ABER of Poland, produces highest quality photo-etch detailing sets and accessories at affordable prices. They also have a line of superb turned metal barrels.

(Prices on this website are subject to change without prior notice)

Photo-etch Vehicle Detailing Sets (1:35 Scale) >
AB350017TP Polish tank$22.00
AB350027TP twin turreted tank$23.00
AB35003BT-5 details$16.00
AB35004Vickers E$22.00
AB35005Ferdinand Tiger(P) VK-4501 details$18.00
AB35006Panther A details$26.00
AB35007PzKpfw IV D (Tamiya)$24.00
AB35008PzKpfw IV F1/F2 (Italeri/DML)$23.00
AB35010Bofors (wz 36) Tom Model$13.00
AB35011PzKpfw IV G details (Italeri/DML)$23.00
AB35012PzKpfw IV H details (Italeri/Tamiya)$23.00
AB35013PzKpfw IV J details (Tamiya/DML)$23.00
AB35014Tiger I (early) details (Italeri/Academy/Minicraft)$19.00
AB35015Tiger I (late) details (Tamiya/Italeri/Academy/Minicraft)$22.00
AB35016TKS details$17.00
AB35017TK-3 details$17.00
AB35018PzKpfw III J details (Gunze/DML/Revell)$23.00
AB35019Ferdinand (early) details (Italeri)$21.00
AB35020Ferdinand (late) details (Italeri)$22.00
AB35021StuG III B/C/D details (DML/Italeri)$23.00
AB35022StuG III G (early) details (Tamiya)$19.00
AB35023StuG III G (late) details (Gunze/DML/Revell)$19.00
AB35024Panther G details (Tamiya)$28.00
AB35025Wespe details (Tamiya/DML/Alan)$18.00
AB35026Puma (SdKfz 234/2) details (Italeri)$19.00
AB35027PaK40 details (Tamiya/Italeri)$19.00
AB35028Jagdpanther details (Tamiya/Gunze/Italeri)$26.00
AB35029Panther D details (Italeri)$22.00
AB35030SdKfz 234/1 details (Italeri)$28.00
AB35031PanzerBeobachtungswagen III (DML)$22.00
AB35032Sherman M4/M4A1/M4A3 (Tamiya/DML/Italeri)$19.00
AB35033Sherman M4A4/Vc "Firefly" (DML)$23.00
AB35034Israeli M50 Super Sherman (DML)$16.00
AB35035JS-3 details (Tamiya)$18.00
AB35036Flakpanzer V "Coelian" details$25.00
AB35037JgPz IV L/48 details$18.00
AB35038PzKpfw III Ausf L$22.00
AB35039StuG III Ausf A$22.00
AB35040King Tiger details$26.00
AB35041Jagdtiger details$23.00
AB35042PzKpfw III Ausf E details$22.00
AB35043Sturmtiger details$25.00
AB35044Stug IV early details$22.00
AB35045T-34/85 details, DML$23.00
AB35046T-34/85 details Tamiya$22.00
AB35047Sturmtiger part 2, Interior details$27.00
AB3504838(t) Aufg G details$19.00
AB35049Styer RSO w/PAK 40 #1, basic set$27.00
AB35050Styer RSO w/PAK 40 #2, driver's cab$22.00
AB35051Styer RSO w/PAK 40 #3, fighting platform$27.00
AB35052SdKfz166, "Brummbar", Late$20.00
AB35053Panther F & Panther II details$27.00
AB35054PzIII Ausf M/N$27.00
AB35055Aufklarungspanzer 38 (SdKfz 140/1$27.00
AB35056Panzer I Ausf F$26.00
AB35057Willys "Jeep" details$17.00
AB35058GMC (CCKW 353) Open Cab$40.00
AB35059GMC (CCKW 353) Closed Cab$40.00
AB35060Cromwell MkIV details$23.00
AB35061Cromwell MkI conv. for Tamiya $23.00
AB35062Pz II "Luchs" $23.00
AB35063Panzer I Ausf B $20.00
AB35064Panzer I Ausf B, Upper Hull $27.00
AB35065Panzer I Ausf A$22.00
AB35066Panzer I Ausf A, Upper Hull Complete upper hull just fold it into shape. Comes w/screens & extra parts. Fits Historic/Italeri/Zvesda$29.00
AB35067PzI A/B Interior$17.00
AB35068Panzerjager I w/4.7cm Pak $27.00
AB35069Gun Shield for Panzerjager I, early version $19.00
AB35070Gun Shield for Panzerjager I, late version $22.00
AB35071Pzjager I upper hull$22.00
