About R&J Enterprises

R&J Enterprises is a joint venture between myself (Rich Sullivan) and my wife, Joy Sullivan. It was begun part-time back in 1988 with the goal of being "a model company by a modeller, for modellers!". In 1992, I left my job at Sun Microsystems and R&J Enterprises became my full-time occupation.

Prior to helping establish Nihon Sun (Sun Microsystems' subsidiary in Japan), I had worked at a number of other Silicon Valley computer companies over the years (e.g.Calcomp, Intel and Gavilan). Before that, I served in the US Navy for 6 years from 1966-1972 as a Data Systems tech. I finished my Navy career as a 1st class (E6), with a tour of duty on the USS Enterprise during the Vietnam War.
I started modelling when I was about 10 years old. My older brother, Walter and I had the "battle of Britain" hung by thread from our bedroom ceiling. Before now, only Walter and I knew the real untold story about the destruction of the Luftwaffe. . . . . . Our Mom did it with her Electrolux vacuum cleaner! (TeeHee )
I built my first AFV model in 1972 (Tamiya's Tiger II) and I've been a "TreadHead" ever since.

At R&J, I am responsible for product development and production, as well as customer technical support. That means I'll be the one you'll end up talking to if you need detailed info about a specific vehicle, conversion or kit.

My wife Joy retired from her position at Adaptec in 1997 to help with R&J Enterprises' continuing growth. Besides being really good with customer service administration and ordering details, she's a "Joy" to talk to on the phone, pardon the pun. Her admin. skills have things running more smoothly with our suppliers than ever and even though our customer order volume keeps increasing, we're shipping orders quicker now than before.  In the past 15 years, Joy has learned a lot about AFV kits, figures and accessories. But, she still doesn't really understand the difference between an SPG and an MBT and she might get confused if a vehicle has multiple names i.e. King Tiger/Royal Tiger/Tiger II. As long as you don't get too technical with her, she'll probably be able to help you find what you're looking for but if not, she's always got me as her "technical advisor". Joy's offical title at R&J is SWMBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed)
The married guys can probably relate to that one!

Now that we've been living here in the woods of Washington State for 15 years, We have been able to devote more time to developing and producing new items for our own R&J product line. With the two of us working on R&J, the quality of our customer service has increased too. We also plan to continue attending as many local model shows as possible and perhaps a few major U.S., Canadian and/or European events as well.  Meeting our customers "face to face" is one of the things we enjoy most about attending model shows. So, If you find yourself at a show that we are attending, by all means, please come over, introduce yourself and chat with us awhile.

Thanks for visiting,

Rich & Joy