.D. $18.00
ASR35048Burnt-Out Roadwheels for M4 Sherman/Lee/Grant Openwork pattern.$15.00
ASR35049Sandbag Armor for LVT 4/5$16.00 NEW
ASR35050Tires/wheels for Stryker ICV$19.00
ASR35051Tires/wheels w/chains for US GMC Truck$18.00
ASR35052Roadwheels for US M60 Tank$19.00
ASR35053Tires/wheels for US LAV-25 "Piranha"$18.00
ASR35054Modern plastic barrels for water /chemicals (12 large)$16.00
ASR35055Modern plastic barrels for water /chemicals (12 small)$16.00
ASR35056Sandbag Armor for Panzer III$10.00
ASR35057Sandbag Armor for British Cruiser Tank "Cromwell"$10.00
ASR35058Burnt-Out Roadwheels for M4 Sherman late.$14.00
ASR35059M5 Stuart Normandy Set, includes "L" blade T1 cutter device & sandbag frontal armor for Tamiya $16.00
ASR35060WWII US 5 gal. "Jerry Cans".$16.00
ASR35061Tires/wheels for US M26 "Dragon Wagon". 11Pcs.$30.00
ASR35062Burnt-Out Roadwheels for Panther.$24.00
ASR35063Sandbag Armor for roof of M113 APC, (light weight set)$15.00
ASR35064Sandbag Armor for U.S. M24 "Chaffee" $13.00
ASR35065Modern Plastic 20 liter Jerry Cans, 12 cans$11.00
ASR35067Horch 15 Wheels/Tires, 6 pcs.$10.00
ASR35068AB41 Italian Armored Car Wheels/Tires, Std. Tread, 6 pcs.$14.00
ASR35069Pak 40 AT Gun Wheels, early pattern.$8.00
ASR35070Pak 40 AT Gun Wheels, late pattern A.$8.00
ASR35071Pak 40 AT Gun Wheels, late pattern B.$8.00
ASR35072SdKfz 7 Front Grille for Radiator$8.00
ASR35073Pak 38 AT Gun Wheels.$8.00
ASR35074Set of German WWII Jack Blocks for Tanks. 3 blocks$6.00
ASR35075Pak 43 AT Gun Wheels$10.00
ASR35076SdKfz 250 Spare Wheel Set.$9.00
ASR35077Armor Plate & Mantlet for Jagdpanther Mid.$9.00
ASR35078German FLAK Limber Wheels for FLAK 36/37 & Pak 43/3. 8 wheels$14.00
Brass & Photo-Etch Accessories (1:35th Scale)
S35-001Brass Aerial Mount for US SRC 610 Wireless, 3 mounts$7.00
S35-002Set of British Aerial Mounts for Radio Station #19$7.00
S35-003British 4 inch Smoke Grenade Launchers$8.00
S35-004Modern Soviet Aerial Mounts$7.00
S35-005German Standard 2cm AFV Antenna Rod$8.00
S35-006German Star AFV Antenna Set$8.00
S35-007Soviet Aerial Mount (late WWII pattern)$7.00
S35-008Width Indicators for German AFV's (SdKfz 221,222,223,231,232,234,250 & 251)$7.00
P35-001Engine Reticular Shields for King Tiger (Porsche-Turm) Dragon$11.00
P35-002Engine Reticular Shields for King Tiger Tamiya$11.00
P35-003Engine Reticular Shields for Tiger I for Tamiya$8.00
P35-004Engine Reticular Shields for Tiger I for Italeri$8.00
P35-005Engine Reticular Shields for Panther Ausf. G (Late) for Tamiya$11.00
P35-006Schurzen for Panther Ausf. D/A for Dragon$16.00
P35-007Engine Reticular Shields for Tiger (P) Dragon$9.00
P35-008Schurzen for Stug III Ausf. G (Field Mod.)$20.00
P35-009Schurzen f& Front Fenders for Panther G$12.00
P35-010Engine Reticular Shields for Panther D/A Dragon$11.00
P35-011Zusatzpanzer for German SdKfz 221/222 Armored Cars$11.00
P35-012MG Shield for Stug III/IV$5.00
P35-013Protective covers for Panther$9.00
P35-014Engine Reticular Shields for Soviet JS-1/2 and SPG JSU-122/152 DML$9.00
P35-015Supplemental Spatial Armor Plate for Panther Turret$11.00
P35-016Turret Bin for Brirish Comet, Bronco kit$13.00
P35-017Rear Stowage Bins for Panther /Jagdpanther$13.00
P35-019Fenders & Tool Handles for PzIV Ausf. E, DML$28.00
P35-021Schurzen for Stug III Ausf. G Early$28.00
P35-022Schurzen for Stug III Ausf. G Late$28.00
P35-023Front, Side & Rear Fenders for JagdTiger, DML$28.00 >
P35-024Schurzen for Stug IV Late$19.00
P35-025Fenders for M4 Sherman (HVSS)$13.00
P35-026Engine Reticular Shields for JS-2 (Tamiya)$10.00
P35-027Fenders for "Hummel" & "Nashorn" (Dragon)$16.00
P35-028Schurzen for Stug III Ausf. G (Hybrid Solution)$21.00
P35-029Engine Reticular Shields for German E-100 (Trumpeter)$10.00
P35-031Improvised Side Skirts for JagdPanzer IV$19.00
P35-034Gun Shield for 88mm FLAK 36$12.00

This product listing was updated March 29, 2011.