AB35072 M8 light armored car, Tamiya & Italeri$25.00
AB35073SdKfz 250/1 "NEU" DML & Revell $26.00
AB35074SdKfz 250/8 (NEU) "Stummel", DML $27.00
AB35075SdKfz 250/9 (NEU), 2cm Recon, DML $27.00
AB35076Steyr 1500A details$23.00
AB35077SdKfz 41 A/T gun$27.00
AB35078SU-85M & SU-100, DML $23.00
AB35079Kubelwagen Type 82, Tamiya & DML $17.00
AB35080Schwimmwagen Type 166, Tamiya $17.00
AB35081JagPzIV A$17.00
AB35082JagPzIV V$17.00
AB35083M20 Armoured Car, Tamiya & Italeri $25.00
AB35084SdKfz 250/1$27.00
AB35085SdKfz 250/1, vol 2$15.00
AB35086German 2.8cm gun$10.00
AB35087Char Canon FT-17, set 1$27.00
AB35088Char Canon FT-17, set 2$26.00
AB35090Steyr 1500 Kommand details$23.00
AB35091DKW Nz350 German Motorcycle, Tamiya$16.00
AB35092 Centaur C.S.MkIV, Tamiya$22.00
AB35093SdKfz 9 "FAMO" vol. 1, Tamiya$25.00
AB35094SdKfz 9 "FAMO" vol. 2, Tamiya$25.00
AB35095SU-122 Soviet Assault Gun, Tamiya $22.00
AB35096Pak 38, German 5cm AT gun, DML$22.00
AB35097German military bicycles,Tamiya$16.00
AB35100SdKfz 139 "Marder" III, vol. 1, basic set$27.00
AB35101SdKfz 139 "Marder" III, vol. 2, additional set$17.00
AB35102SdAh116 Tank Transporter Vol. 1 $27.00
AB35103SdAh116 Tank Transporter Vol. 2 $27.00
AB35106Ford GPA$22.00
AB35107Schwere Spawagen ( Heavy Armored Rail Car)$27.00
AB35110PAK 97/38 75mm A/T gun$23.00
AB35111FAMO, Artillery version$19.00
AB35112Hetzer, early$19.00
AB35113Hetzer, late$19.00
AB35114Hetzer, fenders$10.00
AB35115SdKfz 11 Vol.1$26.00
SdKfz 11 Engine overlay$8.00
AB35118Panzer I A Vol.119.00
AB35119Panzer I A Vol.2$15.00
AB35120Panzer I A Vol.3 Interior set. Superbly detailed with lots of resin & parts. Fits Tristar or use with AB35066 on Historic/Italeri or Zvesda kits$60.00
AB35124Fenders for Ferdinand or Elefant$19.00
AB35125Marder III M Part 1$27.00
AB35126Marder III M Part 2$16.00
AB35128T-55 Basic Set$22.00
AB35129T-55 Fenders$23.00
AB35130T-55 Sowage Bins$26.00
AB35131SdKfz11 late, basic set for AFV Club$27.00
AB35132SdKfz11 late, fenders & engine$31.00
AB35135"Thoma Schild", Mesh Screens for T-34/85$29.00
AB35136T-34/76 Model 1940/41 Vol. 1- basic set$27.00
AB35137T-34/76 Model 1940/41 Vol. 2- Fenders$17.00
AB35138Ice Cleats for T-34/76 & T-34/85 late$22.00
AB35139SU-85 Tank Destroyer Vol. 1- basic set$25.00
AB35140SU-85 Tank Destroyer Vol. 2- Fenders$17.00
AB35141SdKfz234/4 Heavy Armored car w/75mm PAK40$27.00
AB35142Vision ports SdKfz234/4 Heavy Armored car $17.00
AB35143KV-I Vol.1 $22.00
AB35144KV-I & KV-II Vol.2 $27.00
AB35145KV-I/II Tool Box for front fenders$17.00
AB35146KV-I Late Fenders $27.00
AB35147KV-I / II Late/Early Tool Boxes $17.00
AB35148German Schutzen for captured T-34/76$19.00
AB35149SdKfz 11/4 Vol. 1 Basic set$27.00
AB35150SdKfz 11/4 Vol. 2 Additional set, Ammo box4s$44.00
AB35151M-10 US Tank Destroyer Vol. 1 Basic set$25.00
AB35152M10 Interior details $19.00
AB35153M-10 US Tank Destroyer Vol. 3 Additional set, Fenders$19.00
AB35154U.S. 105mm Howitzer, AFV Club $19.00
AB35155PzII "LUCHS" basic set for Tasca kit$26.00
AB35156PzII "LUCHS" Fenders for Tasca kit $17.00
AB35157Pak 43/41 88MM FOR AFV Club $25.00
AB35158Pak 43/41 Gun Shields for 88MM FOR AFV Club $25.00
AB35159SdKfz250/3 "GREIF" basic set$27.00
AB35160SdKfz250 fenders Vol.2$12.00
AB35161SdKfz250 Alte early upper armor DML$13.00
AB35162Pak 40 Basic Set AFV Club$12.00
AB35163Pak 40 Gun Shield$15.00
AB35166KV-2 Basic Set$31.00
AB35167SdKfz251/10 Basic Set$26.00
AB35168SdKfz251/10 Fenders$11.00
AB35169SdKfz251/10 Stowage$19.00
AB35170SdKfz251/1 Rear Doors DML$12.00
AB35171SdKfz251/1 Upper Armor DML$27.00
AB35172SdKfz251/1 Floor$13.00
AB35173SdKfz251/1 Back Door & Boxes$19.00
AB35174SdKfz251/1 Ausf D Upper Armor Late$27.00
AB35175Tiger I (P) Basic Set$26.00
AB35176Tiger I (P) Fenders$19.00
AB35177Tiger I Initial$27.00
AB35178Jagdpanzer IV Basic Set$19.00
AB35179Jagdpanzer IV Fenders$22.00
AB35180Sturer Emil Basic Set$19.00
AB35181Sturer Emil Fenders$31.00
AB35182Sturer Emil Ammo Boxes$35.00
AB35184FLAK 36 88mm Gun Shield$19.00
AB35185PzIV Ausf D Basic Set$19.00
AB35186PzIV Ausf D Fenders$23.00
AB35188PzIV Ausf B/C Basic Set$19.00
AB35189PzIV Ausf C Fenders Tristar$23.00
AB35190KV-1 Basic Set Trumpeter$18.00
AB35191KV-2 Basic Set Trumpeter$15.00
AB35192KV-1/2 Early Fenders Trumpeter$27.00
AB35193KV-1/2 Late FendersTrumpeter$25.00
AB35194KV-1/2 Early Tool Boxes Trumpeter$17.00
AB35195KV-1/2 Tool Boxes Vol.2 Trumpeter$17.00
AB35196KV-1/2 Fuel Tanks, Box Type, Trumpeter$15.00
AB35197Stug III Ausf B Vol.1$22.00
AB35198Stug III Ausf B Vol.2$27.00
AB35199Stug III Ausf B Interior Set$19.00
AB35200Pz 38(t) Ausf. E/F/G Details$23.00
AB35201Pz 38(t) Ausf. E/F/G Fenders$17.00
AB35202T-70M / PzKpfw743(R)$27.00
AB35203SdKfz 251/1 Vol. 1$27.00
AB35204SdKfz 251/1 Ausf D Fenders$15.00
AB35205SdKfz 251/1 Ausf D Stowage Boxes AFV Club18.00
AB35206SdKfz 251/1 Rear Doors & Visors AFV Club$13.00
AB35207SdKfz 251/1 Ausf D Standard Upper Armor AFV Club$32.00
AB35208SdKfz 251/1 Ausf D Floor AFV Club$15.00
AB35209SdKfz 251/1 Rear Seats & Boxes AFV Club$18.00
AB35210SdKfz 251/1 Ausf D Late Upper Armor AFV Club$24.00
AB35211Panther Ausf D DML$27.00
AB35212PzKpfw 754 (r) KV-2 Basic Set Trumpeter$27.00
AB35213Char B1 w/narrow fenders$33.00
AB35214Char B1 w/wide fenders$27.00
AB35215Sherman "Firefly" Basic Set Tasca$27.00
AB35216Sherman "Firefly" Fenders Tasca$17.00
AB35217PzIII Ausf J/L Basic Set $19.00
AB35218PzIII Ausf J/L Fenders $27.00
AB35219JS-2 Basic Set$33.00
AB35220JS-2 Fenders$33.00
AB35221Panther Ausf G Basic Set$20.00
AB35222Panther Ausf G Fenders$17.00
AB35223Panther Ausf G /Jadgpanther Side Skirts$17.00
AB35224Jagdanther Ausf G Early$25.00
AB35225E-100 Details$12.00
AB3527Opel Blitz $27.00
AB35228JagTiger Basic$16.00
AB35229JagTiger Fenders $33.00
AB35231Citroen 11CV, Tamiya$13.00
AB35232E75 Basic $20.00
AB35233E50 Basic $26.00
AB35234E50/E75 Fenders $33.00
AB35236JSU-152 Fenders$27.00
AB35241Soviet 76.2mm 1936 F22 $12.00
AB35243British 17 pdr. Anti-Tank Gun$16.00
AB35244German 3.7cm FLAK 36 $18.00
AB35245BT-7 $18.00
AB35246BT-7 Vol.2 $18.00
AB35247BT-42 Vol.1 Basic Set $22.00
AB35248BT-42 Vol.2 Fenders $22.00
AB35250M1 Super Sherman g $30.00
AB35251M51HV Isherman Vol. 1 Basic set $30.00
AB35252M51HV Isherman Vol. 2 Fenders & Tool Boxes $30.00
1:35th Scale Accessories
AB35A01Browning M2 WWII$13.00
AB35A02Browning M2 modern$13.00
AB35A03German tool holders 1$13.00
AB35A04German tool holders 2$12.00
AB35A06Turret skirts (PzKpfw IV)$13.00
AB35A07Side skirts (PzKpfw IV H/J and mid-Brummbär)$26.00
AB35A08Side skirts (Panther A/D and Bergepanther)$16.00
AB35A09Fenders (PzKpfw IV)$22.00
AB35A10Tiger I front and rear mudguards$13.00
AB35A11Tiger I side fenders DAK$17.00
AB35A12Tiger I E fenders (all models)$17.00
AB35A13Barbed wire$10.00
AB35A14PzKpfw III and StuG III fenders (all models)$22.00
AB35A15Bolts and nuts$10.00
AB35A17Elefant/Ferdinand fenders$15.00
AB35A18PzKpfw IV G and early Brummbär schurzen & rails$27.00
AB35A19German jacks$10.00
AB35A20German clasps and clamps$9.00
AB35A21Buckles and straps$8.00
AB35A22StuG III G (early) side skirts$27.00
AB35A23StuG III G (late) side skirts$24.00
AB35A24Panther G front fenders & side supports$11.00
AB35A25Hinges (workable)$10.00
AB35A27PzKpfw III and StuG III fenders (glue on)$13.00
AB35A28Panther G/F and Jagdpanther skirts$16.00
AB35A29German plates$13.00
AB35A30Puma (SdKfz 234/2) side bin doors and additional parts$13.00
AB35A31Panther A/D front fenders$11.00
AB35A32Browning M-1919$8.00
AB35A33Turret for SdKfz234,251/23,140/1 & 250/9neu$15.00
AB35A34Sherman (with HBSS suspension fenders)$14.00
AB35A35WWII German Soldier Gear$15.00
AB35A36Kitchen cutlery set$17.00
AB35A37JgPz IV L/70 & L/48 front fenders$17.00
AB35A38Turret details for PzKpfw III/IV (int. and ext.)$11.00
AB35A39Hinges II$10.00
AB35A40Tiger II side skirts$22.00
AB35A41Jagdtiger side skirts$22.00
AB35A42Tiger II & Jagdtiger$14.00
AB35A43Sturmtiger Fenders$23.00
AB35A44Brackets for StugIV side skirts$10.00
AB35A45 T-34 fenders $17.00
AB35A46Side fuel tanks & smoke cannisters for T-34$15.00
AB35A47Ammo belts (.30 and .50 caliber)$10.00
AB35A48Ammo bottom plates (88mm and 75mm)$10.00
AB35A49PzIV back fenders$17.00
AB35A50Anti-panzerfaust shields for T-34 & JS-2$15.00
AB35A51StugIV side skirts$26.00
AB35A52Rings for between roadwheels (PzKpfw III)$14.00
AB35A53Rings for between roadwheels (PzKpfw IV)$14.00
AB35A54Panzer III side skirts$22.00
AB35A55Pz38(t) fenders$17.00
AB35A56Panzer III turret skirts$11.00
AB35A57Accessories for Jeep$17.00
AB35A58US .50 cal MG boxes$11.00
AB35A59Tie down cleats$10.00
AB35A60Fenders for Cromwell/Centaur & Charioteer$17.00
AB35A61Side stowage boxes for Cavalier/Cromwell/Centaur & Charioteer$17.00
AB35A62Fenders for PzII "Luchs"$17.00
AB35A63Fenders for PzI Ausf A/B$17.00
AB35A65 PzI Ausf A Complete Turret in P.E. Simply fold it into shape. With resin interior details...Really Kool!$34.00
AB35A66Mesh side Screens, Pz/Stug & JgPzIV$28.00
AB35A67Mesh Turret Screens, PzIV Ausf J$11.00
AB35A68Hand Tools$11.00
AB35A69German helmet liners w/decals$12.00
AB35A70Jerry can set$11.00
AB35A71German ammo boxes, MG34/42$11.00
AB35A72Fenders, M8/M20 $12.00
AB35A73Fenders, SdKfz 250 NEU$11.00
AB35A74Stowage boxes, Sdkfz 250 NEU$15.00
AB35A75Upper Armor, SdKfz250 NEU$12.00
AB35A77SdKfz 234 Engine Upper deck$25.00
AB35A78Fenders SU85,100,122$17.00
AB35A79German Radio Set, FU2 & FU5$19.00
AB35A80JagPzIV L-70 fenders$17.00
AB35A81Fenders, PzIV (new type)$27.00
AB35A82PzIV Shurtzen$27.00
AB35A83Stowage boxes, M8/M20$14.00
AB35A84SdKfz250 Late Upper Armor$14.00
AB35A85Right side stowage bin, Sdkfz250/252/253$10.00
AB35A86German Pz Troop Accessories$10.00
AB35A87SdKfz 250 Floor$9.00
AB35A88FT-17 Track set$43.00
AB35A89FALK 20 & 38, 20mmMagazines & Ammo boxes$15.00
AB35A90Engine/Suspension for Steyr$17.00
AB35A91Panther/JagdPanther rear boxes$12.00
AB35A92Deep wading trunks, Cromwell/centaur$12.00
AB35A93German clamps & clasps$10.00
AB35A94Mag & Ammo Boxes$12.00
AB35A95Tie down cleats$10.00
AB35A96T34/76 Rear Fuel Tanks$13.00
AB35A97T34/76 Fuel Tanks$13.00
AB35A98German Tool Holders, early$13.00
AB35A99German Tool Holders, late$11.00
AB35A100M10 Add-on Armor$13.00
AB35A101Screw Heads$10.00
AB35A102Tiger I Turret Bustle Bin, standard$13.00
AB35A103SdKfz 250/1 Stowage Bins$9.00
AB35A104Panzer III Turret Stowage Bins$11.00
AB35A105Panzer IV Turret Stowage Bins$11.00
AB35A106Tiger I Initial Turret Stowage Bins$13.00
AB35A107Panther D/A Side Skirts$17.00
AB35A108Cross Type Screw Heads$10.00
AB35A109Stowage Boxes$22.00
AB35A110Panther D/A Front & Back Fenders$13.00
AB35A111German Shoulder Insignia$10.00
AB35A112KV-IS/KV-85 Side Mountd Fuel Tanks$17.00
AB35A113WW2 Soviet Infantry Accessories$12.00
AB35A114German 200 Liter Fuel Drum Covers$12.00
AB35A115Panther Ausf G Additional Shrapnel covers$9.00
AB35A116US AFV Accessories$9.00 NEW
AB35A117 Rear Stowage Bins, Panther/Jadgpanther$14.00
AB35A118Tool Box for Brummbar & Ferdinand10.00 NEW
Towing Cables, Stainless
(1:35th scale unless otherwise marked)
TCS 10Stainless Steel Towing Cables, 1.0mm diameter x 1m long$5.00 NEW
TCS 12Stainless Steel Towing Cables, 1.2mm diameter x 1m long$7.00 NEW
TCS 15Stainless Steel Towing Cables, 1.5mm diameter x 1m long$7.00 NEW
TCS 20Stainless Steel Towing Cables, 2.0mm diameter x 1m long$7.00 NEW
Turned Aluminum & Brass Ammo Sets,
(1:35th scale unless otherwise marked)
AB35P-06120mm Ammo set for Sturer-Emil$19.00 NEW
AB35P-07German 15cm Ammo set for sFH18 Howitzer & Hummel, 8 Grenades + 8 Brass Casings + p.e. case bottoms, markings included$18.00 NEW
Turned Metal Barrels
(1:35th scale unless otherwise marked)
35L01British QF 6 pdr. 57mm Centaur/Cromwell$9.00
35L02British 57mm MKV Centaur/Cromwell$9.00
35L03German 2cm FLAK 38 Brass barrel w/etched muzzle brake also fits PzII Ausf J/L & Flakverling 38$7.00
35L03XSet of Four 2cm FLAK 38 brass barrels$16.00
35L04German 7.5cm Panther D/A & early G$18.00
35L05German 7.5cm Pak40/3 for Marder III Ausf. M$18.00
35L06German s.I.G.33$9.00
35L07Russian D-10T, 100mm for T-55$12.00
35L08German 88mm 43/L71 Tiger II late$18.00
35L09Russian 85mm ZiS-S-53 for T-34/85 (1943-44)$9.00
35L10German 37mm FLAK 43/1 L/60 w/brass perforated muzzle brake$14.00
35L11German 105mm/LeFH 18M/2 for WESPE$20.00
35L12German 3.7cm FLAK 37 w/brass perforated muzzle brake$16.00
35L13German 88mm, Tiger II Porsche early$20.00
35L14German 88mm Pak 43/1 L/71, Ferdinand/Elefant$18.00
35L15German 88mm, Tiger II early Henschel /late Porsche, JadgPanther mid$20.00
35L16German 105mm, LeFH18 L/28 StuH42 G early$18.00
35L17German 45mm barrel for Pak 184(r)$7.00
35L18German 105mm. LeFH18 L/28 StuH 42 G late$18.00
35L19German 75mm barrel for Pak 40 early$19.00
35L20German 37mm barrel for Pak 35/36 early$7.00
35L21German 50mm KwK 39/1 L/60 barrel for SdKfz234/2 "PUMA"$20.00
35L22German 128mm Pak44 L/55 barrel for JagdTiger$12.00
35L23Russian 76.2mm L-11 barrel for T-34/76$9.00
35L24German 75mm K51 L/24 barrel for SdKfz 234/4, 250/8 & 251/9$10.00
35L25German 75mm barrel for Pak 40 late$24.00
35L26German 88mm KwK 36 L/56 barrel for Tiger I early$18.00
35L27Russian 85mm ZiS-S-53 L/54 barrel for T-34/85 Late (1944-45)$9.00
35L28German 88mm wK 36 L/56 Tiger I late barrel$18.00
35L29German 37mm KwK 35/36 L/46 barrel for PzIII Ausf A-F$7.00
35L30German 50mm KwK38 L/42 barrel for PzIII Ausf. G/H/J early$9.00
35L31German 50mm KwK39 L/60 barrel for PzIII Ausf J late, L& M$9.00
35L32Russian 85mm D-5S barrel for SU-85$9.00
35L33German 50mm KwK39 L/60 for PzIII Ausf. J (late), L & M Tamiya$12.00
35L34Russian 7.62cm barrel for T-34/76 1931-43 $12.00
35L35U.S. 75mm barrel for M4A3$9.00
35L36German 75mm barrel for Panther G late$20.00
35L37British 75mm ROQF MkV barrel for Cromwell MkIV/V/VII, Churchill MkVI& VII, Valentine Mk XI, AEC MkIII & Staghound MkIII $15.00
35L38German 105mm leFH18 Howitzer Barrel $14.00
35L39Russian 100mm D10 barrel for SU-100$12.00
35L40Russian 152mm barrel for ISU152$24.00
35L41Pak43/41 88mm barrel$20.00
35L42German 20mm KwK38 L/56 barrel fo PzII "Luchs" Tasca $7.00
35L43Russian 76.2mm barrel for KV-1 1941$9.00
35L44Russian 152mm barrel for KV-2 w/rifling.$9.00
35L4575mm Pak 40 barrel, Mid model$23.00
35L46 PzIV Ausf G late 75mm barrel$18.00
35L47 PzIV Ausf H late 75mm barrel$18.00
35L48 PzIV Ausf J late 75mm barrel$20.00
35L49 76.2mm KV-1 & Zis/F34 barrel$9.00
35L50 76.2mm KV-1 barrel for Trumpeter$10.00
35L51 76.2mm KV-1 L11 early barrel$11.00
35L52 45mm KV-8/KV8S barrel$17.00
35L53 Pz38(t) L/42 barrel$6.00
35L54 Set of 3 US .30cal Browning MG barrels$11.00
35L55 45mm barrel for T-70$6.00
35L56 75mm Panther Ausf G barrel$18.00
35L57 Sherman VC "Firefly" barrel$24.00
35L58 75mm Stug III Ausf. G early F8 barrel$19.00
35L59 75mm Stug III Ausf. G Mid barrel$22.00
35L60 75mm Stug III Ausf. G Late & Stug IV barrel$25.00
35L61 75mm Stug III Ausf. G Final & Stug IVlate barrel$24.00
35L62 Set of 32 US .30cal Browning 1919 MG barrels$20.00
35L63 MG34 barrels, set of 2$15.00
35L64 50mm PzIII G/H/L early barrel$15.00
35L65 50mm PzIII J late barrel$12.00
35L66 150mm sFH18/Hummel barrel, rifled. Will fit Dragon & Trumpeter kits$16.00
35L67 Jagdpanther Ausf. G1 early 88mm Pak43/3 L71 barrel$22.00
35L68 PZIV Ausf G 75mm/L68 barrel w/early muzzle brake$18.00
35L69 IS-2 D257 12mm barrel$19.00
35L70 MG34, set of 2 barrel$16.00
35L71 German 5cm Pak38 Anti-Tank Gun Barrel$20.00
35L72 M4A3 Sherman 105mm barrel$9.00
35L73 T-34 1941 57mm Zis 4 barrel$10.00
35L74 76mm M7 barrel for M10 Tank Destroyer$9.00 NEW
35L75 PaIV F2 75mm KwK 40 L/43 Barrel$18.00 NEW
35L76 88mm Tiger I early barrel DML$18.00 NEW
35L77 German 75mm Pak39 L/48 Hetzer & E10 Barrel$9.00 NEW
35L78 88mm Tiger I Late barrel DML$18.00 NEW
35L79 75mm Pak42 L/70 barrel for JagdPz4 & E25$10.00 NEW
35L81 2 Browning ANM2 $11.00 NEW
35L82 2 Browning M1919 A4 .30 Cal barrels $15.00 NEW
35L83 MG34 barrels for tanks, set of 5$12.00 NEW
35L86 2cm FLAK 38 L/65$12.00 NEW
35L87FLAKveirling 38, 4 barrel set$32.00 NEW
35L882cm KwK38 L/50$11.00 NEW
35L90MG13, Barrels set of 2$18.00 NEW
35L92MG42 Barrels, w/o jacket, set of 4$15.00 NEW
35L94A34 Comet Barrel21.00 NEW
35L95E75 88mm Barrel$14.00 NEW
35L96E50 88mm 1 part barrel$10.00 NEW
35L97E55 88mm 2 part barrel$11.00 NEW
35L99Soviet DT/DP 7.62 barrels, set of 7$12.00 NEW
35L100FLAKPanzer E50 88mm barrel$18.00 NEW
35L103U.S. 37mm MG barrel$9.00 NEW
35L104Soviet 76.2MM 1936 F22 Barrel$11.00 NEW
35L112BT-7 barrel$11.00 NEW
35L113British 17pdr w/ball shaped muzzle brake$18.00 NEW
35L116Breda 20/65 barrel$11.00 NEW
35L13575mm M3 Sherman barrel$11.00 NEW
35L13676mm M1A1 Sherman barrel$11.00 NEW
35L13776mm M1A2 Sherman barrel$18.00 NEW
1:35th Scale Grills
ABG01Panther A/D engine deck grills$9.00
ABG02Panther G engine deck grills$9.00
ABG03Tiger I engine deck grills$9.00
ABG04Jagdpanther engine deck grills$9.00
ABG05PzKpfw III and StuG III engine deck grills$9.00
ABG06Tiger II & Jagdtiger$9.00
ABG07T-34 grills$11.00
ABG08T-34 grill cover$11.00
ABG09"LUCHS" Grills$9.00
ABG10Panther A/D Grills, DML$11.00
ABG11T-34/76 Grills$11.00
ABG12Tiger II Porsche Grills, DML$12.00
ABG13Tiger II Henschel Grills, DML$12.00
ABG14 Panther Ausf G Late Grills, $12.00
ABG15Tiger I Grills, AFV$9.00
ABG16KV Grills, Trumpeter$12.00
ABG17Tiger (P) Grills, DML$11.00
ABG18Tiger I Grills, DML$9.00
ABG19Anti Grenade Screens for KwK38 Turret,$9.00
ABG20IS-2/ISU-122/ISU-152 Grill set$9.00
ABG21Jagspanther G1 early Grills$9.00
ABG22Super Heavy Tank E-100 Grills$7.00
ABG23Geshutzwagen 17cm Kanone Grills$7.00 NEW
ABG24E-10 Grills$7.00
ABG25Jagdtiger Grills$9.00 NEW
ABG26E-75/E-50 Grills$11.00
ABG27BT-7/42 Russian Grills$9.00 NEW
Diorama Accessories
D07Telegraph Pillar Set for 4 insulators. 2 wood poles & 8 brass insulators$13.00
D08Telegraph Pillar Set w/two 4 insulator crossbars. 2 wood poles, 4 etched crossbars & 16 brass insulators$13.00
D09Telegraph Pillar Set w/single 8 insulator crossbar. 2 wood poles, 2 etched crossbars & 16 brass insulators$13.00
D10Telegraph Pillar Set w/Two 16 insulator crossbars. 3 wood poles, 2 etched crossbars & 32 brass insulators$11.00
D11Telegraph Double Pillar Set w/Four 8 insulator crossbars. $11.00
D13Gate, Type A. Etched Double gate, approx. 4" total width x 2.25" high. Works great w/RJ Products Brick Columns (RJDP705)$11.00
D14Wicket, Type A Etched wicket or single width gate w/ 2 brass hinge poles$9.00
D15Fence, Type A Etched fence approx. 2.25" (6.5 scale feet) high w/single brass pole. RJ Products' Brick Columns (RJDP705) has holes that mate to this fence. You can also mount this fence on top of RJ's brick walls (RJDP703 or 704) to create wall mounted fence commonly used around many European villas & estates.$9.00
D16Bench, Type A. Park bench w/etched ends to simulate decorative cast iron with 12 wood slats for seat & back . $9.00
D17Bench, Type B. 2 backless park benches w/etched legs & 4 wood slats for seat plus etched trash bin$9.00
D18Bench, Type C & Waste basket Park bench w/etched ends to simulate decorative cast iron with 12 wood slats for seat & back . $9.00
D19Gate, Type B. Etched Double gate, approx. 4" total width x 2.25" high. Works great w/RJ Products Brick Columns (RJDP705)$11.00
D20<Wicket, Type B Etched wicket or single width gate w/ 2 brass hinge poles$11.00
D21Fence, Type B Etched fence approx. 2.25" (6.5 scale feet) high w/single brass pole. RJ Products' Brick Columns (RJDP705) has holes that mate to this fence. You can also mount this fence on top of RJ's brick walls (RJDP703 or 704) to create wall mounted fence commonly used around many European villas & estates.$11.00
D22Table w/4 chairs. $11.00
D23Grill for Tree $9.00
D24Wall Mounted Power line w/street light $10.00
D25Wire entanglement type A$10.00
D26Gate Type C. Etched Double gate, approx. 4" total width x 2.25" high. Works great w/RJ Products Brick Columns (RJDP705$12.00
D27Type C Wicket $10.00
D28Fence Type C. 2.25" (6.5 scale feet) high w/single brass pole. RJ Products' Brick Columns (RJDP705) has holes that mate to this fence. You can also mount this fence on top of RJ's brick walls (RJDP703 or 704) to create wall mounted fence commonly used around many European villas & estates.$10.00
D29Maple Leaves $9.00
D30Angle Irons $9.00
D31Channel Irons $9.00
D32Set of 20 short insulators for power poles $9.00
D33Set of 20 medium insulators for power poles $9.00
D34Set of 20 long insulators for power poles $9.00
D36Fern Fronds $17.00
R011/72 scale, Engraved plate for P-11 Junkers$9.00
R02Numbers & letters$6.00
R03Numbers & letters$6.00
R04Front fenders, Panther G/H$8.00
R05Weld seams$6.00
R06Narrow weld seams$6.00
R08All Purpose Sinlge Pulley Set. 2 single pullies exquisitly cast in brass w/rope$10.00
R09All Purpose Double Pulley. 2 double pullies exquisitly cast in brass $11.00
R11Tiger I early model shackles. 4 shackles exquisitly cast in brass w/threaded bolts$11.00
R14Panther early model shackles. 4 shackles exquisitly cast in brass w/threaded bolts$11.00
R17Workbench, wood topped w/metal legs & hardware$9.00
R18KV Tank shackles. 4 shackles exquisitly cast in brass w/threaded bolts$11.00
R19Shock-absorbers for PzIII Ausf H-N & StugIII Ausf B-G. Brass & etched parts$9.00
R20WWII German Driver's Knows$9.00
R21Fire Extinguishers$8.00
R22Mini Hinges, workable$8.00
R23Cleaning Rod & Aeriel Stowage for Panther$6.00
R24Pneumatic Joints, Nipple and Valves$9.00
R25US Antenna & Brackets, set of 3$9.00
R26German 2 meter Aerials, set of 3$11.00 NEW
R27German 1.5 meter Aerial, set of 3$9.00
R28German width Indicators, generic set of 4$9.00
R29German width indicators, SdKfz231/231, set of 4$9.00
R30German Tank Aerials$7.00
R31Tiger/King Tiger Cleaning Rods$10.00
ABSV09Photo-etched handwheels, assorted sizes & shapes $10.00
Etched Tread Plate and Mesh/Netting

Aber's "non-skid" treadplate and Mesh are difficult to scan and even harder to describe. All the scans in this section were left at actual size. The photo on your screen may be substantially larger so we've provided the actual measurments of the frets so you can verify if the photo you are seeing is larger or smaller than actual.
S01Very Fine Netting. Fret measures 1.75"x3"$10.00
S03Course Netting. Fret measures 1.75"x3" This one looks about right for mesh Schurtzen$9.00
S06Fine Netting, Diagonal/Diamond pattern. Fret measures 1.75"x3"$9.00
S11Course Netting, Diagonal/Diamond pattern. Fret measures 1.75"x3"$9.00
S15Drilled Plate, . Fret measures 1.75"x3"$9.00
PP01Treadplate 2.3"x3.5", I pattern at 90' (small)$9.00
PP02Treadplate 2.3"x3.5", I patternat 90' (large)$9.00
PP03Treadplate 2.3"x3.5", Raised Dot pattern (large)$9.00
PP11Treadplate 2.3"x3.5", Diamond pattern (medium) Slightly larger than PP07 but looks good for 1:35th$9.00
PP14Treadplate 1.55"x5.5", Raised Diamond pattern (very small) Even finer than PP07. Fret is slightly narrower and 2" longer.$9.00
PP16Treadplate 1.55"x5.5", Diamond pattern (small) Looks the same as PP07 but fret is longer and narrower$9.00

This product listing was last updated on December 13, 2012.